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The Body Guards (1963)

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Aliwal Sobraon all of which, except for "Java", are considered to be repugnant and cannot be carried on regimental colours. Mahender Singh former 2IC of the regiment in summer Ceremonial uniform. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message PBG first saw action in when it was deployed against Sanyasis — a band that ravaged the countryside in the guise of mendicants. Its next campaign was against Rohillas in April in the battle of St. George where Rohillas were defeated completely. The unit was also present during the 3rd Mysore War —92 against Tipu Sultan.

During this campaign, it successfully thwarted an assassination attempt on the life of Governor General Lord Cornwallis. It marched for miles in the desert in the height of summer.

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They never saw action in Egypt as Alexandria had capitulated by the time, they arrived there. At present PBG has the unique distinction of being the only surviving unit to carry this honour. During the mutiny, Lord Canning himself asked the officers and other ranks to serve without arms as a precautionary measures, which they did in good faith and later, they escorted Lord Canning to the grand Darbar at Allahabad where on 1 Nov , it was proclaimed that India will be governed by the Crown and title of Viceroy was conferred on the Governor General.

Independence came with partition of the nation and armed forces were also divided in 2: The first commandant of the regiment was Lt.

To decide the fate of the buggy, Col. It rendered yeoman service in the capitol and helped reinstate confidence in the general public in the aftermath of the Partition. After Independence , Humbers and Daimler armoured cars formed the mounts of the PBG and were deployed in the defense of Chushul at heights above 14, ft during the Indo-China War.

The regiment served in Siachin glacier where it has been serving till date. Other bodyguard units[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. December Before Independence, there were three more body guard units, one for each Presidency.

All these units were disbanded in Unlike other Madras Army regiments, GBG, Madras retained its title throughout its history till when it was disbanded. From to , detachments from different Madras cavalry regiments joined GBG on rotation. GBG, Madras also took part in the First Burma war — , where it rescued the advance guard which was surrounded by a large body of enemy force at Pagan. During the First World War, the regiment served as a remount training center and also patrolled the beaches during the bombardment of Madras by a German ship Emden.

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At the time of its raising, the unit only had European troops. It also retained its title throughout its existence until , when it was disbanded. At that time, Capt. This was the youngest unit among three GBG units. In , the East India Company started issuing standards to Indian cavalry regiments.

Two more Standards were presented to the newly raised squadrons of the Body Guards in , when the strength of the regiment was highest. Banner of Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India. Two Silver state Trumpets with Banners were presented to the Body Guards by Lord Reading in on the th anniversary of the raising of the unit.

One banner represented Star of India with the battle honours of the regiment and the other banner carried the coat-of-arms of the viceroy. Each successive Viceroy presented a banner to the Body Guard on assuming office, banners of past viceroys being kept in the custody of the regiment.

The practice is in place till date and every president present a silver trumpet to the regiment — the only difference being replacement of the coat-of-arms of the Viceroy with the monogram of the President.

It had maroon background, emblem and crest in gold thread. The design incorporated the initials of Rajendra Prasad in Devanagri script in the centre and four emblems in gold in all four corners of the banner, from the Personal Standard of the President.

His banner had grey background and emblem and crest in gold thread. The design incorporated his initials in Devanagari script in the center and four emblems in gold in four corners, from the Personal flag of the President.

The Regimental Standard is dark blue in colour with Regimental crest in the centre surrounded by the lotus flowers and Ashoka leaves. Throughout its history, the Bodyguard has varied in size from 50 men when first raised, to men in However, it was usually around squadron size, or about men.

By tradition, the CO has always been of Brigadier or Colonel rank. He is assisted by Majors , Captains , Risaldars and Daffadars. Soldiers hold the ranks of Sowar or Naik. Recruitment to the Regiment in India now is in equal share, to Jat Sikhs, Hindu Jats and Rajputs, with officers and administrative staff from all over India.