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Date: 01.02.2018

Bait 5 (2006)

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Meg and Percy take Pi to live with his aunt Pearl on an exotic reef. When Pi reaches the reef, he is 18 years old and has stayed with the porpoises for most of his life.

On his way there, Pi immediately falls in love with Cordelia Evan Rachel Wood , a celebrity fish that has appeared on the front cover of National Geographic. However, Troy Donal Logue , the meanest, toughest tiger shark in the ocean, is not only terrorizing everyone in the reef community, but also has his eye set on Cordelia to become his mate.

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Pi confronts Troy, only to have him smack Pi with his tail. Cordelia tells Pi that Troy is her problem, and to not interfere. While out on a swim with Pearl and Dylan, Pi is told by Dylan about Nerissa Rob Schneider , a wise old hermit turtle that lives in the Old Ship Wreck and practices martial arts, leading to rumors that he is a wizard. When Pi helps Cordelia after she gets a hook in her fin, she invites him to go to a concert with her.

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Beforehand, Pi meets Dylan once again and they observe Nerissa defend his blue pearl using the sea from a gang of squid robbers. At the amphitheatre that night with Cordelia, Pi learns about the performer Thornton John Rhys Davies a harbor seal that tangled with a large creature. Afterwards, Pi and Cordelia look at the stars and she falls in love with him. Suddenly, an enraged Troy arrives and starts abusing Pi worse than ever, until Cordelia makes a deal with him: Nerissa refuses, telling Pi to fight his own battles.

Pi asks other residents to help him, but the marlins are too afraid and think because of their age, they wont be useful. Pi asks Thornton, he states Pi must be crazy, Pi only reminds Thornton of his tale of his encounter with a sea monster. However, he states that he did not actually fight a monster, but since he said it in rhyme, it did not count as lying.

Pi then reminds Pearl how she said that he would find his destiny on the reef, and he did when he met Cordelia. Stating now he is about to lose her just like how he lost his parents, Pi tells Pearl how he could not do anything to save them, and maybe he could not save Cordelia, but he will not give up without trying.

Nerissa starts by telling Pi that Troy picks on anyone smaller than him, and he has never learned about things bigger than him, Nerissa says the ocean itself is bigger than Troy and if Pi can use the ocean against him, his own size would not matter. Nerissa reveals the story of his blue pearl to Pi and he gave it to his wife, but she got hooked in the open sea. Nerissa desperately tried to call for help, but no one was brave enough to help.

Pi realizes that he cannot back down now no matter how much everyone else doubts him. Pi initiates a chase with Troy. As Pi swims away from Troy through the valley Nerissa instructed him to take, Troy is hit by all of the obstacles until they get to the open sea.

Nerissa attempts to help him, but is hit by Troy; just as all seems lost Moe, Jack, and Manny arrive to fight Troy and apologize to Nerissa for not having his back when he needed them. Percy and Meg return and free Pi. Troy then sets Percy as a target. Pi distracts Troy long enough to allow Percy to escape. Troy, trapped in the net, is lifted from the sea.

Pi is proclaimed a hero by the population of the reef. Nerissa gives Pi his pearl because Nerissa sees Pi as his son and if he had one himself he would have given it to him. Pi is honored and does not know what to say.

Nerissa states that Pi knows exactly what to say, but he is just not the one to whom he needs to be saying it. Cordelia accepts the pearl that Pi gives her and they share a kiss as the reef celebrates, along with Bart and Eddie, which rejoice that they are all free from Troy.

Schneider also voices other characters.