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Date: 29.09.2017

Hideout (1958)

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United States I love this little pub. Its the "Cheers" of the area.

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The drink prices are by far the best in town and the drinks are always nice and stiff. The owner is very responsible when it comes to her customers. Oh, and lets not forget the FOOD!

Theres always food on sundays and many other days of the week and holidays Lulu cooks the food delicious and serves it to customers FREE! No other pub that I know of does that without charging a door fee or something of that sort.

Thought it was great, so I invited family. As a matter of fact, found The Office Saloon just down the street. Great place to grab a drink, listen to good music, and enjoy great company!

Play darts, play pool, sing karaoke, or hook up with an over the hill chick all in one day! Went on a karaoke night place was packed had to park across the street in the dirt. Place is nothing fancy but good prices on drinks. What people have to remember its a bar and a nightclub so some people consider it ghetto. But, the location kinda scared me off. Well, I finally worked up the courage to enter, and, boy am I ever glad!

Bartender Lulu is the best! I was blown away by this!

Beer is ice cold! Everyone seems very friendly! Only minor, minor complaint, I wish the jukebox played more than the tv.

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I am now a regular and love every minute of it! Myself and my friends went here last night.

This location is in the ghetto needless to say next to a tire shop, I kept checking on my car during the little bit of time we were there. I dont know i just though we were snapping a funny picture. I get everyone has there own opinions about accepting a gay lifestyle but umm, last time i checked my friends and I are straight. So we ended up with a funny picture, went to our regular bar ran into good friends and had a great night.

The place was really dark and in the a corner there was chairs and junk piled up, the bathroom was impressively clean i can give them that, would I ever go again A huge potluck dinner was taking place, and the food, drinks,and environment was excellent. This bar was just too getto n ugly. If felt like i was drinkn in someones car garage. Tacky lites and decorations all over the place with soo much dust on them. Would not recmnd at all.

Ur bettr off drinkn in front of a liqour store. She only respects old drunks who hang around there. She treated us like shit when we walked in and was slurring her words, she must of been drinking a little too much that night.

Another time I went in there she was humping on the younger bartender girl, you could see the girl was uncomfortable by being humped on by a disgusting old hag. Lulu is a vile rude old lady who just wants to take your money; nothing but old drunks hang out here.

Classic neighbor, dive bar. Nothing fancy, casual atomosphere, pool tables, darts, juke box. Never met a person that wasnt nice and friendly there. No food, just chips and snacks. This is one of my all time favorite bars ever. I always feel like Im partying with friends and family when I come out here. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews.