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Date: 13.02.2018

It Must Be Dusty (1968)

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The Boulevard Dance Hall, N. Paul Rosemary Ruffenach writes: Family stories have my great uncle Ted Theodore Laber and his sister Martha Laber operating a dance hall out of the building, likely sometime in the s. Wrecked cars would just be rolled into the muck and would soon sink.

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Later on, Ted only allowed construction materials to be dumped, due to the smell arising from the brew. If you use it, please credit him and me. By , the Labers had their own establishment at N. Rice, also a grocery store, tavern and Texaco station. In the s the land was sold for the strip mall at Rice and Larpenteur. In , it was sold to Merwin Liquors, but the original name was maintained. In September it went under new management and became Club Reservoir, featuring entertainment Fridays through Sundays.

Boulevards of Paris Ballroom, W. Became the Vanity Fair. In the building was a grocery story. There were also Sunday afternoon sessions which primarily attracted local musicians. A couple of years later the owner invited Doc Evans to take over in an attempt to bring Dixieland back to Mendota. For the occasion the name was changed to the Rampart [Street] Club, but the venture was not successful.

A few years later it again became the Bow and Arrow Club, occasionally featuring a jazz group. Highway 55 and County Road 18 , Golden Valley.

Live music and dancing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Lee Lofstrand, new owner, May 26, It opened in and had intermittent jazz entertainment, including the Hall Brothers Dixieland Band. BTW I was under the legal drinking age — 21 — but we rigged something up with a letter from my parents.

Photo by Dave Pfankuchen. Bridges Nite Club, St. See Palace Inn Broken Drum: Allan Holbert of the Minneapolis Tribune described it in an article about Coffeehouses on July 3, Owner of the Broken Drum, a jazz-and-folk music coffeehouse at Cedar Ave.

The Drum is decorated with paintings and sculpture that have been loaned by student artists. The Bronco Bar was in Chanhassen. Just the Beginning of a Great New Complex. Open July 19, Harry Blons jazz band played there early on. Big Daddy and the Misfits played there for at least a year, A former Mayor of Hopkins I shall not name said that the Bull Pen had a dance floor behind the bar with topless dancers! Nightly organist, weekend piano lounge. The Matador Lounge featured the Gamins.

In the Matador Lounge was managed by Milton Olsen. Dancing to the Sociables. Live music and entertainment and art in the Gallery Room; vocalize and fraternize in the tuneful Blue Note piano lounge. Still there in The Cabaret, W. Opened in the spring of On discount night, Musicians got 50 cents off the admission price.

Changed its name to The Bank in Owner was Bob Mecay. Cabaret Show Lounge, Minneapolis: The Cabooze , located at Cedar Ave. Big venue for the Lamont Cranston Band. John Hanson talks about the mural he painted for the Joint and the Cabooze: Cafe De Luxe, So.

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Opened September 17, , owned by Tommy and Harry Lewis. Opening night entertainment by Rook Ganz and His Entertainers.

Chicken and Chinese Dishes their specialty — Come out and have a grand time. The Cafe Expresso, at Hennepin Ave. The Cafe Extraordinaire, Nicollet Ave. It opened in late and was owned by Bobby and Doris Jackson. On April 10, , Jackson hired Buddy Miles but an unauthorized substitute in an Afro wig showed up instead, and the crowd busted up the joint when they figured it out see Events. That put the club s out of business. The Calhoun Ballroom was at Lyndale and Lake in Probably the same location as one or more entries here.

The Red Pepper Orchestra provided a smooth dancing program that December. Calhoun Beach Hotel, Minneapolis. Site of many University of Minnesota Greek dances. This really was a medeval castle surrounded by a moat. Camelot was awarded the Holiday Magazine Certificate for Dining Distinction , in less than a year of operation and again in each ensuing year.

Harmonica High Hats; Camden Bank was located at Lyndale Ave. The second floor was an old ballroom, and in North High student Marsh Edelstein started to organize dances on Friday and Saturday nights. He wanted a place that was available to kids from North and Edison Highs, and its popularity spread to kids from other high schools to become one of the biggest Minneapolis hangouts.

Local bands were booked for the dances: Some kids remember fights there, but Marsh says he had good security there. He moved his operation to the Marigold Ballroom in because the Bank was not big enough and he wanted to bring in national acts like Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Anthony, etc.

Throughout its life it has also housed a post office, mortuary, pool hall, and professional offices. It is one of the only remaining buildings in the neighborhood thanks to I construction.

Illegal after-hours club, , where jazz musicians would sit in after hours. Canterbury Inne and Pub was at University Ave. Owner Robert Christenson kindly provided this info: I opened the Canterbury Inne on May 1, I had a large portion of the wall between Canterbury Inne and Brunkow Music removed shortly thereafter to create the Pub room which opened July 13, Brunkow music moved to Mississippi Street.

I found photos of English pubs of the 17th Century in the Minneapolis Public Library and gave them to Frank to use a guide, Live entertainment was featured from day one and the genre was folk music — we later had go-go dancers for week nights and a few bands.

I sold it on September 15, , took it back when they defaulted on the loan, and resold it a second time, took it back again, and sold it a third time. This new owner became very successful as he featured male go-go dancers for entertainment. The City eventually revoked his license after many complaints from local husbands whose wives were there regularly. The Minneapolis hotel had several venues: The Dome at the Top of the Capp, which opened on March 1, , was a jazz and blues venue.

Will Jones described the plan to have a low circular bar at the center, with the bartenders working in a kind of pit in order to give everybody a clear shot at the view in all directions.

A small musical combo will work in the center of the bar, , and they will make their entrances and exits on a moving stage that will rise from and descend to the floor below for loading and unloading. Ladies welcome after 4: A revolving stage in the center of the circular bar, here ornamented with a statue, can be raised or lowered. This downtown inn has accommodations for , an underground garage, three dining rooms, four bars, a rooftop pool enclosed in glass, exercise rooms and a sauna.

Apparently this was the place celebrities stayed. Here you could join other single swingers, age 21 to 35 for dancing and a professional dance instructor to teach you the Funky Broadway. The Club had over 12, members and hosted weekly parties, local and world travel, singles apartments and clubhouses.

Adult swinging singles every Friday night with the best big bands in the Twin City area, The Capp Towers in St. Paul, at 77 — 9th St. It is remembered for its Happy Hour.