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Stevens Sin (2003)

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Since , a number of sections have been amended and others added to the Code. The MRL is divided into 9 Articles, by subject, as indicated in table of sections.

Violations, like those in the Residency Law, are enforceable through legal action in the courts. Also enclosed are relevant laws on mobilehome resale disclosure and an Election Code Section relating to mobilehome polling places. This report summarizes the ideas, approaches and concerns of the participants as discussed during the six-hour roundtable.

This summary includes all bills of consequence, which have been chaptered or vetoed, as well as those bills which were considered to be two-year bills. Prepared by the Office of Senate Floor Analyses. Most laws will take effect January 1, Each of the measures included in this summary in available from several resources: Legislative Data Center maintains a website where bills and analyses are available: The Commission is the only Senate authority that deals exclusively with promoting cost control and increased efficiency of state government.

However, the number of waste tires generated each year still far exceeds the number of tires diverted from landfill disposal and stockpiling. Until significant expansion of existing markets for waste tires occurs, or until new technologies emerge, the board will continue to fall short of its goal. Developers, water suppliers, and legislative advocates can use the new summary report to evaluate bills that legislators may author in He remained in office until the election was certified weeks later.

This document highlights measures sent to Governor Davis in in more than 30 policy areas and reports his actions on them, including their chapter numbers if signed. This report compiled by the Senate Industrial Relations Committee highlights selected key laws directly affecting the wages, hours, working conditions, benefits, and special labor relations affecting millions of private and public sector workers.

Executive Orders and budgetary actions are not included. Their early battle against malaria and encephalitis demonstrated the value of local governments that were well organized and properly funded. The recent invasions by vectors such as the Asian Tiger mosquito and by pathogens such as the West Nile virus underscore the need to keep these local governments prepared to protect the public health and safety.

In the Senate Local Government Committee learned that the state laws governing the mosquito abatement districts were outdated. They set up a "Working Group" on revising the law. In several lengthy meetings, the Working Group scoured each section, discarding obsolete sections, revising outdated provisions, and retaining the most useful language.

This report records those efforts. The supporters of Prop 54 state that their goal with this initiative is to create a "color-blind society", where these characteristics are irrelevant. The opponents say that in fact, that goal will never be achieved if the state is not allowed to classify individuals according to those categories when providing public education, entering into public contracts, or employing workers. The goal of this hearing is to have a constructive airing of the issues raised by Prop It is the continued investigation of price manipulation of the energy market with questions to ISO employees who previously testified in past hearings.

Included in this report is background information about the Commission and their role in the management of the Historic State Capitol Building, a summary of the activities of the Commission over the last year, and their goals for The origins of this hearing stem from just a general interest in how student-athletes are treated, particularly in California. We have approximately 17, students at 45 schools who participate in NCAA sanctioned sports, and then there are additional athletes in other sports.

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There is clearly a significant amount of money flowing through and for these sports, not only through TV but through advertising and sponsorships and various forms of revenue, as well as alumni and booster contributions. It is systems whereby people transfer files, usually entertainment-related files, across what some would describe as a network, what some would describe as kind of an open-source community.

The music industry claims it has been almost a death sentence for them, and the movie industry have similar complaints. This report was prepared by the Senate Office of Research at the request of Senator Sheila James Kuehl to help assess efforts thus far and the continuing needs posed by the threat of domestic violence. Written clearly and illustrated with new charts, the edition presents a fresh format that will help local elected officials, public managers, and their constituents understand how LAFCOs decide who gets to develop land, who pays which taxes, and who receives public services.

Is the Department of Health Services primarily a health management agency and not equipped to effectively police and protect the environment? Policy Implications and a Future Research Agenda - An analytical exploration of trends in student transfers from community colleges to four-year colleges and universities in California.

Although community college enrollments have risen by almost 30 percent over the past two decades, there has been a much smaller increase in transfers. Of particular concern in California, rates of transfer for Latino and African- American community college students are lower than for other students. The lecturer for this hearing is Paul A.

These hearings or lectures are to heighten awareness of ethical, social, and legal issues involving cloning, newborn genetic screening programs, DNA databanking, genetic discrimination, and genetic testing. The study must include the magnitude of the challenges facing emergency departments, including those in under served and rural areas, the scope of the challenges facing other states, and how other states have addressed on-call coverage issues.

The bill also requires SOR to convene a working group of affected California stakeholders, including hospitals, hospital organizations, physician organizations, other on-call specialists, payers, and state agencies.

With the assistance of the working group, SOR developed a list of findings and principles for reform of the on-call coverage system that formed the basis for this report. The report also explores in detail the complicated issues surrounding for-profit activities and use of tissue for cosmetic purposes in a field driven by the altruism of bereaved families, who donate tissues from deceased loved ones with the goal of helping others.

The County will experience severe water shortages this summer if the problem is not addressed immediately. The problem dates back 50 years, but the resolution is not going to take 25 years, like other major groundwater pollution cases in California. The purpose of the Senate hearings is to get to the source and scope of the perchlorate contamination problem quickly and efficiently, and develop solutions that can be implemented without further delay.

Highlights from the testimony, discussions, and written materials included the following: Proposition 4 was to limit growth on both state and local government; Proposition was to help the needs for increased student enrollment and critical transportation construction improvements. Governor Davis has said he wants to sign a structural reform measure along with a new budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

This document highlights Senate bills in more than two-dozen issue areas and topics. This hearing conducts a more in- depth examination of royalty accounting practices. They address such issues as cost, environment, wildlife, maintenance and mercury contaminants. Issues include to finish up on C66 protocol discussion, the fictitious load, touch upon Perot Systems, and the MD02 update. The state faces an extraordinarily difficult budget problem in To deal with it effectively, the Legislature must put the budget in context that clarifies the problem and solutions.

This is a public health crisis. While much of our attention has focused on detection, access to care, and finding a cure, it is imperative that we begin to examine why the rates are increasing at such a dramatic pace. While continuing to support research for genetic risk-factor-related causes is very important, we ought not abandon that goal and objective, it is time to begin to expand the scope of this policy debate and begin to develop the responses and the research necessary to address questions about environment impacts.

This is the subject of this hearing. Discussion regarding the fictitious load incidents. Issues relating to Perot Systems and Taipower.

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Also an update on the MD Their review, as detailed in this report, supports the following major conclusions: Significant legislation that was signed include a wide range of topics which are: For true public safety, we need effective and affordable reentry systems that can restore offenders to their communities with reentry preparation, with residential treatment programs, with appropriate levels of supervision and accountability, and measurable caseload sizes and resources to better enable our parole agents to provide the services necessary to best insure the people paroled from our state correctional institutions are prepared to successfully reenter their home communities.

The Public Utilities Commission regarding gas price indexing in more detail and its importance. Testimony from Michele Markey on how gas price indexes were created and manipulated. Measures vetoed by the Governor are included to note disparate views between the Legislature and Governor.

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Questions are asked about the budget, major provisions of the contract, accountability and administrative responsibility, and workforce plans. Second, they want to focus on important issues at Los Alamos with the help of a second panel. First, the panel would address workforce recruitment, retention, and promotion policies. And second, personnel policies regarding workers grievances and the actual record in this area.

They now have the right to meet and discuss employer polices affecting the workplace, the right to appeal of an administrative decision or policy to an independent panel, and the right to inform employee organizations and the right to establish employee organizations to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement. The impetus for this hearing stems from recent news reports of famous recording artists having to rely on public assistance or being denied pension or health benefits because their royalty earnings from record sales were underreported Los Angeles Times, June 3, and of recording artists having to sue their record labels for proper accounting of their royalty earnings Los Angeles Times, February 26, This issue affects past and current recording artists.

This summary includes all bill of consequence, which have been chaptered or vetoed, as well as those bill which were considered to be two-year bills. There are a number of different state laws relating to mobilehomes and parks, including the Mobilehome Parks Act, the Mobilehomes Manufactured Housing Act, the Mobilehome Residency Law, and numerous other laws not unique to mobilehomes, such as Public Utility Code requirements relating to master meter utilities and Health and Safety Code drinking water safety standards.

The Select Committee has received many complaints in recent years alleging inadequate enforcement of a number of these laws, with problems or violations sometimes lasting for years. Some issues have been reviewed before but are difficult to resolve.

The trust fund would finance a variety of transportation, environmental and other programs and projects. It serves as an important resource of major interest to legislators, labor organizations, employer associations, community groups, and individual employers and workers. Modeled after Joint Venture: Testimony taken from two individuals. Both testimonies are related to times there were blackouts and service interruptions in California during our energy crisis, and whether in fact the blackouts and service interruptions were if fact necessary or warranted given the circumstances upon a review of much of the evidence.

Less than half of the LAFCOs have schedules for meeting the deadline for revising the spheres of influence for cities and special districts. What went wrong at the Teale Data Center so that the personal information of over , state employees, including Senator Peace, as well as committee members, are now in the hands of hackers; and more importantly than what happened, why it happened; why did it take months to discover the hacking; why did it take another month before state employees were informed; what steps are being taken to prevent such circumstances from being repeated?

They discuss such issues as how much information that is available to the public about arbitration decisions. They speak about the application of facial recognition for security purposes. In general, enhancing public safety without impacting civil liberties. This master place has two primary goals: The CDC is such a case.

The largest department in state government, it still struggles with a pair of outmoded and mismatched information technology systems installed two and three decades ago. They are trying to gain a full understanding of what occurred in the California energy crisis so that they can make recommendations to the full Legislature about how they may be able to prevent it from occurring in the future.

They discuss such issues as the need to expand stem cell research to cure disease and the problem with limited federal funding for this research. The issue discussed is protecting children while in childcare. Child care is a critical component of a functional workforce in our state, where many parents depend on this care, and those who provide it, for their flexibility to access and maintain gainful employment.