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Date: 17.10.2017

The Secret Garden (1975)

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History and Purpose of the Freemasons and other Secret Societies If you patiently read the following paragraphs of historical explanation, you may come to an understanding of "the hidden mysteries of nature and science". Then we can discuss Freemasonry, and you will see truths your Worshipful Master has never contemplated.

From the Garden of Eden a battle has raged between two deadly enemies. The battle began when Lucifer incarnate the serpent, a man-like creature - great giant of a fellow, until God changed every bone in his body and put him upon his belly.

Knowing it would be inherited by Michael, or Christ , he became jealous and set about gaining it for himself. God commanded man to multiply, fill and subdue the earth, and to have dominion over it. But by his wisdom, Lucifer knew that as the seed of a horse can fertilize a donkey to produce the hybrid mule God never created, so the seed of the serpent could fertilize the woman and create a hybrid species uncreated by God.

So he incarnate the serpent and seduced Eve. From that time to this there have been two races of people on this earth. The seed of Cain, and the seed of Adam. Cain was begotten of that wicked one I John 3: Abel was the son of Adam who was the only son of God Luke 3: Lucifer knew that by miscegenation, he could exterminate the seed of Adam and thus fall heir to the kingdom of Christ. In the time of Noah, God destroyed the world with the Flood because of miscegenation between the races of Adam and Cain.

The serpent seed was in the Ark and it is with us to this day. It populated the land of Canaan, and afterwards spread throughout the world Genesis God made a Covenant with Abraham, and promised his seed would inherit the land of Canaan.

Their son, Isaac, had twins. Esau then married two serpent-seed women and an Ishmaelite, whose offspring intermarried with the serpent seed. Thus Esau committed "genocide" for that was the end of the Adamic lineage in Esau whose nation became known as Edom. Edom is "The people against whom the Lord has indignation forever" Malachi 1: It disappeared from history through miscegenation with Israel and has assumed the name "Jew". God told Moses, when Israel conquers the Land, they must utterly slay all of its serpent seed inhabitants.

Israel were disobedient and eventually found themselves dominated and ruled by these people. From before the days of Christ there was intense hatred between Rome and the "Jews". Later when the Southern Kingdom adopted this pagan worship, God sent Nebuchadnezzar to destroy Jerusalem and the temple, and take the people captive to Babylon.

At the end of the captivity, many of the Hebrew people declined to return. Whilst the returnees brought with them the Babylonian fractional reserve banking system usury , calendar, the synagogue form of worship, rabbis, Cabbala, and the beginnings of the Talmud and Pharisaism. In 37BC, Herod the Great succeeded John when the Romans made him ruler of all Judea - now called Idumea, because of the overwhelming number of Edomites in the population.

Thus by the time of Christ, the majority of "Jews" were unrelated to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by blood, and certainly not by faith. The religion of the Judeans was no longer the Law and the Prophets, but "the traditions of the elders" which had been compiled as the Babylonian Talmud by about AD This Babylonian religion called "Pharisaism" became Talmudism. Lucifer was trying to steal the Kingdom from Jesus Christ by the same ploy he used in the garden of Eden.

They had assumed or stolen the identity of these so-called "Chosen People" and were certainly not willing to receive a Messiah and King from the House of David. This was why Herod tried to kill all the boy children from two years of age and less Matthew 2: Who killed the Lord Jesus?

The Bible says it was "the chief priests and Pharisees" who accused Him and cried, "His blood be upon us and upon our children". Any student of history knows that the few Christians who attended Nicea left before the Council sat, for apostate Jews who controlled the proceedings had arranged their usual Hegelian FALSE alternative of thesis and antithesis in the form of two heresies as Satan had set the Sadducees and the Pharisees before Jesus, and later Paul.

Here he set the heretics Arius and his Unitarianism, and Athanasius and his Trinitarian, together with their followers, in opposition against one another, the Christians, and God.

The Babylonian form of worship was introduced into nominal, carnal Christianity, with the organization of the Roman Universal church. Their false trinity of gods, and false water baptism in three Titles, instead of in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; the Bible-denying Nicene Creed, and church-State union.

Their mark of the beast. Scores of millions were martyred through almost a thousand years of Dark Ages.

Both of them hail from Babylon! And if you are a Mason who has studied the Craft, you will recognize that much of its allegory is drawn from pagan mythology. This mythology originated in Chaldea Babylon , spread to Egypt, and from there the Hebrews received It.

Sir Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose - From the Secret Life of Plants to The Play of Light

The major sources of information are in the records of Egyptian and Grecian culture. Egypt received her science and mathematics from the Chaldeans and Greece received hers from Egypt. Since the priests were in charge of teaching these sciences and they formed a part of their religion, we know how the Babylonish religion gained its strength in these two countries. And whenever one nation was able to subdue another, in due time the religion of the subduer became the religion of the subdued.

As is well known, the Greeks had the same signs of the Zodiac as the Babylonians; and according to the ancient Egyptian records the Egyptians gave the Greeks their knowledge of polytheism. Thus the Babylonian mysteries spread from nation to nation until in Rome, China, India, and even in North and South America, we find the same basic worship.

The battle between "the children of God" and "the children of disobedience" is raging today. As a consequence we encounter numerous secret societies, or " societies with secrets ," which all ultimately serve the same master. The three great distinguishing principles of secret societies are secrecy, their peculiar emphasis on benevolence, and their system of regalia, badges, rank and formalities, as well as many incidental practices that are radically false, and plainly opposed to sound reason and the Word of God.

Jesus said to the high priest: And we have miscegenation between East and West on a scale not seen since the Flood.

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And the mixing of religions. For twenty centuries the "Jews" have never ceased to reiterate their rejection of Jesus. This purpose, and their persecution of natural Israel has bound them together: Through a rabbit warren of secret societies, the old boundaries have been broken down and we see the open conspiracy drawn up by Fabian Socialist H.

Wells, transformed in our sight. Satan is using them to work his purposes. Eve had acquired carnal knowledge but with it came death. True Spiritual revelation or faith from God is Life and peace. God is trying to unveil His secrets through intimate faith, not second-hand learning.

The prophet of Malachi 4: He is not seeking to hide, but to unfold His mystery to whomsoever will. Does it matter if there are secrets and secret societies?

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Is there anything wrong with being a member of a secret society? When asked such questions those who belong to a secret society frequently deny their membership. When the motive for belonging is requested, it is said that their purpose in joining was for fellowship and connections; and the larger the secret society, the more connections. It is power that draws one to Bones. Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand p. William Edward Smith suggested: Americas have long held to the view that things should be done in the public view.

The very idea of a secret government, once unknown to Americans, is anathema. Yet there is a very long history of things being secret - including the convention that established the U. There is also a little-known history that includes the concept of unwritten laws and oral traditions with allegiance being made to unknown superiors and masters. Those who meet in secret conclave appear to have an aversion for paramount written constitutions, that every citizen is capable of reading and knowing.

The secret society is generally based on a hierarchy afraid of discovery, with secret membership, meetings and oaths, claims of brotherhood and unknown superiors. However, membership lists are available for each of these groups except for the Bildebergers. Perhaps one of the earliest stories we have learned is about the Greeks and their Trojan Horse. When the walls of Troy were found to be too strong to breach, the Greeks built a tall wooden Horse and left it outside the city.

Jubilant at seeing the Greeks depart, the Trojans opened their gates and let the horse come in. They celebrated and slept. In the middle of the night the Greeks came out of the belly of the horse, opened the gates and took the city. The principle of vigilance and the surprise attack! Those who are weaker or wish to have lower casualties attack without warning, as cats sneak up on their prey which might otherwise outrun them.

Five magistrates, overseers, or ephori were elected each year Ward, p. The ephori were five secret despots or supreme judges of the system invented by Chilon, a wise man of Greece.

They trained a number of young men as assassins and ordered them to be ready at any minute with daggers to waylay helots enslaved Greeks and butcher them in sufficient numbers to keep down the labor force to a schedule tabulated at their political councils. One of the functions of the ephori was to see that the ambuscades were carried out Ward, p. They were called together by governors. In the day time they hid themselves and rested in the most private places they could find; but at night they sallied out into the roads and killed all the Helots they could meet with.

Periander advised Thrasybulus to cut off the tops of the tallest ears of corn. If you read both Books of Maccabees, you will discover whom the Spartans really were. They were not Greeks, but Jews. The Helots were spied upon all the time.