Double Jeopardy (1955)

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Scandalous (2006)

Bombila is Russian slang for an unlicensed taxi driver, usually of Caucasian origin, who drives a " bomb ". The combined group was based at the studio of performance artist Oleg Kulik. It was founded on a radical left agenda "because the left spectrum is generally absent in Russian art". Its members lived a DIY scavenging ethic and putatively "made the lifting of food and drink from supermarkets However, they split from the original group in acrimonious circumstances in late , forming their own group.

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Formalities (2004)

It is best to arrive on a weekday, but even then your VHF call may not be answered. Try calling the Port Office by cell phone. Overnight stops, while proceeding to such a port, are normally tolerated but there should be no contact with anyone before proper clearance formalities have been completed. See Clearance Fees for details on how much clearance should cost.

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Triple Indemnity (1999)

Cain based his novella on a murder perpetrated by a married Queens, New York woman and her lover whose trial he attended while working as a journalist in New York. Then a letter went out from Joseph Breen at the Hays Office , and the studios withdrew their bids at once. In it Breen warned: The general low tone and sordid flavor of this story makes it, in our judgment, thoroughly unacceptable for screen presentation before mixed audiences in the theater. I am sure you will agree that it is most important…to avoid what the code calls "the hardening of audiences," especially those who are young and impressionable, to the thought and fact of crime.

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State of Limbo (2001)

Jesus in Limbo by Domenico Beccafumi The "Limbo of the Patriarchs" or "Limbo of the Fathers" Latin limbus patrum is seen as the temporary state of those who, despite the sins they may have committed, died in the friendship of God but could not enter Heaven until redemption by Jesus Christ made it possible. The term "Limbo" does not appear in the Bible. The concept of Limbo of the Patriarchs is not spelled out in Scripture, but is seen by some as implicit in various references. The end of that state is set either at the Resurrection of the Dead , the most common interpretation in the East , or at the Harrowing of Hell, the most common interpretation in the West , but adopted also by some in the East. Some say that the descent of Jesus to the abode of the dead, his presence among them, turned it into a paradise.

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Rock & A Hard Place (2008)

It is, however, predictably supported by those Stormfront posters close to the BNP leadership, and by the fungal growths who infest the sections and threads looking for trouble with anybody who so much as thinks that Nick Griffin could do with a better haircut. Among their number we count the Little and Large of Stormfront, the pompously self-regarding Green Arrow, who appears to believe that he can blog the BNP into power, and his little friend, the quarrelsome internet warrior and job-shy poseur, Brighton Rock. These two have a great deal in common, neither of them ever having been active on behalf of the BNP in the real world, neither of them ever having attended a BNP meeting - indeed, neither of them ever actually being members of the BNP until long after they had joined Stormfront to begin attacking BNP members and other Stormfront regulars who had long records of real world activism. The Green Arrow has been ridiculed so frequently not least on these pages that there is little we can add to further undermine a reputation so bumped and bruised for so frequently making contact with the ground.

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Without Others, We Are Nothing (2001)

Jesus said to those who followed Him: This is the hour for the church to show forth the love and grace of God. There is something Jesus said that I want you to think about. That verse of Scripture is tremendously important at this hour in American history. In another part of the Bible we find the same thing stated by John: He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

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Mathmakers (1978)

It was sort of a followup to Math Patrol - it seemed to be geared towards children in the intermediate grades. The show intro with theme song showed the two main characters in a variety of situations. Cal Harrison played by Derek McGrath was the male lead on the show. A variety of characters would come visit these math experts and give them various jobs to do.

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Four Play (2006)

The first international tournament, the inaugural edition of the British Home Championship , took place in These were very early days for international football, and the official history of FIFA describes the competition as having been a failure. Great Britain represented by the England national amateur football team won the gold medals. They repeated the feat in in Stockholm.

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Ticket to Ride (2003)

Steam locomotive At the beginning of the main game, players are dealt four train car cards as their playing hand. They are also dealt three Destination Ticket cards, each of which shows a pair of cities on the map. These become goals, representing two end-points which players are secretly attempting to connect. The player must keep at least two of these destination cards and discard unwanted tickets to the bottom of the stack, if any. Once kept, a destination ticket may not be discarded for the rest of the game.

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Finale (2008)

A maximum of ten points were available for the final race, which meant that Massa could still win the title if Hamilton finished in sixth place or lower. Otherwise, Hamilton would be Champion. In the event of a points tie, Massa would win the Championship on a count-back, having more wins. Alternatively Hamilton may suffer another one of his rushes of blood to the head and do something utterly unnecessary at Interlagos, just as he did in Japan eight days ago and in Brazil last year , and throw it all away Suddenly defending even a seven-point lead sounds a tall order.

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The Best of Warped Tour Ever! (2006)

Music lessons[ edit ] Musicians on the Vans Warped tour give lessons. Percussive Marketing Council has teamed up with the Vans Warped Tour and has given free drum lessons to the concert goers. These music lessons are for people who are learning to play drums for the first time. Brian Roschild is the executive director of the John Lennon Bus.

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Testimony of the Human Spirit (2004)

Incubator allegations[ edit ] Iraqis are beating people, bombing and shooting. They are taking all hospital equipment, babies out of incubators. Life-support systems are turned off.. They are even removing traffic lights. The Iraqis are beating Kuwaitis, torturing them, knifing them, beating them, cutting their ears off if they are caught resisting or are with the Kuwaiti army or police.

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Mrs. Moonlight (1949)

A lithograph with digital collage by an experimental filmmaker. Charm, the Great English Blight: Charm is the great English blight. It does not exist outside these damp islands. It spots and kills anything it touches.

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Siberia (1926)

The Landlady as devoid of a social message. In Dostoyevsky joined a group of young intellectuals, led by Mikhail Petrashevsky, which met to discuss literary and political issues. In the reactionary political climate of mid-nineteenth-century Russia, such groups were illegal, and in the members of the so-called Petrashevsky Circle were arrested and charged with subversion. Dostoyevsky and several of his associates were imprisoned and sentenced to death. As they were facing the firing squad, an imperial messenger arrived with the announcement that the Czar had commuted the death sentences to hard labor in Siberia.

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