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Finale (2008)

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A maximum of ten points were available for the final race, which meant that Massa could still win the title if Hamilton finished in sixth place or lower. Otherwise, Hamilton would be Champion. In the event of a points tie, Massa would win the Championship on a count-back, having more wins. Alternatively Hamilton may suffer another one of his rushes of blood to the head and do something utterly unnecessary at Interlagos, just as he did in Japan eight days ago and in Brazil last year , and throw it all away Suddenly defending even a seven-point lead sounds a tall order.

The only thing on my mind is winning the race.

Practice and qualifying[ edit ] Jarno Trulli qualified in second for Toyota Three practice sessions were held before the race; the first on Friday morning and the second on Friday afternoon. The third session was held on Saturday morning and lasted an hour. Massa, Vettel, and Nick Heidfeld rounded out the top six positions.

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The final part of qualifying determined the positions from first to tenth, and decided pole position. Cars which competed in the final session of qualifying were not allowed to refuel before the race, and as such carried more fuel than in the previous sessions. Lewis Hamilton , following the third qualifying session.

He was joined on the front row of the grid by Trulli, in his best qualifying performance of the season. Kubica only managed 13th, having struggled with overall grip for much of the day. The Williams and Force India drivers qualified at the back of the grid, covering positions 16 to 20 with Button. Coulthard was hit from behind by Nico Rosberg into turn two, spinning him around. This damaged the suspension and forced Coulthard to retire in his final race.

Kovalainen was passed by Alonso and Vettel mid-lap, dropping him to seventh. Bourdais, Glock, Adrian Sutil and Nakajima followed a lap later. He rejoined in fifth. Vettel was closing in quickly on Hamilton, the McLaren driver needing to finish no lower than fifth to win the Championship. As Massa crossed the finish line to win the race, Hamilton battled Vettel for the crucial point needed to win the Championship.

However, Vettel and Hamilton passed Glock in the final corners, the Toyota driver struggling for grip as his dry-weather tyres slid on the wet track.

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After the race, one of the Honda cars caught fire. Post-race[ edit ] Before it started to rain I was quite comfortable, and I was just focused on having a clean race.

This was one of the toughest races of my life, if not the toughest. Do I have it?

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It was only when I took the chequered flag and got to turn one that the team told me I was world champion. Hamilton, speaking after the race about the final lap. Massa said that he had "almost done everything perfectly", and expressed his disappointment that despite winning the race he had not won the Championship. We need to congratulate Lewis because he did a great championship and he scored more points than us, so he deserves to be champion.

I know how to lose and I know how to win and as I said before it is another day of my life from which I am going to learn a lot. The scriptwriters would have been laughed out of the studios.

Instead we finished sixth so that shows the strategy was the right one. After the race, Kubica said "We made too many mistakes during the weekend and this is the result.