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Date: 21.12.2017

Pink Film (2001)

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The Dream of Garuda All jargon and no authenticity? I do not, however, want to fugally harp about colonialism and ethnocentricity — and their villainous inverse, orientalism — or the other usual suspects that now make Asian film criticism such a joyless labor.

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Takechi defended his film thus: I admit there are many nude scenes in [ Black Snow ], but they are psychological nude scenes symbolizing the defenselessness of the Japanese people in the face of the American invasion. We are so entangled in and dependent upon the Freudian idea of sublimation, and so irrationally suspicious of the empiricism of behaviorism and sociology, that we blindly believe the most scathing and fundamental of critiques must be rendered as sexual allegories, and are persuaded that sexuality — and artistic representations thereof — is thinkable only in terms of sublimation and fetishism.

Our touchstone for democratic libertinage is of course Sade, who also equated repressive politics with repressive sexuality. The pink film, like most generic pornography, argues that sexual immorality should be expressed freely in a compartmentalized filmic space that, when safely separated from the rest of social discourse, permits immorality and morality to live in peaceful coexistence, without disrupting the status quo.

As the heroine of The Bedroom becomes increasingly obsessed with the halcyon on which her dead sister overdosed, her robotic computer programmer husband becomes so alienated from her than only by attempting to rape her — as might a stranger — can he reestablish physical contact with her.

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The director really seems to think that a stale cocktail of fetish club imagery and textbook psychology — including a belabored climax of amnesia and identity reversal — will be enough to unbalance the diverse psychologies of his audience, so long as it is filmed antiseptically enough.

Of course, I too want to overthrow social orders, and believe cinema is still capable of instigation and more than a hollow chimera — but I must be given real reasons to rebel. Rather than be discouraged from the possibilities of insurrection in the wake of September 11, we must now be even more acutely attuned to critical distinctions between legitimate, rational rebellions and merely deluded calls to arms.

He passes the time by visiting prostitutional bathhouses, where he writhes in licentious congress soapy enough to lave his sins and conceal the nether regions forbade by Japanese censorship.

Hallucinatorily believing all prostitutes are his former victim, he rapes them in accordance with the unimaginative demands of a genre where rape, because it signifies everything, signifies nothing. As the rapist-hero climactically commits suicide by leaping from a phallic chimney, the bird imagery comes full circle: Two men, one young and one middle-aged, meet as strangers in a bar, challenging one another to share their sexual secrets. Through a series of comic misadventures, each rider alternatively tumbles from the bike, surrendering his position of driver and assuming the role of passenger.

As they jockey on the motorcycle for sexual territoriality and dominion, flashbacking sex scenes put the genre through its paces: An atypically happy ending further mocks the idea that sadomasochism reflects anything more disturbing than itself, and nihilistically suggests that misogyny and competitive violence, once happily sewn into a repressive social fabric, are acceptable norms for a modern Japan.

Returning to more mundane matters, the technical aspects of these DVDs are singularly discouraging. Both Dream of Garuda and Tandem have been atrociously transferred: Only The Bedroom resembles anything like a legitimate commercial print, with only minimal artifacting and a mostly stable frame, though suffering from the usual faded colors. Perhaps most disappointing is that these are not terribly stimulating examples of the genre, neither complex enough to pique the interests of intellectuals though The Bedroom tries nor pornographically perverse enough to provoke gratifying masturbations.

Bookwalter and Leif Jonker — reveals that the company is probably more interested in irking infamously prissy British video censors than advancing the imagined political agendas of pink films.

Indiana University Press, , pp. We care only about the insights of Sato Tadao, for example, to the degree that they give Western critics glimpses into Japanese culture and thus become subordinated to Western understanding. Am I merely a hypocrite, or have I, too, been incurably infected by academicism?

Does being reactionary automatically make one wise? Desser, in turn, is quoting from Ian Buruma. Nevertheless, a disproportionately large number of them are. Many pink films also code their leftist politics in terms of socially acceptable deadpan comedy. In his postwar tract Anti-Semite and Jew, Jean-Paul Sartre reasons that the Nazi is not a Nazi in spite of the fact that he is a good father, husband, etc. Justine, Philosophy in the Bedroom, Eugenie de Franval and other writings.

Richard Seaver and Austryn Wainhouse.

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Random House, , p. That said, his definition of rape is obviously not limited to women. Though a radical, proto-communistic idea, Sade was not alone in this view. He has contributed book chapters to numerous anthologies, including Film and Literary Modernism , Asexualities: Corporeality, Desire, and Ethics He has also contributed to The Pink Book: The Japanese Eroduction and Its Contexts ed.