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Date: 06.02.2018

2 on 1 #14 (2002)

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The employee is charged annual leave, if available, or approved leave without pay for excess time spent, and will receive no per diem for periods of leave.

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The traveler bears any extra expense caused by the interruption. The actual departure date of an employee under a travel authorization will be determined in accordance with the needs of both the losing and gaining post.

The family and effects may accompany, precede, or follow the employee. Travel authorizations may be extended up to an additional 6 months for a maximum of 18 months.

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Requests for extensions must be supported by a justification acceptable to the Bureau of Human Resources, Office of the Executive Director. Unless waived by the appropriate officials in the headquarters agency, any employee appointed for a month tour of duty abroad must have eligible family members travel and shipment of effects commence within 3 months.

A repayment agreement is required of the employee in accordance with 14 FAM For liquidation or refund of repayment, see 14 FAM Separation travel orders may be extended for up to an additional 6 months for a maximum of 18 months. If travel or transportation of effects is interrupted for personal convenience in connection with a separation, the final departure of persons and effects from any point s of interruption must take place within the time limitation specified in the separation order.

When only domestic travel is involved, it may require issuance of a new travel authorization in the subsequent fiscal year, even within the 6-month period. For separation, see 14 FAM Unless specifically disallowed elsewhere in the regulations, any scheduled flights in excess of 14 hours on a usually traveled route, including scheduled stopovers when traveling by less than premium-class accommodations, may be interrupted for a rest period of up to 24 hours.

Per diem and necessary miscellaneous expenses are authorized. Government provides lodging and authorizes per diem, this break in travel constitutes a rest stop.

Alternatively the traveler may be reimbursed for the cost of a day pass to a business-class lounge for the intermediate point on the authorized itinerary.

Travelers are responsible for requesting the approved overnight rest stop or the business-class lounge day pass from the authorizing office, prior to travel. The point of interruption for a rest stop should be at any normally scheduled transit point or stop along the direct route see 14 FAM Rest stops or day passes to a business-class lounge are not authorized when indirect travel is performed.

Rest stops or day passes to a business-class lounge are not authorized for travelers using premium-class accommodations, an upgradeable fare 14 FAM Employees authorized to travel in premium-class accommodations may use a business-class lounge, if the service is offered free of charge by the airline, but are not authorized reimbursement separately for the cost of a day pass to the lounge.

Under no circumstances will the traveler be eligible for both a U. Government-funded rest stop and a U. Government-purchased day pass to the business-class lounge.

Official travel which exceeds 14 hours on the usually traveled route and which is not authorized a rest stop includes: Travelers flying on a direct route, without interruption, except for flight connections, with a difference of five or more time zones between authorized points of travel should, whenever possible, arrange departure to allow arrival at destination a full day before commencing duty. When the flight is of such duration that it includes an authorized rest stop, as provided in 14 FAM When the flight is of such duration that it is authorized extended economy seating, as provided in 14 FAM In cases meeting the criteria in paragraphs a, b, or c of this section, excused absence without charge to leave will be granted for any part of the hour adjustment period following arrival at the duty point which happens to fall within working hours.

Per diem during the adjustment period is payable to temporary duty travelers, including eligible family members authorized to travel at U. Government expense when accompanying employees to temporary duty points, in accordance with 14 FAM