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Date: 17.09.2017

Burst City (1982)

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The microburst is an extremely powerful gust of air that, once hitting the ground, spreads in all directions.

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As the aircraft is coming in to land, the pilots try to slow the plane to an appropriate speed. When the microburst hits, the pilots will see a large spike in their airspeed, caused by the force of the headwind created by the microburst.

A pilot inexperienced with microbursts would try to decrease the speed. The plane would then travel through the microburst, and fly into the tailwind, causing a sudden decrease in the amount of air flowing across the wings.

The decrease in airflow over the wings of the aircraft causes a drop in the amount of lift produced. This decrease in lift combined with a strong downward flow of air can cause the thrust required to remain at altitude to exceed what is available, thus causing the aircraft to stall.

The strongest microburst recorded thus far occurred at Andrews Field, Maryland on August 1st , with wind speeds reaching Thunderstorms developed west of Cleveland at 9 PM, and the National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm warning at 9: The storm had passed over Cuyahoga County by Numerous fallen trees were reported, as well as downed powerlines and minimal property damage. Thousands of people were without power for several days, even as long as over 4 days.

The storm occurred late at night, and no injuries were reported. On June 23, a macroburst hit portions of Gloucester and Camden Counties in New Jersey causing widespread damage mostly due to falling trees.

Electrical utilities were affected for several days causing protracted traffic signal disruption and closed businesses. On August 23, , a dry microburst hit Mesa, Arizona. It ripped the roof off of half a building and a shed, nearly damaging the surrounding buildings.

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No serious injuries were reported. On December 21, a wet microburst hit Brunswick, Ohio.

The roof was ripped off of a local business; the debris damaged several houses and cars near the business. Due to the time, between 1 am and 2 am, there were no injuries. On July 9, , a wet microburst hit an area of Spotsylvania County, Virginia near the border of the city of Fredericksburg , causing severe damage to two buildings. Two serious injuries were reported. The microburst left , Commonwealth Edison users without power.

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Many homes did not recover power for one week. Several roads were closed due to reported fallen trees. The storm caused an outage in which 40, customers lost power. On September 8, , at 5: Multiple aircraft were damaged and eight people were injured.

No fatalities were reported. Approximately 3, trees were knocked down by some reports. There was one fatality when a tree fell onto a car on the Grand Central Parkway. In a matter of minutes, trees and downed power lines littered the roadways.

A number of houses were hit by trees. Immediately after the storm, up to 60, Dominion Power customers in Charlottesville and surrounding Albemarle County were without power. It caused major damage to four homes, all of which were occupied. No injuries were reported.