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Date: 04.08.2017

Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson (1955)

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Note these sources will have typographical errors, the transcription will also have typos. All information should be checked with additional sources. It consists of sliding in various positions down a very slender inclined wire from the top of the canvas to the ground.

Tan can speak the English language with considerable fluency and is a very pleasing young man in many ways. His interesting talks about Japan and its people are very entertaining and beguile many an hour of travel among the show folk. Japanese Troupe, Ringling Bros. Offical Route Book of Ringling Bros. Information should be checked with additional sources Can you add information? Lonnie Virgil Sagraves was an elephant trainer on Mills Bros. Circus from s to early s. He was known as Capt. Later he worked as a carpenter on a carnival and was a house builder.

Died November 24, at Ashland, Kentucky. Circus Report, December 17, , p. He was an aerialist, acrobat and gymnast. After he retired from the circus he did independent work putting up banners and flags for conventions, fairs, etc. He made nets and equipment for acts and at the time of his death had developed a five member tumbling act with five small children touring the tri-state area.

Born in Sweden, died September 18, at Carmi, Illinois, age Circus Report, November 28, , p. Saluto was a clown with Ringling-Barnum for 43 years, retiring in Died July 30, at Sarasota, Florida, age Circus Report, August 23, , p. Billboard, May 25, , p. Billboard, September 28, , p. Sanders, "Smokey," was a transportation mechanic with Ringling-Barnum from to Died September 7, at Venice, Florida. Circus Report, September 26, , p.

Sandford died suddenly of heart disease July 10 in a gymnasium, Green street, whither he had gone to practice acrobatic and gymnastic feats. He was born in Birmingham, Eng. He came to this country when about seventeen years of age, and had since practiced his profession here, having been engaged with numerous circuses as a trapeze performer. Kelley, Pete Conklin, W. La Rue, and John Conklin, proprietors - in After this he separated from Mr.

Brown and performed alone. During the seasons of and he was with G. Barnum, after which we do not find his name in our circus records. Since then he performed in variety theatres, in partnership with Frederick Watson. A few years ago his physician discovered that Mr. Sanford had a disease of the heart and advised him to retire.

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While so resting his health improved so much that he decided to resume his profession and commenced practice with the result above stated. He left a widow, who for some time has been singing in variety theatres, and one child.

New York Clipper, July 26, , p. The name of the leading member of the troupe of Japanese performers is Akimota Sankichi. He is an accomplished wire performer and works, in conjunction with other members of the Japanese company, as a perch balancer, etc. Akimota is an Oriental of considerable intelligence and a man of excellent education in his own language, but during the two years he has spent in this country with the Ringling Bros.

He is a native of Yokohoma, Japan. Santiago, high diver, Lemen Bros. Billboard, June 2, Miss Satterfield and her troupe of performing dogs were an attraction in circus realms for many years. Whe was with Ringling Bros. The remains were sent to the Satterfield Kentucky home for burial. Billboard, April 6, , p. Nola Satterfield, rider, Ringling Bros. Nola Satterfield, age 32, single, equestrian circus, born Kentucky.

Billboard, June 30, His residence is at Madison, Wisconsin. New York Times, April 4, ; www. Francine was the flyer and Phil the catcher. The Flying Apollos were also on Beatty-Cole in and Schadel has broken and trained a zebra to drive in harness or under the saddle and do all the tricks of the well-guided menage horse. His act is one of the recently imported novelties of Ringling Brothers. Schadel in grotesque make-up does a screaminly funny burlesque cart-riding act.

The zebra does the cake-walk, kneels and dances the houche-kouche after the manner of the trained mule. It is the only trained zebra in the world. Washington Post, May 17, Her husband, Shade Shields, one of the original Four Texas giants, survives her.

The remains were taken to Ladonia, Tex. New York Clipper, July 5, , p. Alfred Schieritz was a member of the trick cycling and bicycling act, the Shyrettos, a trio that included his sister Hanni and Walter Heinze. The Shyrettos toured in Russia before they came to the United States in They then played night clubs, theaters. They toured with Ringling-Barnum and with major Shrine and Police circuses and fair dates in the ss. Alfred married comic Sue Carson in and then managed her career. Died January 25, , age Circus Report, February 26, , p.

Schlarbaum, musician, band leader and composer began his career in the circus on the Cristiani Bros. Was with Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros.

John Singer Sargent's Robert Louis Stevenson and His Wife

Also conductor of the Florida Sunshine State Band. Circus Report, December 21, , p. Then he formed his own riding act, the Riding Fredricks. He later was a prop boss with Hamid-Morton. He married Beckie Loter and together they started Schmidt Concessions. Died circa at New York, age Circus Report, April 6, , p. John Schmidt performed on the triple horizontal bar, teeterboard, had a comedy acrobatic act and was a fill-in in clown alley in the ss.

He was on the Gentry Bros. Circus Report, April 29, , n. Hugo Schmitt was an elephant trainer with Ringling-Barnum for about 25 years. Born in Germany, came to the United States from Sweden and spent more than 50 years in the circus. Died August 10, at Sarasota, Florida, age Circus Report, August 29, , p.

Schneider Erikson was an aerialist for over 60 years, travling with Ringling Bros. Died October 25, at Tampa, Florida, age Circus Report, November 14, , p.

Police search John Graham’s home and find bomb-making materials - Nov 13, 1955 -

A native of Germany, came to the United States in Toured with Ringling-Barnum for 40 years. Died in March at Sarasota, Florida, age Circus Report, April 14, , p. Leopold Schneider was a circus performer and clown.