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Date: 13.02.2018

Reflections (2004)

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Telling our stories helps us to understand each other. Considerations for Choosing an Abortion Provider: Do not trust the appearance of newspaper or Yellow Pages advertisements!

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If you feel comfortable, ask a friend or family member if they know a good clinic in your area. Beware of clinic workers who try to rush you into a quick decision. Beware of clinic workers who rush you into a decision, especially when you call to make an appointment. Take some time to think it over and seriously consider your other options. Ask if you can take a week to be sure.

A few days of consideration will not limit your choices. If you feel pressure to book quickly, you might want to search elsewhere. Beware of abortion clinics that are stuffed with clients. They are probably performing the abortions "assembly line" style on particular days of the week. How many visits are required?

Do they offer pre and post-procedure counseling? Are you permitted to bring children with you to the clinic? Are there childcare facilities on the premises? What types of anesthesia or other pain management options are offered? Are there counselors available to accompany you in the procedure if you request it?

Reflections: 2004

How long will you be at the clinic? Is there a 24 hour hotline you can call about post-procedure concerns? Beware of clinics that offer counseling but promote abortion as the only workable choice. The "counselors" have probably been trained to sell you an abortion and are not looking after your best interests.

Such persons may try to make pregnancy sound frightening. A fair-minded counselor will be realistic about pregnancy, but help you explore all of your choices.

It would be best to talk with someone who will present all your options in an objective manner. Beware of clinics which do not give you a frank discussion of your health risks.

Beware of clinics which use euphemisms or use vague and misleading comparisons. Frank and honest discussions are always better than leaving things unsaid. Your health and safety, as well as your well-being matter. You can safeguard your health by making sure the procedure is being preformed by a a board-certified physician who has completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology, not a nurse or other clinic personnel.

Ask if there are any lawsuits pending against the clinic. Ask if any of the clinic doctors have been implicated of any wrongdoing. Will there be an attending R. Will they treat you for both immediate and post-procedure complications? If you need to be hospitalized, does the administrator or attending doctor have hospital admitting privileges and if so, at which hospitals?

What are the transportation arrangements? You do not have to sign this waiver, and if you feel pressured to do so, take it as a sign that you should find a different clinic. Make sure the clinician takes a detailed health history.

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There are many important factors that can affect the safety of the procedure for you, including past pregnancies, any chronic health conditions you may have, illegal drug use or excessive alcohol use, RH factor, etc. If the abortion will be done non-surgically, then any history of circulatory disorders, liver, or heart trouble is crucial. Missing something on the history could mean serious complications for you.

Blood work and a pelvic examination should be performed as well as an ultrasound at the initial appointment. If you are a teen, be careful at a clinic that does not want to involve your parents.

Remember that your parents care about what happens to you and would want to know about this to help you through. If you fear violence or abuse from your parents, the clinic should be offering to help you find a safe place to go instead of sending you back home. A secret abortion will do nothing to change your abusive situation, so make sure that they are thinking of you.

Support and Recovery Resources After Abortion: Here you will find organizations, websites, and books of diverse beliefs and practices. No one will judge you or try to make you believe anything, they have been where you are and are there just to help. Aftercare and clinical indications of complications to look out for following an induced abortion. A non-political professional medical website.