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Date: 02.02.2018

Haunted Nights (1993)

We offer you to watch the movie Haunted Nights (1993), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Jim Enright and Jace Rocker Cast: Boy, Marc Wallice, Steven St. I remember watching some of Haunted Nights many years ago and remember it being a lot of fun. Who Should Watch It: Anybody looking for a really fun adult feature Who Should Avoid It: I have to admit that this is the only adult film I know of where a good portion of the music is bagpiping.

Being a Scot myself I happen to love the pipes and enjoy it a lot more than many people probably will. It fits the feature very well but is a little on the loud side. The menus are fun and fit in with the overall feature pretty well. The chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip and a title for the scene.

They head to bonnie Scotland to investigate and find themselves drawn into mysterious doings at the castle. Things get a little more complicated when mad scientist Ron Jeremy gets his hands on Steven St. Croix starts things out with Mystica, a leggy brunette with quite a few tattoos who forces herself on him.

They end it by Mystica taking a decent pop from Steven on her stomach.

Celeste, a gorgeous brunette with an amazing and slightly augmented body, shows Woody Long to his room, and shows him some great hospitality and gratitude as well. She even works his cock over some with her great tits in between suckings. Finally Celeste moves over to the bed so Woody can fuck her while she rubs and spanks her pussy. Woody licks and fingers her pussy before fucking Celeste from behind.

Celeste finishes him off with a little more tit-fucking and then takes his creamy goodness all over her face and on her tits.

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Brit gets between the guys so she can be eaten while sucking before Randy fucks her pussy. The guys trade off fucking Brit and finally team up to double stuff her.

Brit finishes them off by taking it in her mouth and on her face, gobbling up every bit of jiz she can. Brit Morgan returns for another scene, this time with wolfman T.

Boy who starts out humping her leg.

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After warming him up she crawls onto him and starts fucking him rather than waiting for him to lick her slit. She also has T. Boy wears a mask through the entire scene.

They undress each other before Celeste has Sahara get on her hands and knees so she can examine her. They trade positions and then grind their pussies against each other and rub each others clits together.

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It ends fairly abruptly, but the plot comes in very nicely to do so. Finally, Sahara Sands and T. Boy return for one more scene. Sahara starts out sucking human looking T. He returns the favor by tonguing her clit and fingering her pussy. Sahara lays back for T. Jonathan Morgan and Steven St. Croix play excellently off of each other, and Ron Jeremy is just as funny.

The plot even comes back after the last scene to tie up the loose ends. Bios are included for Sahara Sands and Celeste. The photo gallery lasts just over a minute and a half, with a variety of qualities to the framed pictures. Many of them look very nice, but quite a few are very dark. Trailers are included for Flashpoint , Satyr , Conquest, and Crazed. I hope you bring out some of the other features in the Nights line.

I hope if you bring them out you include commentaries with some of the cast and possible even the directors. If you have any questions or comments, please e- mail me. Adult DVD Talk does not edit these reviews. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites.