Kids Who Rip, Volume 4 (2006) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 14.10.2017

Kids Who Rip, Volume 4 (2006)

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I had no clue that guys had their favorite porn stars, and would want to find out what happened to them. I am still working my way through the comments! Lisa De Leeuw Lisa Trego appeared in almost films during her career that began in In , she stopped filming to concentrate on exotic dancing and making speaking appearances. Since she had worked with John Holmes, some though she had contracted the disease from him. However, her last public contact with Holmes was in , and he is believed to have contracted the AIDS virus in the mids.

Chessie Moore Robin Lynn Morgan left her job as a liscenced practical nurse to perform in adult films in Besides her enormous breasts, she is known for her abilities as a contortionist. Despite her continuing career, she has been married for over twenty years and is the mother of six children.

She and her husband live in Caneyville, Kentucky. Moore has a website and a phone sex business. She also makes made-to-order private videos for a price, performing any act the customer suggests. Peter North is well-known in porn circles for his large production aid and his voluminous ejaculate. He has appeared in over movies since he began in gay porn in He has also produced and directed quite a few.

He is still quite active in the industry, and has a website. She was also in the TV series Space: Above and Beyond during the season, and in episodes of Silk Stalkings and Millennium, using the name Kimberly Patton.

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Meanwhile, as Ashlyn Gere she performed in over adult movies from to She also wrote four of the films , produced one, and directed another. Gere is now a real estate sales agent in Texas. Honey Wilder appeared in over 90 films between and her retirementin She now works in set decoration and production design for mainstream film and television productions. Dorothy LeMay made adult films for only five years, from to , although several films were released years later.

She is most famous for appearing in Taboo and Taboo II. She left the porn business to work for a messenger service, reportedly fleeing a broken heart after breaking up with a boyfriend. Taija Rae made adult films from to At the beginning of her career, she filmed in New York and appeared as a rounded woman with dark hair. In , she moved to California, lost weight, and dyed her hair blonde. After she left the industry, she made a living by prostitution, and was last reported to be working as a restaurant hostess in las Vegas.

She barely lost the lead role in Body Double to Melanie Griffith, then became a consultant on the film. She retired in , but has since resurfaced to appear in a couple of fetish films.

Now 52, Haven lives in Mill Valley, California with her husband. Erica Boyer was an exotic dancer from Alabama til Marilyn Chambers discovered her and convinced her to do adult films in She preferred to do lesbian scenes.

When she retired from filming in the late 90s, she continued to do occasional strip shows. She is now a liscenced massage therapist in Dallas.

Boyer has also made a name for herself reading Tarot cards. Careena Collins worked in adult films from to , then again from Collins edits a sex magazine, UnReal People and writes a monthly column. Sorry, guys, for originally posting a picture of Cara Lott in this space.

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Thanks for the heads up! She introduced her brother Buck Adams to the porn industry, but kept their relationship a secret until they were scheduled to do a scene together. She began filming adult movies in , and has retired twice, but always returned to the business, in need of money.

In she confronted her alcoholism and drug addiction , and became clean by She has filmed movies, and is still active in the business. Buck Adams entered the porn business in on encouragement from his little sister Amber Lynn. He performed in movies, wrote seven and directed He has been married to porn actresses Janet Littledove and Aspen Brock. His last movie is listed as