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Date: 05.02.2018

Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl (1982)

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Plot[ edit ] How Pumuckl and Master Eder met[ edit ] Being a descendant of the Klabautermann people, who were sailors, Pumuckl loves everything that has to do with the ocean, especially sailboats.

For reasons unknown, he gets lost in Bavaria, where no ships are to be found. The workshop belongs to elderly Meister Eder. He gets stuck on an overflowing pot of glue. It is a rule among Kobolds that whenever one of his kind gets stuck to something manmade, they become visible, and according to the rules of their ancestors, must stay with the human who sees them, in this case Meister Eder.

On the show and in the books, Pumuckl is always visible if nobody other than Meister Eder is present. However, he turns invisible when other people come into view.

At first, Meister Eder is reluctant to take in the kobold, since he is quite content on his own, but Pumuckl makes it clear that he has no other choice. A deep friendship soon blossoms between the elderly man and the cheeky kobold.

The term "Meister" means that Eder has the qualification to take in apprentices. In Germany at the time, it was common to refer to handymen by their professional title and their last name, the way it is still done with doctors. A typical Pumuckl story[ edit ] There are several ways for a Pumuckl story to begin. Pumuckl feels bored in the workshop, so Meister Eder tells him to go out to explore, but not get into trouble. Naturally, Pumuckl gets into trouble.

He meets the people in the neighborhood, eavesdrops on them and occasionally plays a practical joke on them or else tries to help them with varying levels of success. A client enters the workshop who has something Pumuckl fancies. A conflict between Meister Eder and his sister or his cleaning woman is shown.

Meister Eder und sein Pumuckl - Film 1982 -

Pumuckl tries to help. Meister Eder and Pumuckl go on holiday or on a day trip. Meister Eder is ridiculed by somebody usually because he believes in Pumuckl , and Pumuckl tries to make things better. Meister Eder presents Pumuckl with a gift Note: Usually, this ends with the gift being withdrawn. However, some episodes end with Pumuckl being punished.

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But by the end of the second part, the two have reconciled. Since the Pumuckl stories are aimed at children, we presume that he was written this way so that children can relate to him.

He had a life before he became visible, but it was very different: Meister Eder sees Pumuckl as a child and usually appears as his guardian.

He often tries to teach him some morals, not always with the desired result. Pumuckl is occasionally very selfish, and sometimes this leads to actual wrongdoing. However, when Pumuckl realises that he has hurt somebody, he feels genuine remorse and does everything he can to help that person.

In the TV show Pumuckl is usually dressed in a yellow shirt and green trousers. He wears those clothes right from the first time Meister Eder sees him. The kobold always is barefoot. Meister Eder[ edit ] He appears to be the exact opposite of Pumuckl. The little kobold likes to get in trouble, but the elderly carpenter prefers to stay out of trouble and keeps to himself. He spends most of his time with Pumuckl.

However, he has a couple of friends, elderly handymen like himself, whom he regularly meets in the local pub to have a beer. Although his workshop is often in disorder, Meister Eder likes a clean living space he lives in a flat above his workshop , which is why he has a cleaning lady, who serves as a supporting character in several stories. Being very different from Pumuckl, Meister Eder is presented as a law-abiding citizen who is meticulous on the job and always polite.

He also completely fails to have sympathy with Pumuckl when the latter steals things. When the little kobold plays a minor practical joke, his behavior is sometimes condoned by Eder, because it made him laugh or think. Supporting characters[ edit ] Mrs. She is incredibly superstitious and constantly tries to persuade Meister Eder to believe in the same things she does, for instance by reading him his horoscope. Bernbacher - a welder and best friend of Meister Eder.

Bernbacher is the one who always teases Meister Eder about Pumuckl. In several episodes, that results in an indignant Pumuckl pulling pranks on Bernbacher. Schmitt - runs a small car repair shop. Wimmer - a person who never appears on the show in person, though he can be heard occasionally during phone conversations.

Wimmer operates an antique store which Meister Eder sometimes repairs pieces of furniture for. Schwertfeger - an elderly acquaintance of Mr. Appears in the film and in a few episodes. His trademark is wearing two glasses at once, one on the nose and one on the forehead. Eder lives and works. History[ edit ] The first episode of the show was broadcast on February 21, and the last episode was broadcast on December 30, A total of 90 episodes were created.

The winner was Barbara von Johnson. The book consisted of illustrations made by Johnson. Between and , ten books which consisted of 60 stories were published by the publisher Stuttgart-Herald. Thus a total of 66 stories have been published in book form until today. After the success of the movie and the first TV season, a complete new edition was created which consisted of 86 episodes in cassette format in which Gustl Bayrhammer played Meister Eder.

Feature film "Meister Eder and his Pumuckl"[ edit ] Between and the first Pumuckl feature film was released under the title "Meister Eder and his Pumuckl".

Pumuckl appears in the film and in all the subsequently films and TV series, as a cartoon character in a real environment.