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A Twist of Fate (1994)

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Apparently running around in Singularities trained his body well. The Chaldea Battlesuit has one for the female protagonist.

Clothes Make the Superman: Some of their responses can range from using the wrong language, to having strange greetings, to generally having Skewed Priorities. True Alligators are clueless.

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Some Mystic Codes reference other iconic outfits from the Fate series and occasionally other parts of the Nasuverse. Heck, even their expressions match the characters the clothes represent. For the pre SE.

Presage Flower commemoration event, they have the Homurahara school uniform. They came with three skills, "Code: Some of their responses definitely can make them this.

Such examples include some of their interactions with Olga Marie. Aye aye, great director Olga Marie.

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Swimsuit Tamamo offers you a cocktail which basically amounts to a date rape drug. Fergus invites the protagonist to have a one night stand with him. At a dance party in Shinjuku, the protagonist is forced to crossdress: Admittedly the number however pales in comparison to the females. Even the Girls Want Her: If your protagonist is female, some female Servants such as Medusa, Serenity, and Kiyohime will acknowledge this, but are still interested in having a relationship. Even the Guys Want Him: Although he still invites the male protagonist for a one-night stand in Valentine The two design-wise are confirmed by Takashi Takeuchi as gender flipped versions of Rin and Shirou.

Other characters generally react to the player character as if they were male, you can count the number of times the game acknowledges a female player on one hand the White Day event notwithstanding. Adaptations of the main story like the Drama CD, First Order anime, and the two manga anthologies use the male protagonist, with the stage play being the only one that uses both male and female. The female protagonist has a yellow hair scrunchie that holds up her side ponytail.

Can heal their servants, either through a form of magecraft or through Command Spells. In Learning with Manga, the female protagonist is still fighting to save human history Hero with Bad Publicity: The female protagonist has one. Being the Master of a Shielder makes them significantly hardier to physical and mystical injury than most mages.

However, this encourages the mindset among their other Servants that they can drag them into all sorts of dangerous situations while paying little heed to their safety so long as they remember to shanghai Mash as well so they can cut loose without fear. It Began with a Twist of Fate: The First Order booklet that came with the First Order blu-ray details how they became a Master candidate for Chaldea.

An employee of Chaldea was searching for candidates in Japan, via a blood donation event. The employee then pressured them to accept the job, even chasing them to their home. This gains vastly more sinister undertones during the SE. PH chapter, as it is revealed that Chaldea had been recruiting Master candidates for some time prior to the Fuyuki Point F crisis Sheer timing is mostly what prevented Fujimaru from becoming part of the Seraphix experiments. With an attack buff, healing, and a one-turn all-dodge available, the initial Chaldea Mystic Code stands here in contrast to the rest.

The Brilliant Summer Mystic Code i. Last of His Kind: While you are expected to use it on most Sabers who normally have Buster Noble Phantasms and well-rounded stats , using these skills on your Glass Cannons such as almost all Berserkers , or Jeanne Alter can turn them into even more terrifying attack units.

While they are subpar as far as their potential as a magus goes, they are noted to be amazing as a Master, capable of getting along with even the craziest of Servants. Obviously Evil Servants like Gorgon or Kiara flat-out tell the protagonist that they are the only thing preventing them from destroying the world now.

He also shows how susceptible Jack is to outside influences. As Master of Shielder, they are protected from all illnesses and impurities.

However, Mash herself is still vulnerable to these effects since her skills only protect her allies. Some Servants clearly flirt with or proposition the protagonist in My Room lines, but it frequently flies over their head, much to their chagrin. Unlike in other media, they can restore their own Command Seals one at a time. However, they need 24 hours to regenerate each one, meaning they still need to be used conservatively.

Proper Tights with a Skirt: The female protagonist when wearing the default costume or Mage Association Mystic Code. Psychic Dreams for Everyone: Several interludes involve the protagonist getting involved while they are asleep. Just to emphasize how much it is so, you can actually switch your gender sprites whenever you want to.

That said, this is averted in First Order—where the female character sprite exists as one of the original 30 Masters injured in the initial assault at Chaldea. This surprises her as she thought he would give in to the hopelessness of the situation. Unfortunately for him, the first two he runs across are Brynhild and Kiyohime. Brynhild finds him attractive so she tries to kill him while Kiyohime tries to kill him for lack of fidelity.

The protagonist is asked by Arash to keep meeting Arthur a secret from the other Prototype servants besides himself, Jekyll, and Proto Cu Chulainn. Said servants being Brynhild, Ozymandias, Paracelsus, and Serenity, due to their rather bad history with him as shown in Prototype Fragments. Though he is far more normal than the situations around him, Lostroom Ritsuka belittles himself as a mediocrity. Both of which are not something to scoff at. Unlike his womanizing female counterpart, the male protagonist in Learning with Manga!

Spanner in the Works: Because they fell asleep during the Master debriefing, the protagonist was taken off the mission to Fuyuki and ran into Dr. Roman, engaging in a conversation with him while he was slacking off in their room.

This allows the two of them to dodge the explosion in the control room, not only allowing them to rescue Mash and become the sole Master left to save the future, but also allowing Dr.

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Roman to take command of Chaldea. Professor Lev notes this when you confront him in the Final Order, commenting that he wanted Dr. Roman in particular to die in the explosion. While both protagonists wear normal belts, they have a couple extra. The female protagonist has two belts across her chest above and below her breasts, assumedly for emphasis , while the male protagonist has one across the top of his chest just below his collarbone.

First Order shows that this is actually standard Master attire for Chaldea. The Atlas Academy Uniform allows you to buff up your servants and cure their status ailments, allowing them to fight at full power. The protagonist is acknowledged as such by several of their enemies, coming more frequently as the story progresses and their victories become more numerous. You Are a Credit to Your Race: Heroic Spirits all tend to have a dim view on "regular people," seeing them as prey, cannon fodder, non-entities, or hapless peons who need to be ruled over.

Most of them eventually take a shine to the protagonist and are surprised to find such heroism in a common person. You Are in Command Now: The protagonist was initially taken off the mission for being inferior to all the other potential masters and sleeping during the initial mission briefing , but all the other Masters ended up in critical condition leaving them as the only Master available.

You Remind Me of X: This is especially prevalent for the Evil alignment Servants, who barely restrained from their more evil urges or going into rampages because of this trope is at work. You Will Be Spared: The female protagonist while wearing the Atlas Academy Uniform.