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Casello N. 3 (1945)

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On August 9, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan. The Japanese government on August 10 communicated its intention to surrender under the terms of the Potsdam Declaration.

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The news of the Japanese offer, however, was enough to begin early celebrations around the world. Allied soldiers in London danced in a conga line on Regent Street. Germans stated that the Japanese were wise enough to—unlike themselves—give up in a hopeless situation, but were grateful that the atomic bomb was not ready in time to be used against them.

Moscow newspapers briefly reported on the atomic bombings with no commentary of any kind. In Manila , residents sang " God Bless America ". On Okinawa , six men were killed and dozens were wounded as American soldiers "took every weapon within reach and started firing into the sky" to celebrate; ships sounded general quarters and fired anti-aircraft guns as their crews believed that a kamikaze attack was occurring.

On Tinian island, B crews preparing for their next mission over Japan were told that it was cancelled, but that they could not celebrate because it might be rescheduled.

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Earlier the same day, the Japanese government had broadcast an announcement over Radio Tokyo that "acceptance of the Potsdam Proclamation [would be] coming soon", and had advised the Allies of the surrender by sending a cable to U.

In Australia , the name V-P Day was used from the outset. None of these acts resulted in serious criminal charges, and no civilian or military official was sanctioned, leading the Chronicle to conclude that "the city simply tried to pretend the riots never happened". A "coast-to-coast frenzy of [servicemen] kissing" occurred, with Life publishing photographs of such kisses in Washington, Kansas City , Los Angeles , and Miami. It was shot on August 14, , shortly after the announcement by President Truman occurred and people began to gather in celebration.

Alfred Eisenstaedt went to Times Square to take candid photographs and spotted a sailor who "grabbed something in white. And I stood there, and they kissed. And I snapped four times.

Another famous photograph is that of the Dancing Man in Elizabeth Street, Sydney , captured by a press photographer and a Movietone newsreel.

The film and stills from it have taken on iconic status in Australian history and culture as a symbol of victory in the war.

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Japanese reaction[ edit ] Japanese commanders listen to the terms of surrender aboard an Australian warship. On August 15 and 16, some Japanese soldiers, devastated by the surrender, committed suicide. Well over American prisoners of war were also murdered. Surrender of Japan April 1 — June 21, Approximately one-fourth of the Okinawan civilian population died, often in mass suicides organized by the Imperial Japanese Army. The Potsdam Declaration is issued.

Truman tells Japan, "Surrender or suffer prompt and utter destruction. Japan rejects the Potsdam Declaration. The Potsdam Conference ends. In a press release 16 hours later, Truman warns Japan to surrender or " Scheduled commencement of Operation Olympic , the planned Allied invasion of Kyushu. Scheduled commencement of Operation Coronet , the planned Allied invasion of Honshu.

The Treaty of San Francisco goes into effect, formally ending the state of war between Japan and most of the Allied countries. Some Japanese soldiers continued to fight on isolated Pacific islands until at least the s, with the last known Japanese soldier surrendering in September 3 is recognized as V-J Day in mainland China.

Hong Kong celebrated the "Liberation Day" Chinese: After the transfer of sovereignty in , the celebration was moved to the third Monday in August and renamed "Sino-Japanese War Victory Day", the Chinese name of which is literally "Victory of War of Resistance against Japan Day" as in the rest of China, but this day was removed from the list of public holidays in South Korea and North Korea[ edit ] Gwangbokjeol , meaning "the day the light returned" celebrated annually on August 15, is one of the Public holidays in South Korea.

The Netherlands has one national and several regional or local remembrance services on or near to the 15th of August. The national service is at the "Indisch monument" Dutch for "Indies Monument" in The Hague, where the Dutch victims of the Japanese occupation of the Dutch East Indies are remembered, usually in the presence of the head of state and the government.

In total, there are about 20 services, also in the Indies remembrance center in Bronbeek in Arnhem. The Japanese occupation meant the twilight of Dutch colonial rule over Indonesia.

Indonesia declared itself independent on 17 August , just two days after the Japanese surrendered. The Indonesian War of Independence lasted until , with the Netherlands recognizing Indonesian sovereignty in late December of that year.