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60B (1977)

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Origins[ edit ] During the s, the U. Navy began looking for a new helicopter to replace the Kaman SH-2 Seasprite.

Other changes included larger fuel cells, an electric blade folding system, folding horizontal stabilators for storage, and adding a tube pneumatic sonobuoy launcher on the left side. The first production SHB made its first flight on 11 February The SHB entered operational service in with first operational deployment in The SHB is deployed primarily aboard frigates , destroyers , and cruisers.

The primary missions of the SHB are surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare. An early-model SHB Bu. The helicopter hunted submarines with its AQS F dipping sonar , and carried a 6-tube sonobuoy launcher. The SHF is unofficially named "Oceanhawk". The standard aircrew consists of one pilot, one co-pilot, one tactical sensor operator TSO , and one acoustic sensor operator ASO.

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The SHF was operated by the U. The last HS squadron completed its transition in Deliveries of the HHH began in It carries various defensive and offensive sensors, it is one of the most survivable helicopters in the world. Engine exhaust deflectors provide infrared thermal reduction reducing the threat of heat-seeking missiles. Two SHBs were converted by Sikorsky, the first of which made its maiden flight on 22 December The production variant was redesignated MHR to match its multi-mission capability.

It does not carry the MAD suite.

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Offensive capabilities are improved by the addition of new Mk air-launched torpedoes and Hellfire missiles. The variant first flew on 27 January and it began flight testing later that year. Its missions include vertical replenishment, medical evacuation, combat search and rescue, anti-surface warfare, maritime interdiction, close air support, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and special warfare support.

It is the first US Navy helicopter to field a glass cockpit , relaying flight information via four digital monitors. The ALMDS is a sensor system designed to detect, classify, and localize floating and near-surface moored mines in littoral zones, straits, and choke points. The ALMDS beams a laser into the water to pick up reflections from things it bounces off of, then uses that data to produce a video image for technicians on the ground to determine if the object is a mine.

Selected as a concept in by the Navy as part of the Airborne Mine Neutralization System AMNS program and developed since , the Archerfish is dropped into the water from its launch cradle, where its human operator remotely guides it down towards the mine using a fiber optics communications cable that leads back up to the helicopter. Using sonar and low-light video, it locates the mine, and is then instructed to shoot a shaped charge explosive to detonate it. You can help by adding to it.

The squadron completed combat air missions and over 1, combat flight hours.

The majority of their flights in the Iraqi theater supported special operations ground forces missions. In , the R-model successfully underwent final testing for incorporation into the fleet.

The primary missions of the MHR are anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare. According to Lockheed Martin , "secondary missions include search and rescue, vertical replenishment, naval surface fire support, logistics support, personnel transport, medical evacuation and communications and data relay.

The Warlords transitioned from the SHB throughout , and shifted each detachment to the new aircraft as they returned from deployments.

The MHS is in production until and will total a fleet of aircraft, and the MHR is in production until and will total a fleet of aircraft. The two models have flown , flight hours. Seahawk helicopters are to remain in Navy service into the s. After 32 years and over 3. The models are to be transferred to other squadrons or placed in storage. On 16 June , it was announced that Australia would purchase 24 of the MHR variant, to come into service between and The Request For Proposal was issued on 30 September