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Retribution: Part 2 (1988)

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They will not go gently into the night; they are the night. And yet, some of them were. They are usually vulnerable to Cold Iron , though not always. Dullahan are weak to gold. In a manner of speaking, the old version of fairies has been replaced with Alien Abduction. Periodically, there are tales of those who have dealt with them and benefited, but for the most part, mundanes are merely their playthings. Frequently found in concert with Grimmification , as the original folklore of the darker breeds of fairies needs little exaggeration.

See also Changeling Tale , a specific subtrope having to do with fairy abduction, doppelgangers , and the like. Not to be confused with Changeling Fantasy , which is a type of Cinderella Situation. Some fairies may be malevolent, but others may be friendly to humans, or at least willing to leave humans alone as long as the humans do the same. In some cases, the fairies may be more in conflict with each other than humans, and act accordingly.

The Wild Hunt is an often-overlapping trope from Celtic Mythology. Youkai are a rough Japanese equivalent. The Greys is a more modern trope with many similarities.

The Fair Folk - TV Tropes

Demons when not The Legions of Hell are often also portrayed this way. An extreme example may be a Humanoid Abomination. At first she may look intimidating and a little bit sinister, but soon we discover she is genuinely a very kind, gentle, and caring person.

For an Unseelie Fae she is actually one of the most friendly and affable characters in the series. She is also afraid of space aliens. She might not have been so nice if circumstances were different quarter-Dullahan Ruri Hijiribe, for example, is a serial killer with a monster fetish. The Guardians of the Tower are known in the legends as Fae. Not only are they all sorts of weird looking Headon is a bipedal bunny with eyes in his Slasher Smile , they can be rather manipulative and are implied to plot the destruction of the current ruling system.

The Diclonii from Elfen Lied are heavily influenced by the Fair Folk and are in fact the "elves" from the title. They reproduce by secretly altering humans so that any children they have will be born as diclonii , and they are all very beautiful or handsome.

In feudal Japan, they used to live like nobles, ruling over normal humans until they were hunted almost to extinction. They are not particularly evil, but when they grow older, they develop telekinetic abilities with which they almost always accidentally kill their human families and only survive by becoming deadly killers.

Except the only remaining queen, Lucy, who can give birth to pureblood diclonii and has the unstoppable instinct to Kill All Humans. Granted, some of it is modernized said fairy companion is played as more of a non-romantic Tsundere , for example , but the effort is easily appreciable. Berserk plays this trope dead straight with Rosine, a fairy-like Apostle who likes to carry kids off in order to turn them into her creepy little pseudo-elves in a rather twisted version of the Changeling Fantasy.

The real Elves of the series, such as Puck, are more the benevolent version.

Oddly, while the real Elves are indeed harmless, they have a very serious case of Blue and Orange Morality. Not unlike the reader In Saint Seiya , Fairies are malevolent butterfly-like creatures who dwell in the Underworld and work alongside Hades and his army. Spirited Away has all the usual elements; abductions, curses placed upon mortals who eat the food of spirits, evil beings who enslave mortals by stealing their names, that sort of thing.

They are actually a race of little people called the Tontatta, who do their best never to be seen, and the Living Toys who also inhabit Dressrosa created and perpetuated the belief of the fairies. Their intentions are to observe and gather supplies needed to fight Don Quixote Doflamingo, the dictator of Dressrosa, and the Tontatta and Toys are allied with each other. The Tontatta provide the military might while the Toys manipulate the public image of their actions.

Earl and Fairy is a good example of this. The rest of the series so far has kept up with this trend, using terminology and creatures from British mythology as well as others. However, some fairies from the series do eat humans. The Sandman directly crosses over with a number of other DC comics, meaning that nasty elves also play a part in The Books of Magic , Hellblazer , and several other Vertigo series.

The female fairies in Proof look like cute little green people, but act like ferocious predators with huge appetites e. Fortunately, these fairies are non-magical and an endangered species.

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The story ends with the fairies discussing how few children have been born to them lately and how they may eventually fade away , which likely partly inspired the Hellboy movie The Golden Army. Said changeling, seeking vengeance against Hellboy, becomes the driving force behind an army of fae seeking to restore the glory days.

Resurrecting an ancient sorceress named the Queen of Blood aka, Nimue to lead the army adds destroying the world to the list.

The Sheeda from the DC miniseries Seven Soldiers — fairies who live at the ass-end of time and who Time Travel back to raze human civilization and plunder its profits whenever humanity reaches a certain tech level. Courtney Crumrin and the Night Things: A late issue of Shade, the Changing Man focuses on a group of actors filming the type of Disneyfied, Bowdlerized fairy tale made for children, shot on location in Ireland.

They get together at a pub to express contempt for the film and the irresistible amounts of money that compelled them to take part in it, and the older Irish natives talk about the terror and brutality of the real fairy tales they grew up with.

When Shade arrives and enters a fairy ring, his madness amplifies the effect across the entire country, with results deadly and deranging. The madstorm also wipes out the entire film production, to the relief of the surviving actors. Kieron Gillen seems to be going for this in his run of Iron Man. Gillen has stated that he wants the elves to come across as alien in mindset as anything Tony has encountered in outer space. It also led to a profoundly satisfying moment or two when Malekith unwisely provokes Tony with a changeling crack or two Tony had recently discovered that he was adopted , and gloats about the sort of things the Elves did with the stolen infants.

He wanted to make Tony angry. It worked, and Tony singlehandedly carved a bloody trail through Svartalfheim without once raising his voice , using a suit armed with Cold Iron weapons, hunting down Malekith personally.

Malekith, who it should be noted is someone who enjoys pissing off Thor, admits that Tony on the rampage genuinely frightened him. Figment has the Sound Sprites, who create objects from sound. Because of this, they prize aural perfection and speak entirely in alliteration to reflect this.

At first they were tiny winged women but then what looked like winged actual size cthulhumanoids showed up. Their names are largely consonants, and according to Elsa Bloodstone, those are the same kind of true fae that Lovecraft wrote about. Fairy Tales " Rumpelstiltskin ": Rumpelstiltskin helps a young woman spin straw into gold, but then demands her first-born child as payment.

One notes that this was a folk explanation of TB — the victims wasted away because they got no sleep by night. The curse is softened, but cannot be completely removed, by the final fairy. She is allied with the Yellow Dwarf, and when Princess Toutebelle breaks her promise to marry the dwarf, the Fairy of the Desert and the Yellow Dwarf show up at her wedding to wreak havoc at the celebration. In the fairy tale " Childe Rowland ", Burd Ellen is kidnapped by elves when she inadvertently runs around a church "widershins", and two of her brothers attempting to rescue her are trapped and enchanted by the King of Elfland, until Childe Rowland saves them.

Iruoch in the second novel of the Widdershins Adventures trilogy is an evil faerie with a taste for human children , eight unnaturally long spider-like fingers, and a physics-defying hat and coat.