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Date: 23.12.2017

Sofia Lopez (2003)

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Article 1 1 Shall establish, pursuant to Article 60, paragraph 1, of the Law on Administration, a Diplomatic Institute, attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as a legal entity, with its headquarters in Sofia; 2 The organization and activities of the Diplomatic Institute shall be carried out under Rules, set up by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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I wish you good luck! Solomon Passy Message by the Director of the Institute "The Diplomatic Institute, attached to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, assumes a truly responsible task with the training and increasing of the professional competence of Bulgarian diplomats and civil servants, in accordance with up-to-date diplomatic standards, required to meet the new tasks and priorities of our foreign policy. The requirements and responsibilities, which Bulgaria, and its diplomatic service, are facing now will be constantly on the rise.

This is so because Bulgaria has its obligations as a full-fledged member of NATO, and as a future member of the European Union, because it is actively participating in the anti-terrorist community, and because it has been making its contribution to various international organizations. And last but not least, because Bulgaria has been actively involved in the global economy, international law, and intercultural communications.

The Diplomatic Institute will be at the service of diplomats and civil servants. It shall provide top-level training and qualification, through a network of effective cooperation with prestigious diplomatic schools and research centers in the world.

The Institute will likewise involve Bulgarian academics.

It will provide access to up-to-date libraries and information systems, and will make use of the optimism and energy of all its personnel. The Diplomatic Institute shall: Director of the Diplomatic Institute Art. The Director of the Diplomatic Institute shall be appointed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in a competitive procedure. Both diplomatic officers who meet the requirements under Art.

The Institute is a juridical entity on budget funding, according to Art. Grants from international programs and projects; 2. Funds from participation fees for courses, specialization and qualifications; 3.

Funds from publishing activity; 4.

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Funds from consulting activities; 5. Grants and sponsorships; 6. The Institute shall conduct its activity independently or jointly with state organs and institutions, physical and juridical persons in the country and abroad.

The Diplomatic Institute has the following main functions: To organize and carry out various kinds of training for improving the professional qualification of Foreign Ministry employees; 2. To organize and carry out various kinds of training for furthering the diplomatic qualification of state administration officials, whose work is directly related to performing diplomatic service tasks and carrying out of the Bulgarian foreign policy; 3.

To organize and conduct foreign language training courses for Foreign Ministry employees, independently or with the aid of language schools in Bulgaria and abroad; 4. To prepare, provide and carry out courses in diplomatic instruction for employees of foreign diplomatic missions and state administrations, according to the ruling and conditions provisioned by the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria; 5.

To establish and keep up a network of international cooperation and partnerships with leading European and world diplomatic schools and institutes, international organizations, universities, research and information centers and non-government organizations, working in the sphere of international relations; 6.

To set up and maintain a network of cooperation and partnerships with Bulgarian government and non- government organizations and academic institutions, working in the area of foreign policy; 7. To organize and implement research programs and projects in conformity with the best and already approved practices of the prestigious world schools, independently or jointly with Bulgarian and foreign partners, submitting the results of their research activity to the state governing body President, Ministers, Parliament, etc.

To develop multilateral public activities, publishing, library and information activities, to maintain an Internet Website in Bulgarian and English, and if necessary, in other foreign languages. To represent the Institute before Bulgarian and foreign state organs, administrative bodies, local authorities, and juridical and physical persons; 2. To be in charge of and responsible for the overall activity of the Institute in conformity with the norms of the Republic of Bulgaria and the current internal regulations; 3.

To organize, elaborate and carry out the programs for training and raising the professional level of qualification; 4. To present before the Minister of Foreign Affairs an annual report on the activity and status of the Institute; 7. To conclude contracts and agreements related to the activity of the Institute; 8. To announce and carry out competitions and public orders; 9.

To approve the job positions and accreditation of the employees; To appoint and discharge the civil servants at the Institute; To conclude, amend, and terminate the contracts of the persons working at the Institute on labor contracts; To commission the Institute employees on business trips in the country or abroad by order; To approve the sample of the Institute seal; To approve the annual training programs; To approve the research program of the Institute; To approve the public activities of the Institute; To approve the lecturers at the Institute for the current academic year; To issue certificates for completed course of study according to pre-approved sample; To be in charge of the activity of the Consultative Council to the Diplomatic Institute; To coordinate the relations with the members of the Honorary International Consultative Council; To perform other functions enforced upon him by normative acts or by the Foreign Minister.

The Institute shall organize and conduct: A basic diplomatic course for junior employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to obtaining their first diplomatic rank; 2. A specialized diplomatic course for mid-career diplomats prior to obtaining their first senior diplomatic rank; 3.

A specialized course for consular employees; 4. A course for the technical staff working in the Bulgarian embassies abroad and at the Foreign Ministry; 5. A course for spouses of diplomats with long-term assignments abroad; 6. Thematically profiled courses for employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about to be posted on missions abroad; 7. Permanent qualification courses for employees returning from mandate abroad, for different ranks, etc.

Courses for diplomatic instruction and qualification of state administration staff; 9. Courses for foreign diplomats and foreign civil servants; Courses for learning and mastering of foreign languages for Foreign Ministry employees, and for the staff of other state institutions; Courses in Bulgarian language and culture for foreign diplomats accredited at the missions in Sofia and for foreign diplomats along the lines of bilateral cooperation; Courses, seminars, conferences, round tables, refresher course modules and other functions, relevant to foreign policy tasks and diplomatic service; Art.

The functions of the administrative units shall be defined according to their functional characteristics, approved by the Director of the Institute.

The employees of the Institute shall perform their tasks according to their respective job descriptions. The Internal Regulations are adopted on the grounds of Art. The Internal Regulations shall become operative as of the date of their approval by the Minster of Foreign Affairs.