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The Sound of Music (1990)

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He conceived the elements of his music in terms of "sound-masses", likening their organization to the natural phenomenon of crystallization Chou b , See " music as social construct " below.

Musical language Levi R. Bryant defines music not as a language, but as a marked-based, problem-solving method such as mathematics Ashby , 4. Elements of music Most definitions of music include a reference to sound and a list of universals of music can be generated by stating the elements or aspects of sound: However, in terms more specifically relating to music: As such the search for musical universals would fail and would not provide one with a valid definition Levitin , — This is primarily because other cultures have different understandings in relation to the sounds that English language writers refer to as music.

Ethnomusicology Many people do, however, share a general idea of music.

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The Websters definition of music is a typical example: Aesthetics of music This approach to the definition focuses not on the construction but on the experience of music. An extreme statement of the position has been articulated by the Italian composer Luciano Berio: This approach permits the boundary between music and noise to change over time as the conventions of musical interpretation evolve within a culture, to be different in different cultures at any given moment, and to vary from person to person according to their experience and proclivities.

This definition distinguishes music, as an end in itself, from compositional technique, and from sounds as purely physical objects. It is therefore "a certain reciprocal relation established between a person, his behavior, and a sounding object" Clifton , Clifton accordingly differentiates music from non-music on the basis of the human behavior involved, rather than on either the nature of compositional technique or of sounds as purely physical objects.

Consequently, the distinction becomes a question of what is meant by musical behavior: First, the person is doing more than listening: Thus, the musically behaving person experiences musical significance by means of, or through, the sounds" Clifton , 2. In this framework, Clifton finds that there are two things that separate music from non-music: But we have good reason to believe that a musical experience is not a purely private thing, like seeing pink elephants , and that reporting about such an experience need not be subjective in the sense of it being a mere matter of opinion" Clifton , 8—9.

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It is important to stress that this definition of music says nothing about aesthetic standards. Music is not a fact or a thing in the world, but a meaning constituted by human beings. To talk about such experience in a meaningful way demands several things. First, we have to be willing to let the composition speak to us, to let it reveal its own order and significance.

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Second, we have to be willing to question our assumptions about the nature and role of musical materials. Last, and perhaps most important, we have to be ready to admit that describing a meaningful experience is itself meaningful. It is often contrasted with noise. According to musicologist Jean-Jacques Nattiez: By all accounts there is no single and intercultural universal concept defining what music might be" Nattiez , 47—8 and Given the above demonstration that "there is no limit to the number or the genre of variables that might intervene in a definition of the musical," Molino , 42 an organization of definitions and elements is necessary.

Nattiez , 17 describes definitions according to a tripartite semiological scheme similar to the following: