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Top 2 Showdown (2003)

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Omi[ edit ] Omi voiced by Tara Strong is an orphan boy who has trained in the art of martial arts since birth.

Omi is the Xiaolin Dragon of Water and as such possesses the ability to manipulate water in all forms. His element represents how he can be calm like a serene pond or raging like a disastrous tsunami. He takes his work very seriously and is the only one that wears his Xiaolin robe at almost all times. When it comes to martial arts, he is the most skilled Xiaolin monk of the group, and he knows this quite well. Often he boasts about his abilities, giving others around him the chance to exploit his arrogance.

He once joined the Heylin, much to the delight of Chase Young. He often mangles any attempt at slang. His signature move is Tsunami Strike-water. His Wudai Weapon is the Shimo Staff. Raimundo Pedrosa[ edit ] Raimundo Pedrosa voiced by Tom Kenny in the original series, Eric Bauza in the second series is the Xiaolin Dragon of Wind from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and can control everything air related, like summoning gale force winds and enabling himself to fly. He is a sharp, quick-witted kid, and the jester of the team.

Although a little self-centered, he is quite loyal and caring towards his friends. However, Raimundo has turned to the Heylin side twice, the first time being when he was upset with Master Fung for not letting him "move on" to Xiaolin Apprentice, and decided that siding with Wuya was the best way to show his true strengths.

In the series finale, he became the Shoku Warrior and the overall leader of the team for attempting to sacrifice his good side for his friends as well as succeeding in the final Xiaolin Showdown. His signature move is Typhoon Boom. In "Time After Time 2 " he is promoted to Shoku Warrior level, or team leader, granting him a new set of robes. Kimiko Tohomiko[ edit ] Kimiko Tohomiko voiced by Grey DeLisle in the original series, Jennifer Hale in the second series is the daughter of a rich and influential Japanese businessman.

Kimiko is the Xiaolin Dragon of Fire and has the power to create and control said element. She is usually seen wearing street style or high fashion from Japan.

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Despite her Asian heritage, she has light blue eyes. She is well acquainted with modern technology and is a quick-witted and skilled fighter. However, she is quite short-tempered, especially when insulted because of her gender.

Omi was first to discover this when he read "The Ancient Guide to Females". Throughout the first and second seasons she did not hold back on punching Raimundo in the arm for insulting her, Clay or Omi. Kimiko is also the groups resident translator, often helping others understand what Omi and Clay are saying; as Clay uses a large amount of Texan, and family related metaphors; and Omi butchers almost all of his attempts at slang. Despite her temper, when Kimiko is calm she shows deep compassion for all her teammates.

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Her signature move is Judolette Flip. Clay Bailey[ edit ] Clay Bailey voiced by Jeff Bennett in the original series, David Kaye in the second series is a Texas cowboy through and through and the Xiaolin Dragon of Earth, allowing him to cause earthquakes and fissures in the ground and give him enhanced strength.

He is the most lenient member of the group, as shown when he completely bypassed all obstacles in one course going right for the prize, emphasizing that not everything is as hard as it seems, and has an overriding southern accent.

He is always polite and occasionally dispenses down-home pearls of wisdom. His signature move is Seismic Kick. His father owns a ranch in Texas, and his younger sister, Jessie, is the leader of an all-girl motorcycle gang called The Black Vipers.

Ping Pong resembles Omi but younger and wears big green glasses. Due to his long name, Omi decides to call him "Ping Pong". In his backstory , Ping Pong grew up in Europe as a speedy errand boy delivering messages to monasteries throughout Europe. He was soon inspired by hearing legends of the Xiaolin monks and decides to join them on their adventures. His main abilities are his running speed and fast moves. He often makes the four Dragons do very difficult tasks encouraging teamwork, including forcing them to pull a huge rock-up a cliff.

Omi looks up to him very much, and Master Fung always offers guidance with confusing phrases. He accepts the ways of things, and hardly ever battles unless necessary. Though when he does fight he is rarely matched by his opponents, even when incapacitated and in a wheelchair. Master Fung is very wise and knows things about the young monks they did not even discover about themselves.

While he is very serious most of the time, he has been known to crack jokes. He is a wisecracking dragon of the Chinese variety, though he lacks legs. Like traditional Chinese dragons, Dojo can change his size from roughly equal to that of a gecko to 40 times larger. His shapeshifting extends to subway trains, boats, impersonating humans, or anything else he can think of. The only recorded time this had happened had caused the disappearance of Atlantis.

Atlantis was shown in Season 2 episode 24 Dangerous minds, where a nest of giant spiders were living that planned on destroying the world.

Dojo is the comic relief character. In the second series, Dojo was recolored to being a yellow Chinese dragon. Jack Spicer[ edit ] Jack Spicer voiced by Danny Cooksey in the original series and Eric Bauza in the second series is a self-proclaimed evil boy genius and the primary antagonist of the show, while in the first season Jack is actually rather the secondary antagonist to Wuya as the "true" villain of the season. He is a super-villain though he often exhibits signs of genius with his robots and expertise in mechanics.

Jack has pale skin, red hair and red eyes. Jack wants the Shen Gong Wu only for power and intends to use them to take over the world. As a reflection on his personality, his favorite Shen Gong Wu, as of the end of Season 3, is the Monkey Staff, which is one of the only two Shen Gong Wu that the Xiaolin warriors do not have the other being the Wings of Tinabi. By Season 2 however, Jack is viewed at as less of a threat, due to a combination of the Xiaolin monks growing stronger and far more powerful evil emerging.

This mockery of him continues onward throughout Season 3 as well. In "The Apprentice", it is revealed in a Xiaolin Showdown that Jack Spicer seeks world domination because he feels small and worthless, and fears failing at good just as he has failed at evil. His considers Chase Young to be his evil hero. The basic models have flight capability.

The weapons include lasers and rotating blades. Jack creates customized versions for specific missions, such as bubble-bots, koi-bots and worm-bots. In "Time After Time 1 " Jack upgrades these robots, making them indestructible. PandaBubba has financed certain upgrades. Wuya[ edit ] Wuya voiced by Susan Silo in the original series, Cree Summer in the second series is an ancient Heylin witch.

She served as the main antagonist of the first series and the principle antagonist against the entire Xiaolin side. Wuya was once the most powerful and evil being in the universe and conquered the world years ago, and is often implied to within the continuity of the series the embodiment or representation of the Heylin side.

She was then released from her puzzle box prison by Jack Spicer, whom she needs to complete her work for her, though she thinks he is useless to her for messing up so many times.

Her physical form is youthful, beautiful, powerful, and usually barefoot. Her first revival allowed her to transform the world on a large scale without the use of any Shen Gong Wu, and made her largely invulnerable to their power. In her all-powerful form Wuya is far more powerful than Chase Young and Hannibal combined, but her second revival, while still superhuman, was not nearly as strong.

For the first season, except for the last episode, she is in her ghost form. Then after having her physical form destroyed by Raimundo, she is a ghost for the second season then is restored for the third season and remains tangible.

Throughout the series Wuya has been the only antagonist to actually succeed in world domination more than once, in which firstly years ago before the start of the show and again at the start of the second season. In Xiaolin Chronicles , it was revealed she was later trapped in a slink trap, and reverted to her ghost form. Jack releases her once again and they team up again to find more Shen Gong Wu. She later is revived to her human form because of an alliance with Shadow.

Chase serves as the main antagonist of the second half of season two after his introduction as the "true" villain of the season. Consuming the soup gave Chase the ability to turn into a reptoid creature at will while becoming much more powerful and immortal, but a heavy price was paid for all of this power.

Subsequently, Chase went on a rampage, after which he and Hannibal watched as a small town that they had destroyed being burned away. Chase then double-crossed Hannibal feeling that the Heylin side has one villain too many and locked him in the Ying-Yang World for years.

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Chase has a major ego and usually looks up to himself a bit too much. In his time, Chase has defeated many warriors, such as Vikings , cavemen , and others. When Chase defeats someone he turns them into jungle cats who do whatever he says. The only person Chase shows some respect to is Omi. He mainly plans to turn Omi evil in season two. Despite his youthful appearance resembling that of a man in his twenties, Chase has actually lived for over years. He has a weakness; the Heylin Eclipse causes his powers to decrease dramatically.

In such a case, Wuya and Hannibal Bean are much more easily able to fight against him. He drinks it and becomes evil once again. When the Xiaolin Dragons win, for a moment Chase Young looks at them then turns his head and smiles; this was probably hinting that there is still some good in Chase Young after all like Omi said.

He still plans on destroying the Xiaolin, destroying the temple in the process. He is defeated by the Cosmic Dragon, who was awakened by Omi and Kimiko, and supposedly banished to another dimension, though it could be hinted he is gone for good. Shadow[ edit ] Shadow voiced by Jennifer Hale is the second new character introduced in the Xiaolin Chronicles series.

She is a dark spy who works for Chase Young. When the Xiaolin monks first met her, she was revealed as a normal girl named Willow. Later, she used her charm on all of the boys in the temple in order to get access to the Shen Gong Wu vault. Kimiko began to grow more suspicious of her and has eventually discovered her secret identity as Shadow.