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Date: 23.01.2018

All of Me (1982)

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Diane Freeling[ edit ] Sleepwalking I mean, Carol Anne last night, and all last week, you know -- and me when I was ten.

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He drove all the way to work before discovering me. Oh God, I woke up, I started screaming. People came running, from everywhere. They called the cops, the cops came, they took this poor dude downtown.

Reach back into our past when you used to have an open mind, remember that? Now try to use that for the next couple of minutes Run to the light, Carol Anne. Run as fast as you can! Mommy is in the light! Mommy is waiting for you in the light!!!!!!!

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Help her, help her. To the Beast while running upstairs to save Carol Anne and Robbie after escaping the pool Get away from my babies! And it starts to pull you. The tickling pulls you. I can smell her. She went through my soul. Steve Freeling[ edit ] A three meter board is like an air pocket, sweetheart. We keep the room locked off from the rest of the house. What side of the rainbow are we working tonight, Dr. You son of a bitch, you left the bodies and you only moved the headstones!

What do you look like? I can hear you Mommy. Can I get a goldfish now? Can I take my goldfish to school? Mommy, where are you? Mommy, help me, please! Get away from me.

First lines of the movie Hello? I want pepperoni pizza! Robbie Freeling[ edit ] Is that our house?! Who are all those people?! Where are they coming from?!

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If I got killed, I could visit her and show her how to get back here. You could tie a rope around me and hold it tight. Then somebody could come and get us and we could live somewhere else.

I got beat up once by three kids They took my lunch money. The house is coming? Mom, when it rots, can we dig it up and see the bones? Repeatedly while trying to open the bedroom door as the Beast transforms his closet into a throat-like monster Mom! There are no certificates of graduation. No licenses to practice I am a professional psychologist who spends most of my time engaged in this ghostly hobby, which makes me I suppose the most irresponsible woman of my age that I know.

I feel like the proto-human coming out of the forest primeval and seeing the moon for the first time and throwing rocks at it. I am coming back. Try not to worry. Would your family welcome a serious investigation of these disturbances by someone who can make first-hand observations? Freeling, the determination as to whether your home is haunted is not very easy. They always come in pairs. Poltergeist are usually associated with an individual. Hauntings seem to be connected with an area, a house usually.

It is -- it is a way out, but not for her. The voice source on television - where is it coming from? This house has many hearts. Your daughter is alive and in this house. Now, clear your minds. It knows what scares you. It has from the very beginning. Go down stairs and wait by Ryan and pull. Only when I say so, only when I say. Go into the light This house is clean. What do you know about it? Thanks a lot, jerko. Do you see them? I think it was here before my company built the neighborhood.

It looks at me. It knows I live here. Something, uh -- Diane: We were wondering if maybe you had experienced any disturbances lately?

Oh you know, like dishes or furniture moving around by themselves. I already looked in the Yellow Pages. One of your children was born in your house, huh? Are you thinking about leaving Cuesta Verde?

What are you saying? All of this can be your master bedroom suite. That can be your view. Almost 70 million dollars worth of dwelling and properties.

Now look, I know we should have made you a full partner three years ago.

Not much room for a pool, is there? We own all the land. All three hundred acres. Well, let me tell you, it was quite a deal! But I never heard anything about it, though.

What are you worried about? What are you going to do? Yeah, that or the worst muscle spasm in the world. We have got much more than the paranormal episode taking place here. The absence of a signal on the channel that is not receiving a broadcast means that it is free to receive a lot of noise from all sorts of things - like short wave, solar disturbances, car ignition sparkings -- outer space -- or inner space. Yes, what if these people had an area of bi-location in their own living room?

Who are all those people? Where are they coming from? Now these tapes, I am going to have to display them, you know. Oh please, not on 60 Minutes. We just want you to find our little girl. Yes, Ryan photographed an extraordinary episode on a case in Redlands. Rolled seven feet across a linoleum surface.