Good Girls Gone Black 2 (2005) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 24.12.2017

Good Girls Gone Black 2 (2005)

We offer you to watch the movie Good Girls Gone Black 2 (2005), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Sean leads off this interracial disc with his covergirl. Bianca is suitably attired to start the scene, meaning only a g-string and heels. There is some good views provided of that tushy and Miss Pureheart does her best to tease us rubbing over her body with emphasis on that ass.

Sean moves in as smooth as ever, the shades were a bit much being that they were inside. You get some kissing around her neck as well as some caressing to her chest. Up next is probably the sexiest Asian girl working today along with Katsumi and Roxy Jezel.

We see all of that fine body revealed during the opening tease here. Once more Sean slides in as cool as can be. They are using the floor shots nicely so far in this dvd, you get some great views looking up at her tits as Sean kisses around her neck. Our next girl begins her scene wearing a black shirt and red plaid skirt.

We get an introduction from her and she proceeds to show off her young body, liked the sitting down and spreading the legs showing off her pussy. When the top is moved up we see some nice boobs also but sadly no play to those puppies but the close up pussy fingering was working wonders where it needed to! Ok finally some tit play and Gabriella does lick a nipple but that really should have gone on for like 30 seconds because her tits are that good I think.

Sean goes conservative in this scene with a long red shirt, black trousers and regular glasses. Gabriella is soon on her knees in front of him and with a very confident look on her face she fishes out his long cock and it fits nicely into her mouth.

So far this girl is putting all the elements together for a very good scene, great body, good bj, eye contact plus the intangibles like dirty talk all are working now. Before fucking this hot woman Sean gets behind her for some body caressing and soon he gets to lay pipe to her beginning in mish.

After doing P2M we get a very nice floor shot in reverse cowgirl and this also continues after P2M to the cowgirl position. Going back to mish then you see her ass get some play and in reverse cowgirl also, and finally in doggie Sean drills her.

Gabriella does her best doing some cleanup and Sean even bends down to give her a kiss.

Our next girl comes on, introduces herself and there is some boob caressing plus the bootie gets shown off. I like how she shows off that ass making sure the ass gets spread just enough to peak your interest.

Good Girls Gone Black #2

Not to hard into her ass does he go but Crissy seems to like having her rear end filled by listening to here moans. Anal for this scene is also filmed in reverse cowgirl, then they close out with vag doggie and Sean jerks another small load out with some cleanup from Crissy.

Our last scene features two fun girls with Keiko being the more experienced of the two ladies. She starts out wearing a black jacket opened up showing off her bra and the tits get quickly pulled out and tugged on before she covers up. Brooklyn is nearby on a couch and she also shows off her tits and then rubs over her covered ass before the shorts get taken off and that really nice ass gets fully shown off.

Sean soon joins in and everyone gets cozy roaming hands over whichever body is close! The girls also get to do a little kissing to each other before they drop down to share knob polishing duties. I like the slow way in which they sucked on his schlong, I can never get enough of a girl taking her time, almost "making love" to the cock rather than just ramming it down their throat. For the sex you see both girls hop on the couch in doggie and Sean gets his pick going from pussy to pussy.

Good Girls Gone Black #2 - Clip 2 - Sean Michaels Productions |

Well this was a good but not great interracial title. The best scene clearly for me was put in by Gabriella Banks who worked everything into her scene I thought with the only drawback as it was in a few scenes being the cumshot being kinda weak. Some good action, though, in each scene with Nautica also standing out with that amazing body of hers. Extra wise you have a photo gallery, the cumshots are recapped, and finally there are some behind the scenes to check out.

Gabriella does a very nice job in her scene with Nautica and Bianca doing good turns also. Adult DVD Talk does not edit these reviews. Please see Where to Shop for adult movie shops and porn download sites.