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Date: 22.11.2017

Horses for Courses (1971)

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The company has identified the advantages of incorporating horses into its management training, with great success. As the building services market develops across Europe and clients have changing expectations, so the providers of those services are obliged to adapt to a new way of working. Fundamental to future success, says Facilicom, is quality of management personnel. Jacobien van Wittmarschen, human resources development manager, explains the background. They want us to advise them rather than just provide a service.

The fact we are experienced in cleaning is now assumed so the client expects us to work more towards achieving overall satisfaction for that building user. They have to be proactive in their service on contracts. This, we have discovered, requires a different style of leadership.

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We must introduce new ideas. Consequently, personnel at management level must now be leaders and facilitators. This is where the horses come in. It is widely recognised that working with horses is a successful and practical way to understand what it takes to be a good leader, through hands-on experience.

Facilicom identifies its management candidates with the highest potential and puts them in a situation where they work together with the horses and then transfer the skills they learn into their managerial life.

Constructive learning There are many benefits of working with horses. They are non-judgmental so everyone can learn constructively from their mistakes.

They respond to non-verbal communication, enabling managers to learn to make their message clear through movement and posture. And they reward your efforts once you have earned your authority, which encourages leadership through respect and trust rather than power.

So Jacobien van Wittmarschen developed exercises with psychologist Tenne von Nordheim, at whose farm near Zwolle the Facilicom managers attend their training courses. Von Nordheim is experienced in professional training and coaching so was an ideal partner. The managers work in small groups and spend a day with the horses working through a series of exercises.

This ranges from guiding them on a rope, leading them around obstacles, getting the horse to run around a paddock while they stand in the centre and prompting them when to slow down through movement and posture. Sometimes the manager works alone with the horse, other exercises require them to work in pairs or as a small team.

However we have found our managers accept feedback from horses more readily than from people. This is vital because we need this type of higher ranking people in our organisation. She visits them in their workplace, with their team, to implement small changes.

For Facilicom this investment in senior management is high but crucial to its success. Tenne von Nordheim and her horses show the managers the potential for learning, then van Wittmarschen is responsible for leading them to transfer what they have discovered to their daily life.

And the results speak for themselves.

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This is apparent very quickly when working with horses and it shows managers there is a different way. There is a strong culture of continuous improvement. Our managers have to become more like business consultants, and they must have a different relationship with their clients than they did before.