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Ballad of the Ponderosa (1966)

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First episode filmed for the eighth season. Bill Clark uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker. In the saloon fight with Joe and Cleve, you see Michael doing his complete fist fight on Stage Erik Holland only does his close-ups he was able to perform safely. Bob Miles stands in for him in the long shots of the fight.

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The long shot is of Bob Miles doubling Joe, where he leaps off the boulder, lands on both heels, and then kicks one stuntman on the ground and then hits the other one down on the grass, and runs out of frame, and the next shot is of Michael as Joe. Location Scenes Filmed at: May , Skip Homeier, as the scheming swindler, a former child actor, best remembered in the two classic Star Trek episodes, "Patterns Of Force" as Melakon, and as Dr.

Sevrin, in "The Way To Eden". Beauty makes his twenty-fifth appearance on the series. In this episode he plays Clancy, the black horse Little Joe rides in the town race. Golden Oak Ranch , Southern California. June , Frank Chase Directed by: Paul Heinreid After the Cartwrights put wrangler Dan Tolliver out to pasture, the embittered old man plans to take part in robbing the Ponderosa.

Michael does the complete fight himself in every cut. Jack Williams doubles Begley in some of the fight sequences filmed further away. Jack would come on the show and drive the wagons and coaches, serving as the "blind driver" who would be concealed on the floorboard under the seat, with the actor sitting on the seat, holding the fake reins, attached to the horses. In some shots the actors would drive the horses, but nothing really too dangerous, so Jack would be right under the seat to drive for them just in case.

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June , Part One: October 2, Part Two: October 9, Written by: Thomas Thompson, Marc Michaels Directed by: Ben explaining to his sons that all ancient religions practiced polygamy, and because the Mormons have always been so persecuted, they have adopted the practice of taking more than one wife in order to avoid extinction. When the narrow-minded citizens of Beehive burn them out, Joe helps the Clausons escape into the desert. The persecuted party has little choice but to take cover and wait for the return of Hoss and Ben.

The other Cartwrights come to the rescue, but in a shockingly unexpected turn of events, the town boss, Carbo, shoots Heber in the back from ambush, killing him immediately. A baby boy is delivered, but there is no hope for its mother. Bill Clark uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker , Ed Jauregui uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene , Bob Miles doubles for Michael on the stunt Paint at Lone Pine, doing the very wild and fast riding shots in this two-parter.

Michael only does his close-ups on his riding Paint on location needed for cutting in with the long shots of Bob in the costume. Pat Robertson, the owner of the former Family Channel refused to air this two-part saga because it clashed with his religious beliefs. It was later aired unedited on the Goodlife Network from to It was seen on Hallmark Channel through Dina Merrill plays Susannah Clauson in this two-part episode.

She has starred in many movies, on Broadway, in television series, in musicals, drama and comedy. Dina brought professionalism, good humor, zest and sparkle to many of her acting roles.

Lois Nettleton plays Elizabeth Ann Clauson in this two-part episode. A diverse and accomplished actress who has appeared on stage, motion pictures and television in her long career. She was the former Miss Chicago beauty queen in He was in a dug-out canoe, and went beyond the rapids, dove out, and was found three days later, dead from the mighty forces of the Peruvian river.

This was stock footage culled from a Paramount film, shot at Kanab, Utah. The next shot of the home standing afire was culled from another Paramount film that was shot at Big Bear Lake.

This is the first episode to feature Hal Burton as an extra, playing a townsmen of Beehive. Hal, like many stuntmen would also be used as an extra and stand-in on the series. He was also on location at Lone Pine doing backup riding in this episode. Michael Landon was highly impressed with his great riding abilities and hired him the next year as his stunt double, when production of the ninth season began in March of Hal would double Joe doing the dangerous horseback falls, saddle falls and anything else in the way of a fall during an action sequence in the costume.

Michael would do all the fist fights himself, since he was an expert at doing them for the cameras. Hal continued working with Michael in his landmark series, "Little House on the Prairie" July , Part 1 Filming date: July , Part 2 Generally unsung highlight of the series, with excellent performances by Blocker and Geraldine Brooks, a lovely score by David Rose, and a good story by June Randolph.

May June 7, Fredrick Lewis Fox Directed by: He is credited as John "Red" Fox in this episode. Beauty makes his twenty-sixth appearance in three bit parts of this episode.

He can be seen as the black horse with the Ponderosa cowhand atop him. The third bit part is in act four. He plays one of the Ponderosa horses the Cartwrights bring in the front yard. August , The Cartwrights come to the rescue of four inexperienced homesteaders, when devious cattle ranchers try to run them off their property.

Hoss makes a reference to Adam in the final scenes of this episode. Golden Oak Ranch , Southern California with June stock footage of the stagecoach crossing the mighty river at Kernville , California. As the story progresses, June stock footage of Ben and Hoss riding through the wooded clearing at Incline Village is seen, followed by June stock footage of Joe riding Cochise alongside the river at Kernville , followed by Ben and Hoss at the same locale.

June July 1,