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Colin Farrell (2007)

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Farrell A READER asks about use of the cane and the tawse in British schools -- in particular, how the balance of usage between these two instruments varied in different parts of the UK until school CP was finally outlawed altogether in First, let us focus on Scotland. As far as state schools are concerned, the tawse was pretty well universal in Scotland. Bizarrely, and in my view foolishly, the Code also specified that it be applied only on the hands; and there is no doubt that, in modern times, this was how the tawse was generally inflicted in Scottish schools.

Bill Fyfe Hendrie, a Scots head teacher, has written: These were large stones just outside the school door to which pupils who had been chastised could rush at play times to sit and take at least part of the stinging sensation out of their wounds.

Indeed it is claimed that one irate kirk session complained bitterly to the dominie that his scholars were using one of the large tomb stones in the adjacent grave yard for this unseemly practice.

He was "accused of spanking teenage boys on the bare bottom with his belt. The incidents are said to have taken place in his study with the door locked and curtains drawn. Apparently at the time nobody complained! A couple of years earlier, teacher James McQuade agreed at Dumfries Sheriff Court that he had put pupils across his knee and spanked them in front of the class at Lincluden Primary School, Dumfries. An year-old boy, who admitted that he was "a menace in the classroom", said Mr McQuade had punished him "by pulling his trousers and underpants down, putting him over his knee, and striking him on the buttocks".

It was meant as a symbolic punishment. There is certainly evidence of them if we go a little further back in time. The boys were brutally beaten on the bare backside by the headmaster whilst two male teachers held the struggling victim across a school desk.

Female teachers were excused witnessing the spectacle, so they would not see a bare backside. Generally, however, the tawse in Scotland was given on the hands, often - contrary to the usual practice with the cane in England - in front of the class. And it was applied remarkably frequently: This suggests a considerably higher level of usage of CP overall than the average in England and Wales.

An array of Scottish tawses. There is one significant exception to the dominance of the tawse in Scottish education, and that is the independent private schools. Here there was no general rule; the Code of Practice did not apply. I understand a few private schools, such as Glasgow Academy, did use the strap on hands, perhaps regarding this as a more Scottish thing to do, but most followed their English counterparts in using the cane on bottoms.

Set in an Edinburgh boarding school in , and based on a story by James Kennaway, it is a light-hearted tale about an enterprising boy who sets up an insurance scheme against getting the cane, and quickly makes a fortune. This was apparently administered by senior boys in the boarding houses; teachers themselves used the tawse on the hand, said to be a daily occurrence. The school used both forms of corporal punishment. The caning took place at exclusive Fettes College, Edinburgh, the night before year-old Russell Young was fined five pounds at the district court.

Nor why the Daily Record thought a caning at a "top school" -- of which there must have been, at the least, dozens daily in Scotland alone -- was unusual enough to justify being brought to the attention of its several million readers. Presumably the canings were mentioned during the public court case; normally of course that kind of information remains private. Trench was no ordinary flogger.

He would offer his culprit an alternative: Another account of life there, this time in , has been provided by Richard Gibbon, columnist on the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Sunday Sun. Gibbon, who was 13 at the time, was caught talking after lights out.

I was summoned to the holy room of house prefects: They explained how badly behaved I had been, warned me I must be made to suffer, and duly frog-marched me to a room referred to as The Big Dormitory.

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For a few days I was a mini-hero. How much did it hurt? When did you start crying? But the whole event was quickly erased from school life. I have never forgotten the beating and I doubt I ever will. It served as an excellent reminder that if I was caught doing something wrong then I had to expect punishment. It seems he was something of a rebel at school, and around he too received "six of the best" there, when he was a six-foot year-old.

The caning was delivered by his exasperated housemaster, who described the future PM as the most difficult boy he ever had to deal with "Rebel pupil Blair was given six of the best" , Daily Telegraph, London, 28 March And one of them claimed their boarding school was nicknamed Colditz.

They alleged that he hit them over their bottom, in some cases causing red marks, weals and bruising On the first occasion he received four strokes with a shoe on the backside, from the headmaster.

On the second day of the trial, the school doctor, Dr. Hamish Macleod, took the witness stand. He had been called in January to examine two boys, Mark Bishop, 13, and Michael Lambert, 11, who "were each given six strokes of the cane on their buttocks".

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He added that "the force with which they were struck must have been extremely excessive". The doctor agreed however that "it was an excellent school academically and also in character training". Headmaster Spencer, giving evidence on the third day of his trial, said he considered a horse crop less severe than the cane. He told the court he used the slipper for less severe punishment, then the horse crop, and then a cane for more serious cases.

He went on to say that in his opinion he had beaten the two boys involved reasonably hard, but certainly not as hard as he could have done.

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He did not think his use of the cane had been excessive". There was no evidence of this, and he instructed them to return a verdict of not guilty. As he walked "elated" from the court, Mr Spencer said he had not changed his views on CP.

I hope that this will be an encouragement to other teachers trying to uphold discipline and good behaviour" "Caning head cleared of assault", Glasgow Herald, 29 September A final note on the tawse: It was now being manufactured principally for export: