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Holocaust and Genocide Studies Yet the extermination of the Jews was remembered in significant ways, this article posits, through World War II accounts, the Nuremberg trials, philosophical works, comparisons with Soviet totalitarianism, Christian and Jewish theological reflections, pioneering scholarly publications, and mass-media portrayals.

These early postwar attempts to comprehend the Jewish tragedy within prevailing cultural paradigms provided the foundation for subsequent understandings of that event.

Between the end of the war and the s, as anyone who has lived through those years can testify, the Holocaust made scarcely any appearance in American public discourse, and hardly more in Jewish public discourse—especially discourse directed to gentiles.

The mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki appeared to many as ominous as the smoke rising from the crematoria of Auschwitz. In the postwar period, American Jewry still sought integration into the melting pot and shied away from drawing attention to the "special treatment" meted out to the Jews by the Third Reich.

The Holocaust as depicted in popular culture conveyed an ecumenical and optimistic message as epitomized by the popular s book, play, and movie The Diary of Anne Frank. In this article I will trace the topic of the mass murder of European Jews as it entered into American public discourse during the late s and the s through press coverage of the liberation of the German concentration camps and the Nuremberg trials; pioneering research devoted to the fate of the Jews under Nazi rule; philosophical, political, and theological reflections upon the meaning of the Jewish catastrophe; and finally popular books, television programs, and feature films.

Though the term "Holocaust" did not become common in American parlance until the s, a sense of what it denoted had become widespread in the fifteen years after World War II.

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The "Objectivity Question" and the American Historical Profession Novick argues that the ideal of scholarly neutrality itself "has always been closely tied to changing social, political, cultural, and professional contexts. In the aftermath of a cataclysm, people tend to incorporate their experience into familiar conceptual frameworks that reinforce their existing belief systems. Unlike the European countries that were implicated in its perpetration or that had contained the Jewish populations that were targeted, the United States was geographically removed from the scene of the crime and admitted only a small fraction of survivors as immigrants.

Both agencies had worried that such stories would be perceived as wartime propaganda or would be focused too narrowly on Jewish victimization and the European fronts. Life devoted a photographic essay to evidence of the liquidation of "several hundred thousand" Jews in the camp. The WRB had prepared the American public for news of the extent of German atrocities with its official statement in November that 1,, Jews had been killed at Auschwitz and Birkenau alone.

According to Lipstadt, "not since Kristallnacht had a story been so widely featured or prompted such extensive comment. Robert Abzug has observed that the "liberations made horrified believers out of the skeptics and brought a new and hideous sense of reality even to those who never doubted the worst. By May , eighty-four percent of Americans polled believed that Germany had slaughtered millions in its camps and in other operations.

He emphasizes that most survivors in the liberated camps were classified in press reports either as "displaced persons" or as "political prisoners, slave laborers, and civilians of many nationalities. A commission led by Earl G. Harrison, dean of the law faculty at the University of Pennsylvania, was appointed to investigate whether Allied treatment of Jewish refugees was appropriate given their unique circumstances as survivors of a protracted policy of extirpation.

At the end of September , Harrison filed a report to President Truman highlighting the reasons why Jewish refugees merited special care from their new guardians: The first and plainest need of these people is a recognition of their status and by this I mean their status as Jews.

Most of them have spent years in the worst of the concentration camps. In many cases, although the full extent is not yet known, they are the sole survivors of their families, and many have been through the agony of witnessing the destruction of their loved ones.

Understandably, therefore, their present condition, physical and mental, is far worse than that of other groups. The Jewish Black Book Committee, which consisted of representatives from a variety of Jewish organizations, released a book in indicting Germany for its crimes against the Jewish people.

It traced the escalation of German antisemitic policies from the disenfranchisement and impoverishment of German Jews to the wartime annihilation of Jews throughout countries conquered by or allied with Germany. Gilbert, who had served as psychiatrists for the Nuremberg defendants, published their observations in Kelley acknowledged the holocaust with a small h by concluding: It is up to us whether we learn from the holocaust of Europe and apply what we learn to our own lives.

Scholarship on the "Final Solution" Novick points to the dearth of pre scholarly studies about the Holocaust as one indicator of how little Americans knew about the subject. Both were "imports from abroad" with low sales in the United States. Neither was reviewed by the major historical journals. This criticism recurred in otherwise positive reviews of the books.

One reviewer lauded Reitlinger for his lower figure, while another accused him of underestimating the number of fatalities. Bloom regarded the books by Harris and Russell, both of whom were part of the prosecution team at Nuremberg, as providing raw evidence for what Russell deemed "the greatest crime in world history. The Story of an Epoch After tracing the German intellectual, political, and historical precedents for Nazi antisemitism, Reichmann showed how Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats to exploit the economic and governmental crises of the Weimar Republic.

In his preface, he succinctly presented this thesis: YIVO-bleter focused its entire issue on the topic. The delay of its publication until was caused as much by reservations about his usage of exclusively German documents, hiscriticism of Jewish responses to Nazi persecution, and the need for funding for such a massive work, as it was by the reluctance of publishers to run the financial risk of marketing a book on such an unappealing topic.

There is no political method for dealing with German mass crimes. A perusal of some of the relevant works written before indicates that Lipstadt and Novick overstate their case. The authors drew heavily upon the documents and testimony entered into evidence at Nuremberg Trial1, The Medical Case during and One charge explicitly accused the defendants of being accomplices to "the mass extermination of Jews.

There are few more ghastly pages in history than the attempt to exterminate a whole race. The Evil Genius of the Third Reich detailed the role the SS played in perfecting the "science of killing" and applying it to the annihilation of European Jewry.

Instrument of Tyranny contained several chapters on Gestapo participation in the Final Solution. Alibi of a Nation, , Gerald Reitlinger drew upon his previous book to illustrate how the SS assumed direction of anti-Jewish policy. Four survivors extrapolated their personal experiences into analyses of [End Page 69] the concentration-camp system and of the psychological mechanisms that enabled German guards to kill their captives and that helped prisoners endure the imminent prospect of death.

Elkins cited secondary and primary works about concentration-camp survival to argue that slaves had developed a "Sambo" personality that allowed their owners to rule them without encountering much resistance. A Study of Political Anti-Semitism in Imperial Germany, examined "the historical forerunners of Nazi anti-Semitism in Imperial Germany" to establish their connection with the subsequent "mass murder of Jews as a national policy.

At this moment in world history anti-Semitism is not manifesting itself with the full and violent destructiveness of which we know it to be capable. Even a social disease has its period of quiescence during which the social scientist, like the biologist or the physician, can study it in the search for more effective ways to prevent or reduce the virulence of the next outbreak.

For all practical purposes, therefore, Europe has ceased to be a center of gravity in Jewish affairs. Allport assumed his readers knew exactly to what he referred when he wrote, "The final step in the macabre progression was the ovens at Auschwitz.

Nevertheless, important studies were published in English before These works focused disproportionately on Jewish immigration, resistance, and rescue by sympathetic gentiles. Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus grappled with the ramifications for existentialist philosophy.

The Nazi occupation and genocide prompted both thinkers to temper their amoral individualism with a commitment to social responsibility. He perceived hatred of Jews as a delusion that allowed the antisemite to project distorted generalizations about Jews onto an individual and to treat him or her as if these stereotypes were true.

Without "Jews," according to Sartre, the antisemite is incapable of authentic self-consciousness.

Soviet communism purged its political foes and starved millions of people on the grounds that they impeded the historically inevitable collectivization of agriculture and industry. Jaspers recoiled from the brutal war and mass murder that had been in part an outgrowth of the concept of the Nietzschean "superman," whose will to power could not be fettered by traditional standards of good and evil. Freedom, Jaspers concluded, could be attained only within a community of equals.

He inveighed against his fellow Germans for not going "into the streets when our Jewish friends were led away," and for preferring "to stay alive on the feeble, if logical, ground that our deaths could not have helped anyone. As noted, the Final Solution was interpreted as a logical consequence of the absolute power wielded by totalitarian regimes. Arendt contended that when a totalitarian party gained a monopoly over the institutional and intellectual life of a state, it could legally disenfranchise, incarcerate, and liquidate any group it defined as an enemy.

Legislation placed the alleged foe beyond the pale of humanity, and bureaucratic organization facilitated the "absolutely cold and systematic destruction of human bodies. Novick acknowledges that "sympathy for the survivors" motivated many Americans to back calls for letting Jewish DPs immigrate to Palestine after the war and to support the partition plan.

Yet he doubts whether pity for survivors played a key role in the strategic considerations behind the U. In American Zionists met at the Biltmore Hotel in New York City and issued a declaration denouncing the British White Paper of as "cruel and indefensible in its denial of sanctuary to Jews fleeing from Nazi persecution.

It is another to meet the survivors. How is a life with God still possible in a time in which there is an Oswiecim? The estrangement has become too cruel, the hiddenness too deep. Can one still hear his word? Dare we recommend to Why didst Thou not halt the trains loaded with Jews being led to slaughter?

It is so hard to rear a child, to nourish, and to educate. Why dost Thou make it so easy to kill? Like Moses, we hide our face; for we are afraid to look upon Elohim, upon His power of judgment. Before our very eyes, within the past fifteen years, six million Jews were exterminated by the government of the culturally most advanced country of Europe.

At first he embraced traditional Judaism as an act of defiance against the moral void that had allowed the Nazis to kill Jews without any remorse: Before and immediately after the war, the Anglican theologian James W.

Parkes had written extensively about the shameful record of Christian vilification of Jews and Judaism, and the need to remove the antisemitic bias that permeated the Christian canon. It is as illogical for a follower of Jesus to persecute a Jew as it is for him to commit any other sin of hate. From until the Liberation, he hid in the home of a Catholic woman to evade arrest and deportation by the German and French authorities. During this time, Isaac began research for [End Page 74] a treatise on the Christian origins of antisemitism, subsequently published under the title Jesus and Israel.

In Isaac attended a meeting of the International Conference of Christians and Jews, in which participants agreed on ten resolutions to "promote fraternal love" towards the Jews.

They recommended, among other things, that member churches avoid "debasing Biblical or Post-Biblical Judaism in order to elevate Christianity" and combat "the opinion that the Jewish people are reprobate, cursed, or destined to suffer. A steady stream of wartime diaries and memoirs, many of which remain key texts for the study of the Final Solution, were published between and The persecution of European Jewry figured prominently in four books that became [End Page 75] "bestsellers" during the s.

The book sold well and was later adapted by Millard Lampell into a Broadway play, which ran for performances in the winter of The first printing of the American edition quickly sold out in ; by the end of that year , copies had been bought.

The Broadway play, which premiered in , was performed more than times to packed houses, and the touring company staged it in most large American cities.

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The motion picture impressed both audiences and critics. Exodus became the best selling novel since Gone with the Wind. The epic movie based upon it was widely screened after its premiere.