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Madame Sousou (1948)

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Deep Space Nine For years, an unfortunate cocktail of censorship and bigotry rendered all lesbian characters on screen exclusively psychotic and villainous. The Hays Code -era requirements that "deviant" characters and that included all gay characters of either gender must not be made sympathetic or rewarded meant that such characters would almost inevitably be toast before the final credits rolled - and this convention has persisted long after the demise of the Code itself.

This trope carries uncomfortable subtext: Or at least have the decency of being bisexual so you can be of proper use for men. Add to that the way that real-life lesbians are often seen as irrational or man-hating by straight people of both genders as well as gay men, and it begins to look like a Discredited Trope.

See Depraved Homosexual for the male equivalent. See Heteronormative Crusader for when another character considers a lesbian to be psycho simply for being lesbian. She starts out with a Matchmaker Crush involving her best friend Kana and her brother Sora, but after the date she set them up on went far beyond her expectations, she confronts Sora that evening, shoves him down, stops just shy of cutting off his penis with some scissors "Hey Miharu from Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts is crazily in love with Minami.

Her solution to anyone who happens to get between her and Minami is to try to Murder the Hypotenuse. Double subverted with Suruga from Bakemonogatari who is dangerously in love with Hitagi. But she unconsciously wishes that Koyomi would disappear, and when the sun goes down her demonic hand takes control over her and tries to grant her wish, which means trying to beat Koyomi to death twice.

A pure example for the first two episodes of the series, with her possessive crush on Yomi Takanashi. Played for laughs with Chizuru Honshou of Bleach. Urushira from Bondage Fairies Extreme. Liang Qi in Canaan is psychotically devoted to her adoptive "nee-sama" Alphard, and those who try to get in the way of the two of them being together tend to meet with her full Ax-Crazy wrath.

Ophelia from Claymore shows heavy signs of this thanks to her Combat Sadomasochist tendencies. Roxanne even more so, with her habit of crushing on more powerful Claymores, copying their appearances and special techniques , and then sadistically arranging their deaths.

She gets over her madness and her racism, though. Not that the Unpleasable Fanbase or at least a part of it acknowledges it. And not before having another Freak Out! Part of the reason is she makes some of the most disturbing facial expressions ever Subverted to a point in Cynthia the Mission.

Ασπρόμαυρα κι έγχρωμα: “Μαντάμ Σουσού” |

Also a subversion from the same manga, Takaya Kanae is a sweet, kind, gentle schoolgirl who has kissed more then a few girls in her day. Not psycho at all by any means The "psycho" comes from a combination of the usual Contractor Lack of Empathy and a Stalker with a Crush attitude towards Kirihara. Ran Asuka from Devilman Lady , who discovers and largely manipulates the lead character Jun Fudou, seems to be attracted to her, or at least her superpowers.

The Magnificent World are extremely promiscuous lesbians who are constantly attempting to seduce, or outright molest, other women they find attractive, and will not take no for an answer, even if the objects of their "affection" protest about being heterosexual.

Fatora is particularly psychotic about it, especially in the sequel series El Hazard 2, where she outright tries to trick Shayla-Shayla into having sex with her by playing on the fact that Makoto, the boy Shayla-Shayla likes, resembles her so strongly. The Familiar of Zero: A Love Potion in season 3 episode 6 turns most of the girls into one of these. Also, Janette based on subtext. And in episode 2 of the fourth season Janette licks Louise on the face again and practically flirts with her calling her "cute and innocent" after slashing her with a poisoned knife.

Μαντάμ Σουσού: Από τη Βασιλειάδου ως την Παναγιωτοπούλου |

To wit, in the first half of the manga: In the second half: All this with a smile on her face. Oh and her nickname is The Monster of West Genetics. Yui from Fushigi Yuugi is speculated to be one of these for Miaka. Mao Nonosaka from Future Diary. Legend of Daiku Maryu has Proist, the Big Bad , and the only character in the show who could probably be called more evil than simply self-serving or misguided. Rio in Gamerz Heaven She takes a special Particularly during the "Girls Fight!

Goldie Musou from Gunsmith Cats. What irritates many fans is that Goldie ends up as a Karma Houdini ; not only does Vetinari Job Security ensure she remains the local Mafia boss, but she also gets to keep an arguably still-brainwashed Misty as her lover in her own "happily ever after".

Of course, the "Psycho" part comes almost entirely from her being Cthuguha the Living Flame, who was depicted in the Cthulhu Mythos as being legitimately insane. She even waits for her at the school at 4: And in the movie she seems even worse, sprinkling Yuki with blood from her knife as she dances around in front of her The Season 2 premiere episode of Hell Girl has a cute high school girl being harassed by a unknown person. The girl is able to sent the nurse to hell.

Ryofu Housen skirts this trope, though she can also be seen as a female Depraved Bisexual. Slightly subverted, as her girlfriend Chinkyuu is the one who brings up her Pet the Dog moments.

She did not, fortunately, as it only happened because she was kind of Brainwashed and Crazy due to an amulet that goes to extract her deepest desire that thus far she managed to hide. After the hijinx, her relationship returned normal and got upgraded at the end of the series.

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Although a bondage-wearer perv, Maggey is nice enough to be mostly harmless beyond groping of strangers , and Chun-Lan is funny more than anything Rimelda Jorg from Madlax.

Magic Knight Rayearth II has the delightfully bipolar dementedly schizo might be a better descriptor and certifiably psychotic Nova, whose switch every few moments from sweet and childish declarations of affection to a raving engine of powerful magical destruction can be a bit jarring.

Although the circumstances of her consuming longing for Hikaru and the origin of both her and her madness are rather unique and in her own case most likely constitute use of this trope as a justified one. From Mahou Sensei Negima! And also seems to derive sexual pleasure from murder. And it gets more explicit.

Mai-Otome itself had one in Tomoe. While most of the Coral Otomes loved Shizuru and looked up to her as a heroic figure, Tomoe was actually in love with her, and at one point attempted to kidnap and seduce her in a decidedly creepy fashion. This, coupled with her mean-spirited attitude toward some of the other characters had turned fan support against her , though an attempt at a comedic makeover of her character in Zwei similar to the one Shiho received in her transition from Mai-HiME tried to soften the blow somewhat.

Interestingly, her being psycho is the main focus, while her being a lesbian is treated as a side note. Asami Hoshino from Myself ; Yourself , who was so in love with Shuri that she ended up causing the very object of her affection to leave.

Though not before defending her from an Ax-Crazy old lady. Chloe of Noir fits this, but only in her final appearance. Nozomi would go to great lengths to get Rando as Yuna into her bed. It depends on which side of the Broken Base you are. Oh, and did we mention the woman she loves is her elder sister?

A one shot yuri manga by the name of Rapunzel turns it Up to 11 with not one, but two of them. One cuts off the hair of the other in a fit of jealous rage , and then the one who had her hair cut cuts out the eyes of the other as revenge. To top it off, the girl who did the cutting of the hair let her eyes be cut out while smiling. Love Makes You Crazy indeed. Semmerling from Riding Bean. Kokoa is utterly obsessed with the vampire side of her half-sister Moka.

Akuha of manga season II is revealed to be one of these for Moka. Touka has a rather unhealthy obssession on Nodoka Nodocchi. Uruka from Steel Angel Kurumi 2 for Nako.