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Paper Mario (2000)

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Troopa Story Walkthrough Beforehand: A plea from the stars 1. Repairing Goomba Village gate 2. Stroll over Pleasant Path 2. Fuzzy havoc in Koopa Village 3. The Mystery of Dry Dry Ruins 1. Scour the Dry Dry Desert 3. The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba 1. The Forever Forest Maze 2. Oh no, Shy Guys on the loose Chapter 4: Trials in the Toy Box 1.

Blue Station - Storage room key for a toy train 2. Pink Station - Gourmet blockade 3. Green Station - Decipher the mystery note 4.

Hot Hot Times on Lavalava Island 1. The path to Mt. Dark Days in Flower Fields 1. The magic bean, fertile soil and magic water 2. A Star Spirit on Ice 1. A valley under the stars so blue 3. Cold welcome in the Crystal palace Peach Intermezzo 8 - The final preparations Post chapter 7 events clear all loose ends Chapter 8: A Star-Powered Showdown 1.

Second Guard Door 3. Third Guard Door 4. The final encounter Epilogue: Item shop pricelists 4. Chuck Quizmo Questions 6. Star Point Experience Appendix C: Badge Setups Introduction 1. General 30 BP Setup 2. Single boss fights 5. Low BP level setup Appendix D: Trade Quest Events 2.

Old Koopa Koot favors 3. Casino gaming alley -Jump game -Smash game 5. Master the Dojo 7. Letter Delivery Quest -Normal letters -Chain letter cycle 9. Toad Town Tunnels Koopa blockade Appendix E: Started with the walkthrough for this game.

Completed the Prologue and listed some of the early monsters in a table to be used for the Monster Compendium of Appendix B. After a delay of a few weeks I started to work on the walkthrough again. Completed Chapter 1 in the Walkthrough including the additional things that can be done here. Finished the first 4 Chapters with all the additional side quests that can be completed up to that point. Worked my way up to the beginning of Chapter 6.

Started with some sections of the chart tables; still much to do. Completed Chapter 7 of the game and added some more hidden items to the previously completed chapters. Started working on the Appendices, which will take quite some time to compile completely. There is still much work to do.

Found out about the Star Point Levels and managed to find the underlying formula determining the amount of Star Points earned from a monster. With the permission of Floogal I included the Refund values for each item in battle in the chart tables of appendix B. Cleared some errors in the FAQ and updates several sections. Nearly completed the additional descriptions of all the side quests in appendix D.

The Monster Compendium in Appendix B is still a bit messy, but this will be improved in the future. See the credits section for the complete list of alterations.

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With the aid of Prunon the 5th Repel Gel was found in the game. Also fixed a small counting glitch near the end of the FAQ, there are now items to be found in this game. Cleared up a few small errors located by Bruno P. Ferreira and added some new information to the FAQ. Fixed a few mistakes pointed out by the readers and added the Dizzy Dial to the recipes section. Thank you all for your time to post yours truly. Updated the walkthrough after receiving several mails about it.

This may be difficult to locate. If you have absolutely no idea, then you can consult Merluvlee the fortune teller at Shooting Star Summit. Take note however that she gives you the directions to a peculiar item only once, so to get the hint again you need to reset the game. If she cannot find any items within your reach she will give you a complete refund. A trick to save money goes as following.

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Save just before visiting Merluvlee, get the hints and write them down, reset the game and get the missing items while having the original amount of coins! These are the statistics that appear and they keep track of how much you have explored and progressed so far. From top to bottom they are: Others like Tayce T. It is something yellow as you presumably already knew. This yellow object turns out to be a Lemon, which can be found by whacking the tree in the oasis in Dry Dry Desert just outside the Outpost.

From the entry point to the outpost just go two screens down. What is the purpose of the diploma and other rankings from the Dojo?

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Not much actually; you can consider it more or less like a charm. Who are these Chet Rippo and Rip Cheato guys? As their name suspects there are something fishy things going on here. He tells you that he can increase any statistic for a mere price of 38 Coins. Basically what he does is that he increases 1 statistic by two levels and degrades the other 2 by 1 level e. The only time you need his abilities is if you want to have a permanent "Danger" mode.

As max HP can be lowered 5 points. This guy offers you a special item at the cost of 64 Coins. You only need the first 10 as everything after that will be a Dried Shroom, but among the first ten you will get 3 Star Pieces, Life Shroom and the Bump Attack badge. I need MORE money! Is there an easy way to get more coins? Getting more money is something almost everybody wants, but aside from that you could try to equip the cheap Pay-Off badge and get hit several times during a battle to get more coins.

I always keep the Refund badge equipped in order to receive as many coins as possible from the items used in battle. This allows you to collect lots of coins, but not as much as you would get for defeating them in battle.

Next to that scour the Dry Dry Desert mapped below as there are over Coins to be found by hitting all the coin blocks. Monsters stop giving Star Points, but I need a higher level! Ah, yes the amount of Star Points is limited in such a way that you cannot get to high levels early on in the game. The only way to get a really high level is by beating the Amazy Dayzee who rarely appears in the Flower Fields Chapter 6.

This is very late in the game, and Amazy Dayzees can be very difficult to defeat. Fortunately, I described a perfect method that allows you to take out the Dayzee with little to no effort so read the section about this enemy in Appendix E for more details.

What is the maximum level in this game? Mario can achieve level 27, when he reaches this level his statistics look as following: What is it and how can I use it? It can be achieved by asking Chet Rippo to raise any statistic other than HP so his HP will be drained to the minimum amount, which is 5 points it is even less that what Mario starts with.