The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1915) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 01.01.2018

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1915)

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Though I am American, my appetite for these series and movies is insatiable and beyond an addiction level. As compared to their American counterparts, the British series and movies tend to rely less on glitz and gimmicks, and focus more on the investigation, procedure, sub-plots, and character development.

One key factor that enables this is the program length, which can range up to multiple hours per case or story. This page summarizes dozens of series and movies that I have viewed, or where I have some degree of knowledge. Due to the sheer number, they are divided into some very rough categories, and below is a summary of them. The descriptions and my comments about each series are dynamic, and will be continually updated over time. Repeat visitors can visit the Update History on the About page to see what was added by date.

Much to my surprise, this page is viewed thousands of times per month, so I know that I am not alone in my appreciation of British television! Frequently Asked Questions This category contains some detailed answers and explanations to some of the frequently asked questions that I receive.

Forensics The general theme of this category concerns forensic experts that assist police detectives with murder investigations. Journalists The general theme of this category concerns journalists who investigate crime, murder, or political corruption.

Police Detectives The general theme of this category concerns murder, and the main characters are one or more police detectives. Profilers The general theme of this category concerns profilers or criminal psychologists, and they assist the police with solving serial murders.

Private Detectives The general theme of this category concerns private detectives that solve mysteries and cases which involve a crime or murder. Policing The general theme of this category is policing of crime, and uniformed police or non-murder detectives are the predominant characters. Citizen Sleuths The general theme of this category concerns private citizens who are sleuths that solve mysteries involving crime or murder.

Legal The general theme of this category concerns the legal aspect, the legal team, or the resulting trial of crimes including murder. Frequently Asked Questions Listed below are answers to some of the frequently asked questions that I receive. Click on the plus sign to expand each toggle, and reveal further details. Where can I find these series and movies?

The most frequent question that I receive is where to find these series or movies. The answer is that it depends, and it depends in a big way. It depends on whether you are seeking to stream them, rent them, or buy them, as well as the country where you live. Streaming is the most commonly asked about method, and is where things get convoluted.

The reason is that content is inconsistent across all streaming providers, and by country, which is due to how rights are sold and acquired. If you have a subscription with only one streaming service, you will be limited to the content that they choose to acquire and offer. Another issue with streaming services is that sometimes the content is only offered for a limited period of time, so what might be available now might be gone a few months later.

For my fellow Americans, there are at least four streaming providers which provide some British oriented content, and I actually subscribe to all four. Click on each logo for a link to each.

The following is a summary of other viewing methods, and some helpful or clarifying information about each method. Network and Premium Television: For my fellow Americans, some of the movies and series have aired or will air on PBS.

As each PBS station is independent, some movies and series are licensed at a local level, and some PBS stations will occasionally re-air some movies and series on their own local schedule. There are some movies and series that have aired on other premium networks, such as HBO, Starz, etc. PBS and these networks also offer on demand viewing capabilities, such as through cable television, apps, etc. Purchase on DVD or Blu-ray: Some of the series and movies are available on DVD, and some are also on Blu-ray.

Amazon is an obvious place to check for availability for what has been released. Acorn is a distributor of many British television series and movies, and it should be noted that some may only be available directly from Acorn.

Some of the series and movies are available for purchase digitally from providers such as iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play. While some might be reluctant to digitally purchase series or movies, the first advantage is that most are available in high definition HD , and the second advantage is that some series and movies are quite inexpensive and lower in cost than their DVD alternative.

Some movies and series are available for rental digitally from providers such as Amazon Video and Google Play. Occasionally, I will hear from some individuals who indicate that they are able to get some movies and series from their local library.

Unfortunately, some of these series and movies simply may not yet be available outside of the UK. Sometimes there is a measurable delay before they are released in other countries, such as the USA.

In these situations, other than waiting, the only way to view them is to order them on DVD from the UK.

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Both of these are explained in others frequently asked questions below. Why is there such a delay for some of the series and movies to be released outside of the UK? Sometimes there is a significant delay before some of the series are released outside of the UK. The reason for the delay, quite simply, all comes down to distribution rights and who decides to buy the rights, and whether it is for broadcast, streaming, etc.

For example, PBS may buy the rights, and depending on the timing, there could be a delay of months before PBS airs the series or movie. On the other hand, it should be noted that both the BritBox and Acorn TV streaming services have recently shown a few selected series within days of them airing in the UK.

In the past, series or movies would be first released on DVD before they hit any other format, and this is no longer the case.

Depending on how the rights are sold, they might hit a streaming service first. For example, the second series of both Happy Valley and Hinterland were available on Netflix before any other format. How are you viewing some of these series and movies before they are released in the US? Some ask how I am viewing some of these series and movies before they are available in the USA via any method. You can see the programs with minimal delay. Given my addiction to British television, I am too impatient to wait for certain series be released in the US.

The UK versions are uncensored and unedited. It should be noted that PBS frequently edits shows for both content and time. For example, PBS edited most episodes of Inspector Lewis by 5 to 10 minutes in order to fit an allotted time schedule.

And that is inclusive of shipping charges and after currency conversion. What is the difference between season, series, and set? Television nomenclature varies between the UK and the US, so here is a basic primer. What the US calls a season is typically called a series in the UK. Usage of the term episode varies. For example, sometimes a case or story may be divided into one or more episodes, and some might be labeled as part one and part two, etc.

For the sake of simplicity, my usage of the story or case simply describes viewing a particular story or case to completion, and may be consist of multiple episodes and parts. The distributors, such as Acorn, have further complicated the nomenclature by packaging DVDs in what they call sets.

With a set, the episodes may not be sequential, and may be randomly packaged from one or more series or seasons. So if you are ordering DVDs and see labeling referred to as a set, you may want to closely investigate what is included, especially if sequential order is important to you, etc.

Is there a way to determine how family friendly the content of a series might be? The determination of what may or may not be family friendly is obviously a relative thing. The key thing to remember is what is permissible on broadcast television is different between the US and the UK, both from a visual aspect and language aspect. The first method that you can use is looking for the PBS logo. If the series you are considering bears the PBS logo in some way, more than likely the content has been edited for broadcast on PBS.

Above Suspicion is a television series from ITV. The series ran from to , and there are a total of four independent stories or cases, each roughly 3 hours in length. This is a solid police procedural series, and was an enjoyable view. There is good character development across the series. For example, Travis is regularly trying to prove herself, and Langton is regularly correcting her to the point where she thinks he is holding her career back.

Blue Murder is a television series from ITV. She leads a team of detectives that solve murders in Manchester, England. Lewis is portrayed by actress Caroline Quentin. The series ran from to , and there are a total of 19 individual stories or cases that run about an hour each.

This is a good and entertaining series. It ventures mildly into her personal life in an appropriate manner, such as issues with balancing her family and career. There some subtle humor, including a romantic attraction with a detective that is on her team. If you like the actress Caroline Quentin, consider the series Jonathan Creek.

Broadchurch is a television series from ITV. The first series aired in , and is about seven hours in length. The first series is a single case or story, where they lead a team that investigates the murder of a young boy in a coastal community.

The second series aired in , and continues the story by introducing new facts. And a third series aired in The first series was an outstanding police procedural, with a superb script, cast, acting, and cinematography.

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Without revealing spoilers, the second series continues the same story, though the first series ended with some form of closure. My preference would have been for them to start a new primary storyline. If you enjoyed Broadchurch, some other series to consider include Happy Valley, and Mayday.