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Date: 03.09.2017

Til Debt Do U$ Part (2005)

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Tuesday, November 29, Till debt do us part While the oil mafia tried to entice him with bribes to turn a blind eye on fuel aduletaration, murderd IOC sales manager S Manjunath refused to waver in the line of duty, despite his own financial constraints. Details printed by the paper reveal that of his modest monthly salary of Rs 25,, Manjunath was paying Rs 10, as EMIs towards two education loans of Rs 3. In addition, 3 months ago, he had availed of a car loan from his employer EMI: But in this case, the details are being published to make a point - that Manjunath could easily have taken the bribes offered and made his life easier.

A letter the son did not live to read In the last 5 years, education loans loans have become a way of life. Fees at professional schools - whether medical, engineering or management - have shot up. If and when students complain, they are offered a quick and ready solution: And yes, getting a loan is not difficult.

But repaying the loan is not all that easy. Compared to housing loans which are available at In case of both cars and houses, the bank can attach the asset in case the borrower fails to repay. Student loans have long been a millstone around the neck of college goers in the US. Interest rates linked to their BPLR are lower than in India, but the sheer number of people who take loans practically every college-goer!

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The happy news for them however is that interest rates on federal student loans dropped to an all-time low - at 4. This is a political decision. Student loan-seekers are not yet a big enough interest group in India but in years to come they will be. Future PMs, please take note!

Soon enough there may be a market for loan consolidators as well. But before joining a particular institute, make sure you have an idea of the kind of salary you will earn on passing out. Most banks offer a 6 month grace period after which EMIs begin. The average salary from the average b school is about Rs , p.

Ditto for engineers getting into IT jobs.

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The first 6 months, she was happy enough. Then the EMI payments started and suddenly every small indulgence became a major issue.

Inevitably, she ended up defaulting on the EMI. And then hopping jobs twice, lured by a couple of thousand more. But the worst off would be medical students.

Given that they earn paltry sums until they complete their MDs, it makes sense to take a loan only if your dad owns a nursing home or is willing to shoulder your EMI burden for several years to come! Loans for studies abroad which require collateral, and attract higher interest rates are another case in point. You can take a loan - even upto Rs 50 lakhs. But will you be able to earn in dollars or pounds after finishing the degree - at least to recover your tuition costs?

If not, are your parents wealthy enough to start forking out the rather large EMIs that will follow?? And that the institute you join has genuine campus placements.

In case of bschools, a posting on www. And even then, be prepared for some amount of struggle in the initial years. The best education adds long-term value - and you have to be willing to pay the price.

At least it looks good on paper Save on those EMIs. And write your own destiny.