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Date: 09.11.2017

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Reprinted in A Socialist Review, London , pp. Thanks to Ted Crawford. Mao saw to what extent a so-called Communist regime can become isolated from the people and found it advisable to allow popular criticism to be vented in order to prevent a social explosion.

As we shall see presently, despite these pledges, a bare month passed before the movement to cleanse the Party suddenly turned into a campaign to crush the critics.

As one paper wrote: The bulletins began to be more active in Peking University. All available wall space around the Mess Hall was filled with these bulletins.

Some articles were written by persons individually, others jointly produced by a number of people. According to statistics compiled by one student, by the evening of May 22, over bulletins had been issued.

At this time, there were developed debates of varying scopes. On the square in front of the Mess Hall, like in Hyde Park, thousands of students were listening to one heated debate after another. The university magazines the broadcasting station, and the Blackboard Bulletin all carried reports on the viewpoints expressed by students in the course of their contention.

In Peking University with its glorious revolutionary tradition, more than 8, young people had become inflamed with enthusiasm. Wen Hui Pao, May 27, In their excitement people came out with the sharpest criticism of the Communist Party and its rule. Thus, one playwright, Ho Chih, a member of the Communist Party. The result was great confusion among all, with fathers and sons and husbands unable to recognise each other.

Finally, they had no choice but to recover their original features New China News Agency, August 22, A student in Nanning said: To live in such a society is a most disheartening thing.

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Intellectuals are more timid and nervous day after day, living a life that is less peaceful even than in the Japanese period or under Kuomintang rule ibid.

Again, while complaining of the generally low standard of living of the people, one Ko Pei-chi stated that not all suffered: In leading the masses to carry on the revolution in the past the Party stood among the masses; after liberation the position was changed in its mind and, instead of standing among the masses, it stood on the back of the masses and ruled the masses. Government cadres should differ in duties and not in status. Some are deeply conscious of being officials; they occupy special positions even when taking meals and seeing opens.

New China News Agency, May 30, A professor of sociology, Li Ching-han. The Communist Party monopolises all the power in China today.

All you can do is to flatter it and cater to its every wish. What you really think does not matter. Reference was constantly made to the Hungarian revolution. Thus one professor at Peking University, Chien Wei-cheng. The Party has come before the situation where it confronts a dangerous crisis Speaking of pork in a certain land, 12 butcheries have been reduced to two.

When pork is unavailable, it is difficult to convince people that living standards have improved. Vegetable prices have increased by per cent compared with the previous year.

The common people begin to lose confidence in the Central Committee, saying that in some matters, the situation is worse compared with the days of the Kuomintang To say that the Party has divorced itself from the masses is not so true as to say that the masses have divorced themselves from the Party. The Party will collapse soon. More than 90 per cent of the members of the Party give themselves to sectarian activities, and some indulge in the most evil of acts.

At any time, might overcomes might. It is possible to mount machine guns to deal with trouble.

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But what is to be feared is that the machine guns may be turned round for action. In a number of places, mass demonstrations took place.

Three of the leaders of the demonstration were condemned to death and another three were given sentences ranging from 5 to 15 years. On the same day a large number of students in Chengtu demonstrated and attacked the Security Police station. Jen Min Jih Pao, July 11, Very suddenly, after a month, the Party leadership put an end to the rectification campaign and turned about face against the critics.

To publish no or little positive views and to refrain from counter-criticising the erroneous views for a certain period of time — is that wrong? From May 8 to June 7. For we told the enemy beforehand: Do peasants not weed several times a year?

The weeds removed can be used as fertilizer.