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Efterlyst (1991)

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She became involved in politics at age 12, when she joined the local branch of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League ; one of her priorities was protesting against the Vietnam war. Lindh studied at Uppsala University , graduating as a Candidate of Law jur. Her six years as president were marked by a commitment to international affairs including Nicaragua, Vietnam, South Africa and Palestine and against the arms race which characterized the Cold War.

Political career[ edit ] Lindh served in parliament from until , and again from until her death in From to , she was Commissioner of Culture and Environment and the deputy mayor of Stockholm. In , after a Social Democratic victory, prime minister Ingvar Carlsson appointed her minister for the environment.

She also called for the establishment of a common EU strategy against acid rain. Having made influential friends around the world as president of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League, Lindh ardently supported international cooperation through the United Nations and in the European Union.

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Lindh served as chairman of the Council of the European Union , responsible for representing the official foreign policy position of the European Union. Travelling with EU foreign and security policy spokesman Javier Solana in Macedonia during the Kosovo-Macedonian crisis, she negotiated an agreement which averted a civil war in the country.

Six months later, she was stabbed to death by a Serbian assassin. Another talking point in her career was the violent repatriation of Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery from Sweden to Egypt, an operation carried out by the US military.

She chose the latter, and was later extensively criticised for her actions.

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Lindh criticised the invasion of Iraq , saying that "a war being fought without support in the statutes of the United Nations is a major failure" but praised the fall of Saddam Hussein. She argued strongly for an end to Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories; in an interview shortly before her death she said: As a popular pro-euro politician, she was a spokesperson for the campaign; her face was on billboards across Sweden the day she was murdered.

Discuss January Lindh died in the early morning of 11 September after a knife attack in Stockholm on the afternoon of 10 September. She was stabbed in the chest, abdomen and arms. Lindh reportedly experienced severe internal bleeding and liver damage; her condition remained grave, although she appeared to have improved immediately after the surgery.

An hour later, however, complications necessitated additional surgery; at After a private briefing of her relatives and the government and contradicting news coverage that she was alive in "grave" but "stable" condition , the announcement of her death made headlines across Europe. A phone number was set up for anyone who might know anything about the crime, and a massive manhunt centred on Stockholm was launched in Sweden. After two days a photo of a man believed to be the murderer, taken by a camera on a floor above the murder scene, was released by police.

Several items pieces of clothing and a knife believed to be connected with the murder were found outside the department store near a Stockholm metro station. A man was apprehended on 16 September and detained as a suspect on "justifiable grounds" the lowest level of suspicion , but was cleared of all charges and released.

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He was found guilty in a trial held from 14 to 17 January, and after a psychiatric evaluation was sentenced to life imprisonment on 23 March. Prosecutors appealed to the Supreme Court of Sweden , which reinstated his sentence to life imprisonment on 2 December of that year. Reaction and legacy[ edit ] Anna Lindh memorial in Stockholm, marking the spot where she delivered her final speech Lindh was an outspoken campaigner for Sweden to join the Eurozone in the referendum held on 14 September After the attack, all euro-campaign events were immediately cancelled.

Television campaign advertisements were withdrawn, and all TV stations in Sweden halted commercials from the evening on the 10th through the 11th to help the public-service channels of SVT report news. All campaign advertising on billboards was removed and advertising in printed media cancelled. Party leaders unanimously pledged support for the ballot as planned, and to abide by its result.

Despite speculation that sympathy for Lindh could influence the voting, the euro was rejected in the referendum. Following her death, junior foreign affairs minister Jan O. Karlsson was appointed acting minister for foreign affairs. A number of commemorative gatherings were held for Lindh throughout Sweden and abroad through the Church of Sweden Abroad on 12 and 13 September.

One gathering, in the centre of Stockholm, attracted tens of thousands of mourners. Secretary of State Colin Powell was unable to attend due to travel difficulties, but sent condolences. Lindh was buried privately on 20 September from the Church of Ersta in Stockholm; her grave is in the cemetery of nearby Katarina Church. Thousands of roses and candles were placed at Rosenbad the government building and outside the store where she was murdered.

Abroad, hundreds of thousands of flowers and candles were left at Swedish embassies and consulates by mourners. Human rights advocate Samantha Power was the inaugural appointee in