Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist (2002) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 29.07.2017

Kim Possible: Revenge of Monkey Fist (2002)

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Codes: MF, anal, affair, oral, squirt, blowjob, tittyfuck Disclaimer: This story is in no way real, nor have I ever been a part of this. This is pure fantasy written for my own pleasure and for others. She had recently moved in, and had decided to throw a party to invite a few of her friends. She had mentioned that the party will head to bar afterwards, so it was up to the guests to bring their swimmers.

Kim contemplated taking a nice pair of bikini with her or wear a really revealing dress that would be perfect for the pool. She decided to go with the dress, a tight short pencil skirt dress with a very low neck that showcased her beautiful cleavage. The neck line was down to her belly button.

She loved it when men stared at her. After the scare she had in Paris, she was back to her confident and sexy best. In fact it turned her on even more by the fact that men wanted to tie her up and fuck her like the whore she liked to dress up as.

It ran in the family to look hot. As Kim met all the guests and her friend, she encountered a gorgeous looking man. She was shocked that Amanda could manage to get someone as good looking as him. When she met him and exchanged pleasantries, she found out his name is Jason. With the pool party coming to a close, and everyone decided to head out to the bar, Jason disappeared to get changed.

Kim had to use the toilet to freshen up, so she asked Amanda where her toilet was, she directed her upstairs to her room. Kim made her way upstairs, noticing how the men and women both were staring at her voluptuous ass and tits. She saw Jason getting undressed, and just as he took off his shorts, she saw the most magnificent cock she had seen. Its length was fantastic, but the girth of Jason really impressed her and actually made her wet. She actually started to play with her boobs, but realised she had to leave soon, before Jason saw her.

The whole time at the bar, Kim kept thinking about Jason and the length he would reach once fully erect. She was actually constantly turned on, and every time she spoke to Jason during the night, she was having to control herself from jumping him.

But funnily enough, Kim could tell Jason was eyeing her up. Kim decided to call it a night and left. As she was leaving, so was Jason. I can give you a lift if you like?

One of my buddies lives around your area. They continued on with their conversation about general things in life. Kim was slowly stroking his thigh and his arm. She was still not sure as to what will happen but she was feeling nervous and excited. Plus, he is not home at the moment. He will let me know soon about when he is back. Kim knew Jason was checking her out and she was enjoying this whole build up.

Once they entered the house, Kim poured some wine for the two of them and she showed him her impressive house. Kim strategically bent down in the right places to show off her booty and her boobs to him. Once she had showed him the whole house, she took him outside to show her pool and her Jacuzzi. Hey you want to do something fun? It will be refreshing. She then slipped off her barely there top to reveal her gorgeously perky double D boobs.

She then slipped off her thong, and stood there completely naked. She stood there, with her amazingly shaped hour glass body, which was perfectly tanned.

Nothing fake about her body. She had nice little landing strip just above pussy. Her boobs still very much perky and beautifully tanned.

Jason was in awe and shock. She slowly stepped into the warm Jacuzzi and sat down, letting her boobs become wet and even more desirable if that was possible. He took off his shirt to reveal a well sculpted body, he dropped his jeans and took off his shoes.

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Jason then dropped his boxers to reveal that magnificent beast of his, starting to reach its full length. I know it sounds vain, but I know guys find me ridiculously attractive. Jason was still speechless, and decided to keep sipping his wine. As she said this, she slowly got up, and walked over towards Jason, with a look full of lust. As she got close to him, he could smell her beautiful perfume and get a closer look at her beautifully shaped large perky breasts. Without even saying anything further, she straddled him and inserted his huge piece of meat of her tight vagina.

Mmmm, this is nice. She was a natural, not that it surprised Jason. Her pussy was super wet and warm, it was a snug fit for him. Jason moved a little to kiss Kim, but Kim stopped him.

I just want this to be a good fuck! She had her hands around his neck as she bounced up down his pole. The water began to splash more as the intensity increased. Kim was just letting out soft moans of pleasure. You are so good inside me! She was looking into his eyes with pure lust and sultriness. I am going to ride you like the whore I am!

Her nipples were rock hard. Her hands were now running through her own hair. She was riding him hard, bouncing her big fat booty up and down his big rod with the water splashing everywhere.

He could feel that she was about to climax soon, she was breathing heavier and moaning louder in pleasure. He then suddenly grabbed her and lifted her up and walked out of the jacuzzi. Kim was surprised and excited to see what he was going to do. Jason really started to fuck her pussy while standing up. He wanted to make her moan loudly in pleasure.

Keep driving that cock in my dripping wet pussy! Once he spanked her ass for the fourth time, while seriously drilling her hard, she was finally about to cum. Kim was breathing heavily and had no words to say. Jason carried her to the nearest sunbed and laid her down on her back and started kissing and sucking her perfect tits. I could play with the forever!

Get in there in you dirty bastard! Kim knew she had one of the best set of natural tits going around and she loved the affection. I love the way you play with my tits! Jason now moved slowly down to her taught stomach, kissing her and caressing every inch of her perfect body, He finally got down to her dripping wet twat.

He kissed around her pussy lips and teasing her longer, making her wait for the pleasure to hit. Jason obliged and started licking and sucking her clit. Give to me good! Stick those fingers in me! Finger fuck me good! He could sense she was about to cum, but he stopped and flipped her over and raised her ass in the air.

He wanted that famous Kardashian booty.

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Someone is desperate for that famous booty. You are fucking amazing! She had never been treated this good. Jason knew how to please a woman and Kim was in pure pleasure heaven. You amazing dirty beast! Make me your slutty bitch! Please make me CUM! He quickened his fingering and licking of her asshole, which meant louder moans of pleasure from Kim.

She was now quivering, he knew she was about to cum.