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Date: 30.07.2017

Ethan and Alan (2002)

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Edit Ethan married Mia Winters in where she kept her job as a special agent for The Connections a secret. Ethan received a video message from her in , telling him that she would be coming home soon.

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However, she was never seen or heard from again, and for the next three years, Ethan believed her to be dead. An incredulous Ethan traveled to the " Dulvey Haunted House " in search of her, unaware that its owners, the Baker family , had also gone missing in Unable to access the main house, Ethan takes a side path leading to the abandoned guest house, encountering a number of disturbing sights along the way.

Eventually, he found Mia asleep in a bare cell and freed her. When he confronted her about the email, however, a bewildered Mia claimed that she did not send it.

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From there, they both attempt to escape the house. However, Mia discovers that the escape route she planned to use had been boarded over by the Bakers. Ethan tells a visibly distressed Mia that he would have a look around. Moments later, someone presumably Jack bursts through the wall and grabs Mia.

Ethan follows them upstairs, only to receive a phone call from a mysterious woman named Zoe , who tells him that he can escape through the attic. However, the door to the attic is locked, and a possessed Mia attacks Ethan with a knife, forcing the latter to defend himself. Mia throws Ethan through a wall, where he picks up an axe and uses it to defeat Mia, seemingly killing her. But as Ethan attempts to escape the house, he is accosted and attacked by a revived Mia, who uses a chainsaw to sever his left hand.

Before she is able to finish him off, Mia momentarily regains control and retreats. Following her upstairs, Ethan is knocked out from behind by Jack Baker , who welcomes him to the "family" and drags both him and Mia to the main house. She also places the Genome Codex on his wrist.

Sometime later, Ethan awakens in a dining room where he meets the Baker family - Jack, his wife Marguerite , son Lucas , and an unnamed, silent elderly woman all enjoying a feast of human organs. Jack attempts to force-feed it to Ethan as this was one of several methods the Bakers used to turn their victims into Molded , but he immediately spits it out, causing Marguerite to insult him and storm out of the room.

In retaliation, Jack picks up a knife and begins stabbing Ethan, only to be interrupted by the arrival of David Anderson. While Jack and Lucas leave to deal with the officer, Ethan escapes his bonds and tries to find a way out of the house. Eventually, Jack returns to the dining room only to find that Ethan is no longer there, and begins hunting for him.

Ethan eventually finds a passageway under the floor and uses it to escape Jack, following it to the laundry room where he is once again contacted by Zoe. As Ethan leaves the laundry room, he sees a police officer pounding on the window at the other end of the hallway, ordering him to come over.

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A relieved Ethan begs the officer to help him escape the house, but is instead treated as a possible suspect and instructed to meet with him in the garage for an interrogation. Ethan agrees, but asks the officer for his gun, telling him that he needs it to defend himself against the Bakers. Although the officer refuses, he gives Ethan a pocket knife before telling him once more to meet him in the garage.

Once there, Jack closes the garage door, trapping them both inside, and executes the policeman from behind with a shovel and fights with Ethan. Although Jack himself collides with one of the protruding metal bars and is badly burnt in the explosion, he immediately recovers and continues to chase Ethan.

Believing Jack to be dead, Ethan searches the main hall for a way out of the house. Zoe contacts him once more, revealing that she, her family, and Mia have been contaminated by a mysterious pathogen, asking Ethan to retrieve the necessary items to develop a serum that would cure her and Mia and allow them to escape.

She tells Ethan to meet her in her trailer outside of the house once all of the materials have been obtained.

Ethan is chased by Jack again, forcing him to flee towards the basement, where he encounters large numbers of Molded. Finding the key to the dissection room, Ethan enters and tries to grab the last marble dog head he needs to escape the house. However, Jack gets to it first and brings it with him to the drawing room where he intends to finish Ethan off. Ethan tells Jack to "stay dead" and uses the dog head to escape the house.

She instructs him to head for the old house, but warns him to stay away from her mother. Ethan is briefly reunited with Mia in a crawlspace, but Lucas appears from behind and kidnaps her. When he finds the key he needs to enter the second floor, Marguerite grabs Ethan and throws him down a flight of stairs.

The impact of his fall causes the wooden floor beneath him to break, and Ethan plummets into a hole in the ground, leaving him at the mercy of Marguerite and her mutant bugs. Ethan shoots at Marguerite from the hole, eventually weakening her to the point where she stumbles into the pit and dissolves, allowing Ethan to escape. On the second floor, Ethan discovers the mummified corpse of a " D-Series " child, the basis of the serum.

Ethan returns to the pit where he fought Marguerite, only to find that she has escaped with the lantern through a hidden tunnel. Ethan follows the tunnel and arrives at an old greenhouse, where he is confronted by a grotesque, mutated Marguerite. He defeats her, causing her to calcify and crumble to pieces. Ethan picks up her lantern and uses it to grab the D-Series arm from the old house.

Back at the trailer, Ethan is contacted by Lucas Baker, who has now captured Zoe as well. He tells Ethan that he can have the D-Series head if he agrees to participate in an "activity" Lucas put together. Ethan did so, feeling sorry for the deputy, and pulled out the Snake Key. Lucas then announced over an intercom that the key would help him find the two key cards he needed to join the "party".

After managing to get his hands on both, Ethan went back outside and used them to enter the "party" - which turned out to be a series of traps set up by Lucas. As he freed the two women, Zoe asked Ethan for the ingredients to the serum that would cure both of them, warning him that her father and Lucas were nearby.

Zoe also told Ethan that after making two serums and using them to cure her and Mia, they would escape through the bayou in a boat parked outside the building. But as Ethan grabbed both serum samples, he is grabbed by a horrifically mutated Jack Baker and forced to fight him. He manages to defeat Jack again by destroying all of his eyes. Moments later, Zoe arrives and tells Ethan to follow her out of the boathouse.

Ethan then met Mia and Zoe on the pier outside the boathouse, and was forced to choose who to cure with the remaining serum. Ethan chose to cure Mia. Escaping with Mia Edit Despite telling Zoe that he can find another way to save her, Zoe just orders him to leave with Mia on the boat.

Eventually, as the two propel their boat through the bayou, Ethan and Mia stumble upon the wrecked oil tanker.