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Bloodz vs. Wolvez (2006)

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Teresa Graves, who starred in the movie Old Dracula, was one of the first African Americans to be featured in a vampire film. African American Vampires pop culture Vampire beliefs have not been prominent among African Americans, though a few have been reported.

These few were seemingly derived from the mythologies of Africa, which believed in both vampires and witches who acted like vampires, and were brought to the United States either directly or by way of Haiti or the other French islands in the Caribbean.

Folklorists working among African Americans in the southern United States in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries found a number of accounts of vampires. Some were more traditional bloodsuckers.

Most of the attacks were mere mischief, but on occasion, the fifollet became a vampire that sucked the blood of people, especially children. Some believed that the fifollet was the soul of a child who had died before baptism. Modern African American Vampires: Vampires have made only infrequent appearances in African American folklore, and, similarly, African Americans have been largely absent from vampire movies and novels through the twentieth century.

The few black vampire movies emerged in the era of blaxploitation movies in the early and mids. Only one African American vampire character, Prince Mamuwalde better known as Blacula , attained any fame beyond the fans of vampire movies. Like Blacula, the movie was set in New York.

Hess Green played by Duane Jones , who becomes a vampire after being stabbed with an ancient African dagger by his assistant.

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The vampire never became a prominent role for black actors, however, and with a few notable instances—Teresa Graves in Old Dracula also known as Vampira and Grace Jones in Vamp—few have appeared in leading roles. Meanwhile, in the s, Marv Wolfman, who created the very successful vampire comic series, Tomb of Dracula, included the African American Blade the Vampire Slayer among the major characters.

As Blade emerged to prominence, the character was altered to more closely conform to the superhero for which Marvel was best known, and his half-vampire nature emphasized. Beginning in this new Blade, became the subject of three very successful movies starring Wesley Snipes. Like the new set of vampire movies, some vampire novels were included among the growing number of books written especially for an African American audience.

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Then in , Leslie E. Banks, writing under her pseudonym L. Banks, issued Minion, the first of what became her Vampire Huntress books. The series, built around a young African American vampire hunter named Damali, found an audience among readers of romance novels, and by , a dozen titles had appeared. Banks emerged as the most successful African American vampire author to date. Hudson, and Allen Maxwell, eds. Southern Methodist University, , — Gross, Edward, and Marc Shapiro. The Vampire Interview Book: Conversations with the Undead.

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