Check Your Tires Because... Oh God, You Never Know Whatll Happen! (2003) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 02.02.2018

Check Your Tires Because... Oh God, You Never Know Whatll Happen! (2003)

We offer you to watch the movie Check Your Tires Because... Oh God, You Never Know Whatll Happen! (2003), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The teams start by traveling to France.

Transportation confusion with trains and jets causes some teams into the lead to fall behind, while others reach the route marker in France early. The Roadblock involves changing the tires on a race car and then doing a lap with a professional driver. All teams succesfully complete the task and then head to the next location, a lighthouse over miles away.

However, they find themselves all bunched together by the morning opening hours.

Some teams check into a hotel, while others choose to wait by the side of the road. In the end, the original line is preserved and the fussing was for nothing. The teams receive a clue taking them to the Georges de B Air Date: The teams rush off and drive to the LAX airport, trying to land seats on one of three airlines.

Swiss Air and Lufthansa both depart at the same time; however Swiss Air is scheduled to arrive in Milan a good forty minutes earlier. KLM leaves about an hour later, and will carry the remaining teams. This leads to accusations of cheatings, as referenced in the episode title.

The Amazing Race (S04 E04) | Blewe

Teams arrive in Milan and must search for their first clue, which was to find charter bus tickets hidden in various spots within the Galleria Victoria, a pedestrian mall. There are three available slot times for bus departures: Teams are taken to the Dolom Air Date: The teams continue from the pit stop and participate in Italian snow rafting.

They then head to Venice, where they are faced with a Detour: After the Detour, the teams are all bunched togehter by a five P.

The teams participate in the Roadblock, which involves trying to match a photo of a mask with one being worn by someone at a party. However, there are many similar masks, so the task proves somewhat difficult. Chris has extreme difficulty with the task and hands the photo of the mask to the incorrect person twice, each time being forced to go to the back of the line.

This creates significant difficulty, as only four racers are allowed in at a time. He finally finds the correct person, but it is too late and he and Amanda reach the pit stop last and are eliminated from the race. The teams travel from Italy to Vienna, Austria. There, horse-riding creates confusion when teams fail to follow a clue that states that you must grab a tag before boarding the horses. A Detour - Mozart or Beethoven creates confusion and tension when teams realize that the Beethoven option was as simple as it sounded.

And Steve and Dave, after claiming the Fast Forward the previous week, fall far behind, but a stroke of luck keeps them in the race and Cindy and Russell are eliminated. The teams travel from France to Amsterdam, Holland.

Most teams are able to get flights, but David and Jeff and Steve and Dave have to head to another airport and lose critical time when they are caught in a bad traffic jam. In Amsterdam, teams must go boating to a museum and this leads to massive confusion, particularly for the team of Tian and Jaree. In the Detour, teams must choose between Kg or 15 Feet. In Kg, they drive 30 miles and then weight out Kg of cheese and in 15 ft. Most teams go for the cow manure, but a couple of them opt for the cheese.

Afterwards, they face a Roadblock in which they must gather 25 live eels. In the end, despite serious fighting between Tian and Jaree, they manage to squeak past Steve and Dave, who, after narrowly escaping elimination in past weeks, are eliminated from the race. The teams continue to southern India. After a long train ride, they face a Roadblock that involves being dragged through mud by bulls and a Detour choice between chickens and elephants. The teams jockey for position to get faster flights, with Jon and Al, Millie and Chuck and David and Jeff ending up at the front of the pack, despite an initial blunder by Reichen and Chip.

David and Jeff and Kelly and Jon trail not far behind. The teams finally reach Malaysia, where, after participating in a traditional ceremony of good blessing, they head on to a Detour: In ""Net,"" the teams have to catch fifteen fish, while in trap, they have to hoist a huge lobster trap in order to get a clue. After co Air Date: All teams arrive in time for the 6: The teams are then given a clue to drive a miles to an oil plantation. This quickly leads to confusion, with two teams getting lost.

While this occurs, Jon and Al have made their way to the Detour. Just Hit My Face. The teams begin in Borneo, where they receive a clue telling them to head to a temple.

There, they have to search for a Buddha figurine that contains the names of the respective members of their teams. All teams complete the task and receive a clue to go to the airport and get to Seoul, South Korea, which is approximately 4, miles away. Despite a rule that requires the teams to leave for the airport in vans at one-hour intervals, the teams all end up together at the airport.

There, they take a plane that heads to Singapore and then connects to Seoul. They take this flight and form a sort of alliance, arriving in Seoul first. Once in Seoul, the teams find a clue that takes them to an icy area close to the South Korean border. This creates confusion, with David and Jeff getting lost and having a harrowing experience when their taxi driver takes the Air Date: Phil helpfully narrates that one of the teams will be eliminated in this leg.

The teams all complete the kite task, although some have more difficulty than others. The clue they receive tells them to make their way to Brisbane, Australia, over 7, miles away. However, believing they are in last place, David and Jeff consider the Fast Forward.

At the airport, the teams find a number of options for flights. Kelly and Jon, David and Jeff and Reichen and Chip all end up on the same flight together, but Jon and Al chose a different flight and it gets delayed by fog, forcing it to take off after every other flight in the line.

At the Pit Stop in Australia, the teams receive a clue telling them to drive 80 miles to Australian woolshed. When the teams arrive at the woolshed, they find that it does not open until 6 A.

Once the woolshed opens, they all race in and find that they each have to search through a giant pile of wool for the clue.

Kelly and Jon are the first to find the clue, which directs them to the airport. They have to fly 1, miles to Cairnes. Chip and Reichen find the clue second and David and Jeff, despite having some difficulties at first, soon find the clue buried in some wool they had already looked through. The teams all catch a 7: The clue tells them to drive to an Aboriginal Cultural Park. Like the previous leg, they have one dollar for this leg of the race.

At that time, they all head in and watch a traditional ceremony. Afterwards, they receive a clue telling them to drive fifteen miles to the general aviation terminal at the airport in Cairnes. The teams all get into a driving race to get there and Chip and Reichen end up going so fast that their vehicles spins off the road.

In ""Wander It,"" they Air Date: