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Flower and Snake (1974)

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After lengthy, inconclusive negotiations, Dan invited director Masaru Konuma and scriptwriter Yozo Tanaka to his home for "further discussions.

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At this point, Naomi Tani, in traditional Japanese kimono, appeared in the room with a lantern. Dan and Naomi Tani both objected to this, and there was considerable friction between the two sides over the story during the writing of the script.

During the shoot, she never gave us a problem. Instead- she was committed. I admire her professionalism.

Oniroku Dan remained bitter and did not agree to participate in the next film, Wife to be Sacrificed , [8] which became even a greater success. Dan did reconcile with the studio however, and continued to have a strong professional relationship with both Nikkatsu and Naomi Tani. As a child, Makoto shot and killed a black American soldier whom he found having sex with his mother. The incident left Makoto psychologically stunted as well as impotent, and as such his mother and her staff treat Makoto much as a child.

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Despite this, Makoto has developed a strong interest in BDSM , though he has no outlet for his interests. After some hesitation, Makoto agrees. On the way home Makoto stops in a field and attempts to rape the semi-conscious Shizuko, but his arousal brings on a hallucination of the black soldier he killed, forcing him to stop.

At home, Shizuko awakes to find herself tied up and calls for help, attracting the attention of Miyo. He does, and after watching her expel it finds he is able to become aroused without issue. He rapes Shizuko while his mother listens outside his room.

However, he also finds himself becoming attached to Shizuko. Makoto returns home one day to find his mother and her staff have been torturing Shizuko while he was at work.

He orders them off of her angrily, telling them not to touch her unless he is present. Shizuko finds herself becoming more at ease with her situation and Makoto, and later asks him if he will protect her; he says yes, going on to say he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He tells his mother this, and when she objects he responds angrily, calling her an old hag.

One day Makoto returns home to find Shizuko tied up and being used by the black soldier from his dreams. He recoils in horror when the man rises to attack him. His mother then steps in, paying the man, revealing that she staged the scene with a look-alike to render Makoto impotent once more.

Makoto tries to have sex with Shizuko again, despairing when he finds that his impotence has returned. Despite this, he keeps training her, even taking her outside for a walk. Taking a chance, he unties her so that she might use the restroom; after a long, worrying delay, Shizuko returns, to the delight of Makoto.

Uncomfortable at first, Makoto starts to remember his childhood incident in detail, eventually remembering that it was his mother who shot the man, not him. Overjoyed, Makoto calls his mother from a public phone booth to tell her he has remembered the truth, letting her listen as he has sex with Shizuko during the call. He asks her to divorce him so that they might marry, but she refuses, saying that she is now happy since Makoto made her a "total slut" just as her husband wanted.

However, she offers to let him come with the two of them, and though hesitant, Makoto agrees.