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Date: 06.02.2018

Saudi Time Bomb? (2001)

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This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message A November 13, car bombing in Riyadh led the U. Days after the attack, military commanders briefed soldiers and airmen at Khobar that the U.

The attackers claimed their goal was to get the United States Armed Forces to leave the country, and that Khobar Towers would be attacked next if troop withdrawal did not begin immediately.

It was at this time that surveillance and other suspicious activity near the perimeter fences of Khobar Towers was noted by United States Air Force Security Forces ; however, the forces were forbidden by the Saudi government to act in any capacity outside the perimeter of the compound, and the surveillance continued with near impunity. The attackers were reported to have smuggled explosives into Saudi Arabia from Lebanon.

Over a two-week period they converted it into a truck bomb. The power of the blast was magnified several ways. The truck itself shaped the charge by directing the blast toward the building. Moreover, the relatively high clearance between the truck and the ground gave it the more lethal characteristics of an air burst.

The bomb was a mixture of petrol and explosive powder placed in the tank of a sewage tanker truck. When they were denied access by U. A chain link security fence and a line of small trees separated the car park, used for a local mosque and park, from the housing compound.

The first car entered the car park and signaled the others by flashing headlights. The bomb truck and a getaway vehicle followed shortly after. The men parked the truck next to the fence and left in the third vehicle.

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The bomb exploded three to four minutes later at approximately Guerrero, was stationed atop Building when he witnessed the men, recognized the vehicles as a threat, reported it to security, and began a floor-by-floor evacuation of the building. His actions are credited with saving dozens of lives. Many of the evacuees were in the stairwell when the bomb went off. The stairwell was constructed of heavy marble and was located on the side of the building away from the truck bomb, perhaps the safest location in the building.

These deflected the blast energy upward, and away from the lower floors of the building, perhaps even preventing a total collapse of the structure. The crater remaining after the truck bomb explosion.

Building is on the right.

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The force of the explosion was enormous. The size of the explosion created an intense dust storm as the forces of the high pressure blast wave and the subsequent vacuum forces caused considerable damage in their own right.

Several military vehicles parked to the left side of building suffered no direct impact from debris, but were heavily damaged by the sheer intensity of the shock wave. The explosion heavily damaged or destroyed six high rise apartment buildings in the complex. Windows were shattered in virtually every other building in the compound and in surrounding buildings up to a mile 1. Within a few hours of the blast, the crater began to fill with salt-water from the Persian Gulf.

In the minutes following the blast, the residents of the complex evacuated severely injured U.

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With power out in many of the buildings near , the scene was chaotic and tense as little was known about the safety of the area from further attacks. Many residents later gathered in the local dining facility, set up as a triage center, and saw breaking news of the event on large projection televisions intended to bring news of events back home to the troops.

In all, 19 U. Air Force personnel were killed: Heiser Master Sergeant Kendall K. Kitson Technical Sergeant Daniel B.

Cafourek Technical Sergeant Patrick P. Fennig Technical Sergeant Thanh V. Nguyen Staff Sergeant Ronald King.