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Date: 24.12.2017

Take a Good Look (1959)

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The Soviet Union had already achieved the same feat in January with their Luna 1 spacecraft. Pioneer 4 traveled within 37, miles of the Moon and had sensors on board that would allow it to transmit photos of the lunar surface.

Unfortunately its sensors were not activated as it never came close enough to the Moon to trigger them due to a trajectory error. The signal from Pioneer 4 was lost after 82 hours in space and , miles of travel, a record at the time for the farthest a man-made object had traveled through space. United States - Canada - St. Lawrence Seaway is completed The St. Lawrence Deep Waterway Treaty 4. September - Construction of the St.

Lawrence Seaway officially begins Lawrence Seaway is officially completed and opened on June 26th and links the Great Lakes to the rest of the world It has also caused serious harm to the ecology of the Great Lakes as non-native animals and plant-life like Zebra Mussels have been introduced from foreign ships.

The Luna 2 Lunik 2 was launched on September 12th, and after over thirty hours of flight it crashed into the surface of the Moon on September 14th. The spacecraft carried Soviet pennants and several scientific instruments like a Geiger-counter to measure radiation and a magnetometer to measure magnetic fields.

It ceased operation after impacting the Moon in the Palus Putredinus region. This was one of the first major events in the space race between the United States and Soviet Union. The United States did not successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon under the Ranger 4 in The film starred legendary actor Charlton Heston and was directed by William Wyler.

It also had some of the largest sets ever created at the time. Ben-Hur was a huge financial and critical success as the film won eleven Academy Awards.

The Twilight Zone was created and hosted by the talented screenwriter Rod Serling. The Twilight Zone still ranks as one of the most unique and best written television shows in TV history.

It ran for five seasons until and had a total of episodes.

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Of those episodes, 92 were written by Serling himself and many of them contain some of the most memorable television moments. The show consisted of sci-fi and supernatural mysteries in an anthology setting and featured many then unknown actors who would later become famous, like Ron Howard, Dennis Hopper, Robert Redford and William Shatner.

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Take a Good Look (1959-1961)

The group consisted of military aviators, 3 from the Navy, 3 from the Air Force, and 1 from the Marine Corps. Many of the men would also go on to take part in future NASA projects such as the Gemini program and the Apollo program.

Some notable achievements by the Mercury Seven included Alan Shepard becoming the first American in space and John Glenn becoming the first American to orbit the Earth.