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Date: 18.11.2017

The Trial of Captain Wirtz (1957)

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Mencken convinced him to try a career in writing: He was an original member of the th Bombardment Group, nicknamed the Bloody th because of its enormous casualty rate. His assignments included visiting concentration camps and interviewing officers.

One of his most powerful articles described a debate between German citizens and an American commander. The commander, Colonel Sears, brought the citizens to the concentration camp Stalag III to witness the massive pile of bodies the Nazi soldiers had left there.

The citizens were ashamed but told the Colonel that only one percent of the German army was responsible: His first play, however, was not about World War II. The similarities between the Nuremberg Trials and the Wirz trials were astounding, and Levitt was not the only one to make that connection.

In , MacKinlay Kantor published his most successful and influential novel, Andersonville. It was during the war that Kantor began to develop his idea for the book, using his horrific memories of Buchenwald as inspiration for his depiction of the Andersonville prison. Kantor later wrote that he wanted to show America that we had our own Buchenwald and that American citizens had also stood idly by as thousands perished.

While most critics raved, many Southerners were outraged at the villainous portrayal of Wirz, whom they claimed was a scapegoat for Northerners seeking revenge. Columbia Pictures began making plans for a film version adapted by Norman Corwin but soon discovered they had competition: Levitt rushed to finish his script first.

It starred Charlton Heston as Lt. Chipman and Everett Sloane as Henry Wirz. He was supported by three producers: Acclaimed director and actor Jose Ferrer was chosen to direct. Scott was assigned to the role of fiery prosecutor Lt. Scott was at the very beginning of his career but was already a major star. That same year, he received his first Tony award nomination for his Broadway debut in Comes a Day. In , he was nominated for his first Oscar for his performance in Anatomy of a Murder.

Herbert Berghof was cast in the role of Captain Wirz.

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He made his Broadway debut that year in From Vienna, a musical revue designed especially for exiled Austrian refugees. He directed the first Broadway production of Waiting for Godot in , then directed it again—with a very controversial all-black cast—in Albert Dekker took on the role of defense attorney Otis H. In , Dekker left the stage to pursue a film career. He appeared in more than thirty films, with memorable performances such as the mad scientist in Dr.

Cyclops and a double-crossing hit man in The Killers It is the most consistently gripping straight play seen here this season.

The Andersonville Trial ran for performances before closing on June 1st, Shows were cancelled in Atlanta and Birmingham for fear of protests.

The Andersonville Trial, originally resonant because of the Nuremberg Trials, took on new relevance in when the My Lai Massacre shocked the country. Again, soldiers defended themselves: Jack Cassidy was nominated for Best Actor in a leading role. This is the next century and the trial is still happening. Levitt co-wrote the piece in with one of the nine, Reverend Daniel Berrigan. Gregory Peck produced a film adaptation of the play in The Andersonville Trial has not been revived since the television production in Yet its subject is as relevant today as it ever was.

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In recent news, soldiers claimed they were only following the orders of Donald Rumsfeld when they tortured Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Ehren Watada refused to follow orders and deploy to Iraq, stating that he deems the war immoral and believes it would make him a party to war crimes. Did Watada learn his lesson from Andersonville? A historical drama is only brilliant when it is able to step out of history and speak—even shout—to us in the present.

Lewis Freedman addressed the audience of The Andersonville Trial: