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A strategic call to utilize Echinacea-garlic in flu-cold seasons. Investigation on the toxic potential of Tribulus terrestris in vitro. Contribution to chromium and nickel enrichment during cooking of foods in stainless steel utensils. Chemopreventive and anticarcinogenic effects of Momordica charantia extract. The immunomodulator ginsan induces resistance to experimental sepsis by inhibiting Toll-like receptor-mediated inflammatory signals.

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The inhibitory effect of ginsan on TGF-beta mediated fibrotic process. Red ginseng extract improves coronary flow reserve and increases absolute numbers of various circulating angiogenic cells in patients with first ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction.

A comprehensive analysis on Symplocos racemosa Roxb.: Traditional uses, botany, phytochemistry and pharmacological activities. Composition of the essential oils of Lycium barbarum and L. Immunomodulatory effects of a standardized Lycium barbarum fruit juice in chinese older healthy human subjects.

A brief history of the antibiotic era: A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on the effect of a standardized ginseng extract on psychomotor performance in healthy volunteers. Continuous intake of the Chaga mushroom Inonotus obliquus aqueous extract suppresses cancer progression and maintains body temperature in mice.

Studies on unutilized resources. A new glycoside in the fruit of Ophiopogon japonicus Ker-Gawler var. Extractable polysaccharides of Panax quinquefolius L. North American ginseng root stimulate TNFalpha production by alveolar macrophages. A novel anticancer effect of Astragalus saponins: Novel herbal flavonoids promote apoptosis but differentially induce cell cycle arrest in human colon cancer cell.

Astragalus saponins modulate cell invasiveness and angiogenesis in human gastric adenocarcinoma cells. The development of Terminalia chebula Retz. Combretaceae in clinical research. Antioxidant and hepatoprotective effects of the red ginseng essential oil in H 2 O 2 -treated hepG2 cells and CCl 4 -treated mice. Ocimum sanctum L Holy Basil or Tulsi and its phytochemicals in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

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Basidiomycetes in relation to antibiosis. Antibiotic activity of mycelia and culture liquids]. Antibacterial and Hypoglycemic Diterpenoids from Salvia chamaedryoides. Immune system effects of echinacea, ginseng, and astragalus: Clinical observations on 46 cases of globus hystericus treated with modified Banxia Houpu decoction.

Testing of plant extracts preparations for prevention and non-toxic therapy of oncologic diseases in experimental models]. Recent advances on Ilex paraguariensis research: Effect of ginseng on reactivity of the organism. Ginseng in the USSR. On the pharmacology of individual glycosides from the roots of Panax ginseng C. Pharmacological investigation of glycosides from Ginseng and Eleutherococcus. Curcumin and autoimmune disease.

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Effects of a standardized Bacopa monnieri extract on cognitive performance, anxiety, and depression in the elderly: Short-chain fatty acids in control of body weight and insulin sensitivity.

Antitumor activity of polysaccharide extracted from Pleurotus ostreatus mycelia against gastric cancer in vitro and in vivo.

Clinical evaluation of Moro Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck orange juice supplementation for the weight management. Tulsi - Ocimum sanctum: A herb for all reasons. The effects of Panax ginseng on quality of life. Human allergy and geohelminth infections: Non-pharmacological interventions for fatigue in rheumatoid arthritis. Ginsenoside Rb3 exerts antidepressant-like effects in several animal models.

Induction of tumor cytotoxic immune cells using a protein from the bitter melon Momordica charantia. Cancer therapy with alpha-emitters labeled peptides. Araliaceae as an adaptogen: Immune aging, dysmetabolism, and inflammation in neurological diseases. Inhibiting effects of Achyranthes bidentata polysaccharide and Lycium barbarum polysaccharide on nonenzyme glycation in D-galactose induced mouse aging model.

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Constituents and pharmacological effects of Eucommia and Siberian ginseng. Kurz, an important Asian traditional medicine: Ethnomedicine, phytochemistry and pharmacology for its commercial utilization in drug industry.

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American ginseng suppresses Western diet-promoted tumorigenesis in model of inflammation-associated colon cancer: American ginseng and breast cancer therapeutic agents synergistically inhibit MCF-7 breast cancer cell growth. Impact of bed rest on conduit artery remodeling: Effects of Astragalus polysaccharides on memory impairment in a diabetic rat model.

Herbal medicines, other than St. Antimicrobial activity of Calendula officinalis petal extracts against fungi, as well as Gram-negative and Gram-positive clinical pathogens. Schizandrin reverses memory impairment in rats. Efficacy of Yun Zhi Coriolus versicolor on survival in cancer patients: Effects of Panax ginseng on quality of life.

The chemopreventive effect of Ginkgo biloba and Silybum marianum extracts on hepatocarcinogenesis in rats. Teratogenicity of hexavalent chromium in rats and the beneficial role of ginseng. The probable structure of true aglycones of Ginseng glycosides. Korean red ginseng saponin fraction rich in ginsenoside-Rb1, Rc and Rb2 attenuates the severity of mouse collagen-induced arthritis.

No ergogenic effects of ginseng Panax ginseng C. Meyer during graded maximal aerobic exercise. Effects of ginseng supplementation on supramaximal exercise performance and short-term recovery.

Midlife coffee and tea drinking and the risk of late-life dementia: Ginseng in the treatment of fatigue in multiple sclerosis: Antitumor activity of Pleurotus ostreatus polysaccharide fractions on Ehrlich tumor and Sarcoma Antidepressant activities of flavonoids from Glycyrrhiza uralensis and its neurogenesis protective effect in rats]. Free radicals, antioxidants, and nutrition.