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Date: 13.02.2018

Sorpresas (2006)

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Biography[ edit ] Born to a family of musicians, he took a guitar in his hands for the first time at the age of At 16, Francis Goya formed his first group Les Jivaros together with his brother who played the percussion, and several friends. In Francis Goya was invited to a professional soul music group J J Band, with which he recorded two albums, the second of them produced by Brian Bennett , percussionist for The Shadows.

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He also became a studio guitar player, and played on the stage with performers of different styles, such as Demis Roussos , The Three Degrees, Vicky Leandros , and others.

Nostalgia[ edit ] In , he released his first solo LP Nostalgia, which quickly reached top positions in the charts. Nostalgia was a tender and romantic melody written by Francis Goya and his father. That was the beginning of his international career. Between the tours, he records at least one new album; their number has already reached 35 LPs and CDs, and most of them have the status of a gold disc or platinum disc. As of today, Francis Goya has sold over millions of his albums all over the world; this is quite a rare case for instrumental music.

Francis Goya directed the Eurovision orchestra in Rome in and in Millstreet in during the Luxembourgish performances. In , he decided to record, concurrently with instrumental music , a CD containing Brazilian songs Bahia Lady. The timbre of his voice and passionate guitar-playing turned out to be a marvelous combination, and the public liked it.

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He decided to continue working in this way, and, in and released two new albums of the same style Noche Latino and Festival Latino. Later, a duet album with Richard Clayderman was recorded. Wind from the East[ edit ] The Moscow Nights which was recorded in Moscow , was released in in all countries of the former Soviet Union , and won enormous success; this allowed Francis Goya to become a West-European star in Eastern Europe.

The first concert was such a success that Francis Goya had to prolong his stay in Estonia and give a second concert on the following day in the same Philharmonic Hall. After such first experience in Estonia , Francis Goya decided to record an instrumental album that included pieces by the great Estonian composer Raimond Valgre.

That album was also a huge success in Estonia. Due to his popularity, Francis Goya regularly goes on tours all over the world, and the public receives every concert with exceptional enthusiasm: A concert in Saint Petersburg Russia October Et si on se faisait plaisir June Recording an album specially for China September A grand tour over the Baltic countries December A grand concert in Moscow May A gala concert in Cambodia for the benefit of humanitarian organizations Lions Club May A concert in Waterloo Belgium October A grand tour over Russia March Concert in Sardegna with Charles Aznavour November Ukrainian and Bellarussia concert tour.

A grand tour over the major cities of the Baltic countries and Russia is planned. Moral support of the Consulate of Belgium and Prefecture of Marrakesh and partnership with Yamaha , allowed commencing studies in instrumental and vocal disciplines.

Francis Goya provides classes for everyone, from beginners to mature musicians, and in everything, from musical development to solfeggio, including multivarious classes in playing the guitar, the piano, and the violin, and classes of magic, dancing, and singing. And indeed, over a hundred students of various levels enrolled for various courses, thus displaying a vivid interest towards their school.

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Art and music for destitute children all over the world. When Francis Goya moved, a long time ago, to Morocco he saw that development of Moroccan young population needs support. A brilliant idea occurred to him when he was traveling over the south regions of the country.

He was playing the guitar, with his family around him, at a bivouac near a small village, when suddenly a crowd of children ringed round him and started listening too.

The idea was developed further: The approach consists in arranging free concerts in order to collect funds to buy musical instruments and to finance singing and dancing classes for children. Schools, orphanages, and mountain regions are visited in order to discover young talents who would benefit from serious musical classes and gain and opportunity of studying abroad, and to find those who need long-term control and assistance.

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