Hot Squirts 2 (2006) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 12.02.2018

Hot Squirts 2 (2006)

We offer you to watch the movie Hot Squirts 2 (2006), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

Hot Squirts #2 (2006) - Porn Movie -

The spraying of that mysterious watery substance is the holy grail of money shots, the only thing that proves that a woman has really climaxed.

In the past we had to take it on faith that porn starlets were really enjoying themselves and not just paying the rent; now we have the evidence. Hot Squirts 2 immediately goes to the head of this elite class, thanks to six solidly soaked scenes featuring a range of hot wonder women.

The digital video was shot in in Los Angeles and features familiar faces, like Cytherea and Arianna Jollie, as well as some lesser-known but not for long talent. Each scene starts with a very brief interview with the women by the unseen director, Brett Maverick. After a stud enters we cut to full-on action.

The editing is sophisticated, with smooth dissolves indicating that the sex may have gone on even longer than the still-lengthy sessions we witness. Only one scene had a minor glitch when I ran the DVD -- about 20 seconds of footage that repeated itself. Otherwise, this is technically flawless. Lily is a talker and a screamer and she squirts prodigiously, but what caught my eye were her fantastic dark brown, inch-long nipples.

Why Masters is seen only taking one brief suck on one of them is a question for the ages. He goes right to it, tearing apart her red fishnet hose to eat away. Once he starts impaling her, however, she astounds, providing six or seven garden-hose gushgasms that reach heights of about four feet. The camera gets quite a drenching. Unlike the bucket-filling Cytherea, delicious brunette Arianna Jolie cums in more demure but no less charming spurts. Tommy Gunn reloads for big-breasted blonde Victoria Givens and gets her juices flowing simply with one gently inserted finger.

She also gives one of the wettest blowjobs since the glory days of Inari Vachs.

Sex Torrents: Hot Squirts #2 - New 2006

Angela Stone, wearing a plaid schoolgirl skirt, a Meg Ryanish smile and way too much blue eye shadow, gets frisky with Rick Masters.

She squirts a considerable amount merely from Masters rubbing her mound, but really lets fly once he starts poking her. Mislabeled as a "bonus scene" on the DVD menu, this final segment stars Emily Davinci, a toothy cutie with short, choppy strawberry blonde hair and a vaguely European accent.

But she speaks the international language of squirt. And she provides Rick Masters with some joyous, effortless deep throat. There are two big bonus scenes: The segment has more drama than anything in the main feature, and is convincingly "real" as Tommy offers the skeptical beauty with bee-stung lips wads of cash to compete in a "camel toe contest.

The Photo Gallery is a 5-minute musical montage of stills from Hot Squirts 2 as well as more glamorously posed photos of the girls. There are four trailers that play one after the other, for Buttblast, Big Gulps Vol. But wait, after that Bad Seed logo comes and goes a second time, there miraculously appear two more trailers, for Hot Squirts Vol. What some viewers women, mostly may miss, though, is more preliminary chitchat between the players or between the girls and the director.

Also, this feature is predominantly about gynecology. Things could have been hotter had the camera backed up once in a while for wider shots of the action. And finally, besides the obvious aberration of squirting, this is a very unkinky affair: