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Date: 02.02.2018

Just Looking (1997)

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More Email - Garypbpd compu-type. Drove two miles to Dodge Dealer. On a Friday, had 35, miles and truck was 29 months old. Covered under warranty as stated by service manager. Left truck called Monday was told engine was ordered as the oil pump had failed causing engine problems.

Service manager called Tuesday after Monday stating they would not honor warranty as problem was sludge on oil pump and I had not properly maintained truck. Faxed four receipts one of which was for the Thursday before the Friday showing where I had the Oil changed at Autotire.

I told them unless I was planning on long trips I changed the oil myself. They asked for the receipts of all the oil I bought and filters.

I do not keep receipts who does?

Then they stated it must have been a low grade of oil. I use 10W30 Valvoline. They had the balls to make me pay the shipping charges both in and out for the new motor they had ordered before releasing the truck to my tow company after putting motor in the bed.

Lawyer sued them, awaiting a court date. First and only Dodge I will ever own. Anyone have similar problems please contact at garypbpd compu-type. Email - Ronipizza aol. We finally made a decision to purchased a tow truck and tried the new Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. With only 17, miles on it the ABS lights started to come on. It started again, and I started feeling pulsating in the brakes-again took it to dealer. Well I was told that there was just a faulty ABS switch, which they replaced, but that the pulsating was the front rotors.

Told them to forget it my husband would handle. I understand that they are using a cheaper form of rotors and because our of our mild winters, salt got to them.

Transmission went out a month before at 78K. What a great company. I am going back to Power Strokes!! Email - Jim Roberts [medic00 pacbell. I am putting in the third transmission. I have , miles on the truck.

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I never tow anything. I drive my truck in Los Angeles! I am also faced with replacing the turbo on the Cummins Diesel. At 5K miles past warranty coverage. Let me know if I can prevent anyone else from buying one of these money pits. Repeated breakage of serpentine belt about every eight to ten thousand miles. Explosion of fuel pre-heater. This truck has been meticulously maintained and has about 78, miles. Email - bonefoy teus.

It currently has km on it. So far the following defects have been repaired, replaced, or have been left not rectified. However, I do not find it funny.

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I have submitted a letter to the dealership I purchased it from and the dealership that I had a good amount of horrible service work done at. I am getting worked over hard and am wondering if there are any Canadian connections you can hook me up with that may help me or any suggestions would be great.

I have my own delivery business in the Alberta oil patch and this truck has put me on the ropes. Or any testimonies of similar problems with the year and model would at least add some weight to my concerns. My maintenance record Email - kurtmerriman yahoo. The trans went 11, Plenum gasket went last year 50, Other times, I step on it hard, and get gets up and goes.

I have 70, miles on it. A diagnostic check says nothing is wrong, and the "check engine" light is NOT on. Email - ppthunder hotmail. I was driving and noticed engine revving and not going. I could hear a rattling meshing noise.

Now I am having a jasper trans put in at my expense of course. Will be looking for a ford soon, Matt Email - Harold. I purchased this vehicle new and I have been the only one to drive it.

The major issues I have had with the vehicle are the catalytic converter plugged and left me on the side of the road and the torque converter also left me on the side of the road. Many, many other problems as well. The cost of ownership of this vehicle has been outrageous. The dealer called for parts and whoever they called are all out. I think this is also an indicator of a common problem. What is amazing to me is that both heads are cracked.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I also got the line that these issues are not covered and I have to foot the bill. One thing is for sure, I will never own another Mopar product ever again. I thought it was just me having all these problems. Who would have guessed.

Just Looking (1995) - IMDb

What can I do??? IS there someone I can call??? I just happened upon this web sight, and I feel sick. Dodge refused to cover any repair expenses for my transmission even though I had brought it in for the same problem while it was under warranty due to same as mentioned in your site, 2nd gear slippage, 2nd gear sticking at WOT, constant cruise shutoff and complete refusal by my transmission to go over 70 mph. After teardown and inspection they said I had "burned up" my transmission while hauling a Lb trailer from SC to AK.

They threw my transmission in the back of my truck and refused to reinstall it even though I had already paid for it. So add in the price of a tow truck. Truck is now dead in the parking lot with about every transmission problem you could think of thanks to Dodge not actually diagnosing the problem.

Best part of it all Please take a look - http: It just started doing it a few weeks ago. I also have a noise coming from the transmission, Like a transfer case sound noise. The truck goes into dodge on Monday.

Email - kbills chartermi. I have a 4dr RAM 4wd. Today, it was violently bucking and the engine light started flashing. A year ago, I requested the Dodge regional rep evaluate the vehicle, given its history and problems. He never called and repeated attempts to get in touch with him failed. The dealer was not interested in my problems, and apparently neither is Daimler Chrysler. I would like to get rid of the truck and buy a ford, but given the history will be taking a hit on trade-in value.

I also have their special investigator number. Email - tom tesmar. The transmission completely self destructed after 2 weeks and miles. The dealership is going to fix it "good as new". I insisted on a new transmission. Email - timshive hotmail. Brand new 98 Dodge Ram The smartest thing I did was buy an extended warranty , Nothing but grief since. Ford or Chevy from now on!

Tim Email - sexton.