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Mirame (2004)

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Zapoteca Indians built large irrigation systems in the Oaxaca Valley around A. Mexica Indians populated the region starting around A.

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The Aztecs founded the city of Oaxaca and dominated the other indigenous groups and cultures in the midth century. Mexica Indians, however, continued to resist Spanish occupation until At that time Francisco de Orozco and Pedro de Alvarado c. Attempts to convert the native Oaxaca Indians to Christianity had begun in Internal land conflicts among the Spanish colonizers and the resistance of several indigenous groups made the region somewhat unstable for a few years after the conquest.

Agricultural production soon consolidated as the main economic engine in the region. By the 16th century, the indigenous population had been decimated. Diseases brought by the Europeans, overexploitation for agricultural purposes, and widespread famine brought defeat.

Silk was widely produced in the region. Silk production helped Oaxaca establish trade relations with places as distant as Peru through the Pacific ports of Huatulco and Tehuantepec. The capital city of the region, Antequera later renamed Oaxaca , had more than six thousand inhabitants. A later attempt by a Spanish royalist army sent from Guatemala to regain control of Oaxaca failed. Defeat was at the hands of a militia army led by another Mexican priest and patriot Mariano Matamoros — Oaxaca became a federal state of Mexico in The French, under the leadership of Emperor Maximilian [—], briefly controlled parts of Mexico from to His rule came to an end with the Mexican Revolution of However, a few revolutionary revolts sparked throughout the state.

After the revolution, Oaxaca evolved as a tourist, commercial, and agricultural center.

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Immediate re-election is not allowed. The legislature is comprised of a forty-two-member unicameral single chamber congress. Twenty-five deputies are elected in single member districts, and seventeen deputies are elected by proportional representation, all for three-year periods. The municipalities that comprise Oaxaca hold democratic elections for municipal presidents and council members every three years.

Because of the widely varying size and financial resources of the different municipalities, decentralization efforts have produced mixed results in recent years. The PRI has been the historically dominant party in state politics throughout the 20th century. PAN and PRD have gained electoral strength in recent years and have successfully captured important municipal governments.

The governor appoints members for renewable fifteen-year terms, with legislative approval. The appointees must possess a number of stringent attorney qualifications. In addition, the state judicial system also is made up of lower courts and an electoral tribunal. However, service-based industries are growing in importance.

Oaxaca is well-known for its handicrafts. These include clothing, pottery, and wood and leather items. Handicrafts are usually produced by individual artists. Some communities have small-scale production of handicrafts by groups of workers.

After one year, workers are entitled by law to six days paid vacation. The most important crops are mangoes and coffee. Oaxaca produces more mangoes than any other Mexican state. Oaxaca is the third largest producer of coffee. Corn and beans are the major crops for local consumption. Other important crops include squash, avocado, oranges, sugarcane, and tobacco. Most of the livestock are beef and dairy cattle. Shrimp are a popular catch.

Forests cover about half of the land area in the state, with most forest areas belonging to local communities. Wood is cut primarily for fuel and building material, but there are some small businesses that produce furniture, plywood, and paper. Gold, silver, lead, copper, and zinc are all found in state mines.

In February , the CFE introduced new electric rates. For households that use less than kilowatt hours per month, there was no rate increase.

There is a small project to generate electricity using wind power. Most of the Mexican population is covered under a government health plan. Many homes do not have running water or access to electricity.

Public education in Mexico is free for students from ages six to sixteen. According to the census, there were approximately , school-age students in the state. Many students elect to go to private schools. The thirty-one states of Mexico all have at least one state university.

There are also seven theaters and dozens of local cultural centers. Oaxaca is also famous for its painted animals made of copal wood, native to the area. Also black clay pottery is a native craft. Oaxaca also has a stamp museum, a museum of graphic arts, a museum of contemporary arts, and a cultural museum. El Impartial and Noticias. Tangolunda Bay draws tourists interested in the environment.

Visitors to the Huatulco area enjoy water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The coastal village of Puerto Escondido is a main tourist resort. The city of Oaxaca features beautiful colonial architecture. Oaxaca is famous for its black clay pottery artifacts. The Fiestas of Lunes del Cerro is held during the last two weeks of July each year.

Some of the radishes reach over seven pounds 15 kilograms in weight, 18 inches 50 centimeters in length, and 5 inches 12 centimeters in width. He served as president of Mexico for two terms. He is considered to be one of the most beloved Mexican leaders.

His birthday is a national holiday. Famous People of Mexico. Mason Crest Publishers, Blue Earth Books, National Geographic Society, Web Sites Mexico for Kids. The State of Oaxaca. Also read article about Oaxaca from Wikipedia User Contributions: Sarah Van Arsdale Jul 10, 8: THanks for any help.