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My Ex-friends Wedding (1999)

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In real life, the sort of thinking behind this trope is called " retributive justice ". In his journey across the Dream Land , Haruto finds that the Witch Mana has been killing people in her dreams, which has the effect of killing them in the real world. They do not sugar coat what they do.

They are murderers, killers, and sinners, and in no way, shape, or form are they the good guys, even if what they do is good. They are also perfectly willing to kill anyone they have to, including guards, servants, and relatives of the people they kill, even if they are loosely connected to the crime.

They also only kill those they have been paid to, and many of their clients work themselves to death raising the money. Corrupt politicians get buried in bridges, injected with tainted medicine, thrown off buildings, shot, or just hacked to death with an axe.

So much Nightmare Fuel. Good thing the yakuza weighed in at this point. The axe guy, on the other hand, was repulsive in every possible way, and made a pretty good debut. Given our viewpoint character was the first-day-as-a-teen-prostitute girl he was making lick his sweaty feet when Akumetsu came in, we were so glad to see his head split. Eren in Attack on Titan , when he kills the first two traffickers that kidnapped Mikasa.

It establishes that Eren was never completely BTW, Eren was Seven when this happened. I merely put down some rabid dogs. Sometimes they just happen to look like people. Claire Stanfield proceeds to kill them all in some of the most gruesome ways possible — but he remains one of the most popular characters in the series.

Guts does terrible, terrible things to those he kills. Said things are The Legions of Hell , humans who sold themselves to the lords of Hell, or worse. Mayuri, while barely qualifying as a hero , has a couple of moments. Giselle Gewelle is an abusive, sadistic troll who gleefully transforms people into her zombie slaves. While they had it coming, she goes straight into Kick the Dog territory when she notices that one of her attackers is carrying his young daughter and vaporizes him anyway, presumably killing the kid as well.

After he stops killing clones en masse in a "level up" experiment, Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index pretty much decides on this when dealing with anyone he sees harming innocent people, usually ending in a swift or painful death, and he holds little remorse for it.

Breaker , "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, evil for evil". In Code Geass , Lelouch has moments of this. The first and foremost example of this is how he turns a terrorist group into rebels with good publicity by convincing them to attack anyone who abuses power, as opposed to simply attacking the government and letting Britannian casualties fall where they would as they had in the past.

Lelouch has an infamous line in the second series: However, he is willing to commit hypocrisy on this regard if it will serve the interest of his goal. Charles zi Britannia doing this to V. It goes downhill from there. L locks people up in solitary confinement and uses sensory deprivation on them for months on end in order to get a confession, and he has few qualms about letting a few dozen people die in order to catch his man although when presented with a less objectionable option, he did accept it with enthusiasm of an undetermined sincerity level.

Goku was merciless towards his enemies when he was a child. If you harmed his friends, someone he liked, or just got him mad enough, he paid it back with violent retribution, not really caring if he ended up killing or crippling the person.

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If you, god-forbid, actually killed someone he cared about, then your life was practically forfeit. He hunted down and killed Piccolo and all his children after they murdered his best friend, Krillin, and father figure, Master Roshi.

Although Goku is much more chill as an adult, some of this attitude still remains. This can be seen with his fight against Frieza. After Goku becomes a Super Saiyan, he spends almost the entire fight toying with and brutalizing Frieza just as he had done to his victims. The only reason why Goku tries to spare Frieza is because he sees letting Frieza live with his pride shattered is the cruelest punishment possible. His son, Gohan, wholly embraces this mindset after becoming a Super Saiyan 2.

It backfires when Cell decides to blow himself and the Earth up , which not only makes Goku sacrifice himself to relocate Cell , it lets Cell come back strong enough to challenge Gohan and kill Trunks on the side. After becoming mostly good, Piccolo takes up this mantle. When he returns to the future much stronger after the Cell Games, Future Trunks subjects the future Androids 17 and 18, two Robotic Psychopaths who rampaged across the Earth for twenty years killing whoever and whenever they wanted, to this.

The Tuffles were reduced to near-extinction by the Saiyans in the aftermath of the Saiyan-Tuffle war, forcing them to throw away their morality for survival and revenge against the Saiyans. As a result, the last two survivors of the Tuffle race, Lychee and Baby, are utterly dedicated to total genocide of the Saiyans as a necessary goal to the revival of the Tuffle race. It is one of the cruelest deaths in the series, given how Beerus slowly atomized him to the point that Zamasu is left screaming in anguish, even with his head gone.

This is the comeuppance of Envy. Togusa in Ghost in the Shell: Following the trial, the lawyer and the convict get into a serious car accident, which is implied to have been set up by Section 9. Hell Girl runs on this trope.

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For the most part, the people getting sent to Hell are Asshole Victims and are sent by someone they tormented. Alucard in Hellsing the TV version fits Happens occasionally in some hentai plots. In Anette XXX, two girls harassed and bullied their little brothers for all their lives.

When Tomoe finally joined the enemy , she was "rewarded" with Shizuru as a Sex Slave , a job which Shizuru not only wanted because it put her where she needed to be for the Grand Finale but thoroughly enjoyed while she had it. If Tomoe had been an ounce less evil, that would have come across as undeniably vile behavior. Thoroughly deconstructed in Monster , although it is played straight in the first couple of episodes when Tenma, in a fit of rage, declares that his superiors should die.

They indeed do so , whereupon the trope is deconstructed since it is the audience, not the characters, who wholeheartedly approve of the act. Master of Illusions , they, and even the cops, arranged for him to watch as his Evil Gloating is broadcast live on his own TV station, pretty much forcing him to watch his public humiliation. Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie: Ranma is the straightest example and once, he mastered the Hiryuu Shoten-Ha to use against Happousai.

Then he remembers how the same four characters had earlier viciously ganged up on him when he was too weak to defend himself. He promptly launches the attack. The real Saitou spent a considerable period with the police, but he appears to have been quite an ordinary member of the force.

In Saint Beast , purging angels is about the worst thing you can do to them, and Zeus does it to make heaven pure. Kazuma in Scryed at times, particularly after Kimishima is killed and he decides to go wreck the nearest unit with a HOLY emblem on it. On the other hand, his sense of honor is strong enough that he goes out of his way to protect Kotetsu when the latter is falsely accused of murder.

Kaneki develops this mentality after enduring ten days of Cold-Blooded Torture at the hands of the psychotic Ghoul Yamori and escaping, starting when he beats Yamori into submission, eats his kagune, and leaves him to the mercy of the CCG.

In Toriko , Zebra of the Four Emperors was imprisoned for life for single-handedly hunting 26 different species to extinction. However, we later find out that they all messed up the ecosystems they were in, and quite possibly they were vicious, mindless living weapons sent there by an enemy.

This character habit is later toned down when the move towards tournament arcs takes precedence, and the character needed to evolve from an anti-hero to a generally mysterious hero. ARC-V plays with and discusses this trope. Several Anti-Hero protagonists follow this trope, and while the main character is morally opposed, he has a Super-Powered Evil Side that plays this straight. Comic Books This is the justification of The Punisher , who brutally guns down criminals.

How this is received depends on where in the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. If he has you on his list, he will kick you when you are down. And throw a grenade on you. And push you in front of a moving subway train. And run you over with his car, then back up and run you over again.

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When Castle finds one of the three ringleaders of the operation, he douses the guy with fuel and burns him alive. The son ended up getting drugged, dragged out into the wilderness, his stomach slit open, and hung from his own entrails on a tree branch.

Instead, Frank hits every Mafia operation even harder until Cavella is abandoned by his own troops, realizing how useless he is, and Frank leaves him to die over several dies of a gutshot wound. On the DC side of things, The Spectre is pretty much the poster boy for this trope.

Played with Batman , surprisingly. Of course, this all depends on the writer. But other times he will having varying levels of tolerance towards certain criminals. Two contrasting examples would be Batman: Particularly notable is the example of Joe Chill: On one occasion, Batman scared him to almost lunacy, and after revealing his secret identity to him, he brought his gun to him so he would blow his own brains out before the other criminals would kill him in retaliation.