Naughty College School Girls 10 (2000) watch online (quality HD 720p)

Date: 08.02.2018

Naughty College School Girls 10 (2000)

We offer you to watch the movie Naughty College School Girls 10 (2000), which you can enjoy in the arms of a loved one. This film is in HD quality. Less words, more movies! Watch and enjoy!

The five women in this movie all look good in plaid and even better out of it.

Misty is twenty two, from Los Angeles, Spanish and just freaking hot. Misty has a fantastic natural tits that just beg to be sucked. She gets down and puts her pretty lips around his cock, working that huge thing as far into her mouth as she can. Somehow Misty finds her way into a somewhat awkward position on the couch.

Hey, it beats studying for midterms. When it comes time to pop, Voodoo jerks his load onto her face. Misty keeps her head turned, taking most of the goo on her cheek. Cherry Lee is a blonde with a great set of tits and a pretty average face. Her lips and eyes are a bit harsh. The Euro-tramp is happy to have her super funbags sucked on as prelude to lewd behavior.

Before the fucking can begin, Cherry opens her mouth wide and takes his cock deep.

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Spreading her thickly bushed muff and riding RC, Cherry gets her grove on. Julianna Sterling has a killer smile, long legs and eyes that burn with that secret desire to suck your nuts out through the end of your cock. With a mouth this big, she can easily slip his meat to the back of her throat and tickle his shaft with her tongue.

In turn, Voodoo knows just how to treat her hot box. He bends Julianna over and slams the full length of his meat into her. Pulling out a bit too soon, he has to jerk his cock furiously while she holds her tongue out, waiting for the load.

When he does finally shoot, he all but misses her mouth, spraying her shoulder before letting the last few drops ooze out onto her tongue. Ever the obedient slut, she cleans off his cock and looks ready for more. Miko Lee has that part stripper, part co-ed look and a personality to match. Chris Charming is the dude who gets to check under her plaid skirt. This guy should really count his lucky stars.

He looks like a scarier Pat Myne. Once Miko gets her hands on his big cock, her pretty head starts bobbing, her tongue laps up both sides of his shaft and she delivers a super fine on screen blowjob. Using her long legs to full advantage, he pushes them up behind her head and bounces her off the couch with every stroke.

Miko is a high energy fuck with great flexibility and a juicy little shaved honey pot. Our last girl is Porsha and she adds a little color to the end of this flick. Chris is back, sticking his mug up under her skirt and doing his thing once again.

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Porsha has a fat pussy that gets really wet when he works it over. Returning the favor, she slobbers all over his cock, choking on it a bit too much for my taste. Load moaning aside, Porsha looks like she would rather be some place else. When three out of five scenes in a movie are on the very good to excellent side of the scale, then it has to be worth a look.

With that mouth, she could power suck half the male student body and still come back for more. That leaves Miko, the perfect dorm girl party slut. She looks great in this scene and fucks like the perfect little cock demon.

Her scene is the highlight for me and is hot enough to make the whole disc worth a look.